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This page will help the player respawn the ender dragon without crafting 4 end crystals each time. Each of these methods work in Survival mode without cheats.

The following paragraph demonstrates the use of a bug and/or glitch to make a contraption.
Bugs of this nature may be fixed at any time without warning: when this happens, the contraption will cease to work.
Use at your own risk.

Why bother?[edit]

Respawning the ender dragon is useful for farming things like experience from the fight and obsidian from the towers. Traditionally, this requires the player to craft and place four end crystals on the edges of the return portal in the end. However, the player does not have to craft and use four crystals to respawn the dragon.

Using Two Crystals[edit]

This method does not work in Bedrock Edition

In 1.15, this trick is no longer possible because water no longer destroys end portal blocks.

Spawn two dragons for the price of one! Here are the materials you will need, assuming everything goes perfectly:

1. Place a dispenser facing down right next to the middle bedrock column.

2. Place the bucket inside it and power the dispenser. Power it again to guarantee to get the water back.

3. Choose a direction parallel to the edge and place a dispenser in the new hole in the portal facing the chosen direction.

4. Repeat step 2 to break the block diagonal to the bedrock column.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the diagonal block opposite the first one. You should be left with holes in the end portal blocks diagonally opposite each other.

6. Place the two end crystals in these holes that are diagonally opposite each other. The dragon should respawn after the animation and the towers are placed back in.

This trick works because of end crystal entities' huge hitbox. It takes up the space that the game uses to check for end crystals. The side effect is that the portal regenerates one block lower than it should.

Fun fact: from release 1.10 to release 1.10.1, this was the only way to respawn the ender dragon due to MC-103497.

Using Zero Crystals[edit]

You read that right: there is a way to respawn the ender dragon without using end crystals in Survival mode.

This method is exactly the same as the two-crystal trick, but both crafted crystals are instead the indestructible type. Alternatively, the player can respawn the ender dragon with four indestructible end crystals in the standard 4-crystal arrangement.