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This page is part of the Structure Blueprints project.

A Nether Fortress is a structure generated in the Nether. This is a tutorial regarding how to build Nether Fortresses.

Building a Nether Fortress in the Overworld[edit source]

In the following blueprints, "Layer 0" means that this is level with the path(s) that connect them. Negative numbers indicate that they are below the path. The bottom-most layer is copied all the way to the surface.

Bridges[edit source]

Bridge Closed Intersections[edit source]

These intersections connect four bridges and are somewhat closed-in.

Bridge Open Intersection[edit source]

These intersections connect four bridges.

Blaze Spawner[edit source]

The entrance is on the bottom side of the blueprints. They can connect to a bridge or a corridor.

Bridge Staircases[edit source]

The stair case goes to the right and the exit is to the left at the top. These connect to bridges on the top and bottom. These can be mirrored to turn the other direction.

Lava Well Room[edit source]

These are used to connect bridges and corridors. On Layer 4, the three fences above the path show the bridge side.

Nether Wart Farm[edit source]

Layer 9 is split in two because there is a possibility of an exit going up the stairs. These connect to three corridors.

Straight Corridor[edit source]

These are made in 5x5 segments.

The Curved Corridor[edit source]

These connect to corridors. This blueprint shows a left turn, but it can be mirrored to make a right turn. The chest is optional.

The Corridor Staircase[edit source]

These staircases connect to corridors.

The Corridor Intersection[edit source]

These connect to four corridors.

The Corridor Balcony[edit source]

These connect to three corridors.