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This design is a doorbell for your house. You will need a 2 x 4 x 4 area.

Basic Design[edit]

  1. Find where you want your button. It has to be on the bottom block of the wall to the right of the door.
  2. Dig down one block below the button.
  3. Place redstone dust in the hole.
  4. Dig down two blocks on the side of the hole farthest from the door.
  5. Place redstone dust in the hole.
  6. Dig out a 3×3 hole that is 2 blocks deep in front of the two existing holes.
  7. Place redstone dust on the farthest and nearest blocks to the right.
  8. Place a redstone repeater between the redstone dust at four ticks delay.
  9. Dig down one block to the left of each piece of redstone dust.
  10. Place a block of choice in what you just dug (sets instrument for note blocks).
  11. Place a note block on top of each block of choice.
  12. Set the tone for the two note blocks.
  13. Replace the top layer (ground level) of the hole with a natural block.
  14. Place your button.

You are done!

Redstone Tips[edit]

  • Use blocks of gold for the block of your choice under the note blocks to get a bell sound, which sounds similar to a real doorbell
  • Right-click the first note block 6 times, and the second one 2 times, to create doorbell-like pitches.
  • You can use a pressure plate instead of a button, for an automatic doorbell.