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Piston doors use pistons and sticky pistons to make an opening for the player to walk through. There are multiple types of piston doors, such as:

  • 2x2 piston door
  • 3x3 piston door
  • 4x4 vault door
  • 2x2 jeb door
  • 2x2 hipster door

You can build a single piston door by following these steps

Step 1: Build a 3x3 arch with a 2-block emty space in the center for the doorway. Then place 2 sticky pistons to the right of the door, facing inward, and place two blocks in front of them.

Step 2: Dig down 2 blocks behind the pistons. place 1 of any block in the hole and a redstone torch on top of that block to create a NOT gate.

Step 3: Place another block of your choice on top of that torch, then place redstone dust on top of that block you chose. This dust will be enough to power both pistons.

Step 4: Dig a 2 block deep trench running from the block of your choice to the frount of the door. this will allow you to connect a pressure plate to the pistons

Step 5: Fill in the top layer of your trench with blocks of your choice and place a pressure plate in the door way so the door can be triggered to be open. Because of the NOT gate, the pressure plate causes the pistons to open the door instead of closing it, which is far more useful.

Step 6 Hide the pistons with any block of your choice.