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This tutorial shows how to make a type of telegraph using redstone clocks to record and store. For a tutorial on more types of redstone telegraphs, see Tutorials/Telegraph.

How to Make It[edit]

Step by Step[edit]

  1. First you need to make a building, at smallest 16 blocks by 5 blocks, and if you want, you can make it look like a realistic building in real life, such as a post office.
  2. Next, make a long hole in a wall. It must be 12 blocks long for a building 16 by 5 (If you made a building bigger, leave four blocks on the wall or make space somewhere else). You MUST have space for four blocks.
  3. Place repeaters along the hole on full delay.
  4. Hook up to a redstone clock (the bigger the better). A good way to save space is to go up and down repeatedly in rows. That will be the storer.
  5. The next thing to build is the sender. Place a lever on one of the spaces. So that you can remember that this is the sender, it is recommended to place a sign on top of the lever saying Sender.
  6. After that, make a line of repeaters on full delay to the other telegraph office (A good way to do this is to go back and forth between solid blocks and repeaters). To make a turn, place a block, and then place a repeater facing towards the place. Hook up to the redstone the clock on the other one telegraph office.
  7. To use the Sender, do it in Morse code. To make a dot, turn the telegraph on and off as fast you can. To make a dash, turn on, count to three, and then turn off again.
  8. The next thing to build is the deleter. Place blocks in the clock with sticky pistons touching them when on, so you can take them out of the clock stopping the pulse (Make the sticky pistons so that it won't break things, but just take the block out).
  9. The final thing to build is the canceller. If you were to send a telegraph, make a mistake, and want to stop it from sending, just make a deleter. It's good to make plenty up the track, as with the clock.

When you have completed all these steps, you are finished.

Pros and Cons[edit]

  • Can leave messages.
  • Fast.
  • Easy to use.
  • Needs lots of repeaters.
  • Morse code needed.
  • Lags a fair bit (Good way to stop this is to keep it well lit in the redstone clock.)
  • Needs a large Clock to do 7 letter words.


  • Write the morse code equivalent to each letter in the alphabet on a piece of paper.
  • Place signs on top of levers.
  • A nice touch is to hook note blocks up to the line, not the clock.
  • Make more clocks to take more messages.
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