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Music discs help break the silence of the world, but in order to obtain them, the player must be very lucky or skilled. They are dropped by creepers who are killed from skeletons. Not only is it hard to get a skeleton and a creeper together, but it's harder to get the skeleton to shoot the creeper. (This doesn't include the challenge of finding a diamond to put in your jukebox.)

Although, that's actually not the worst part. After being hit, the creeper will try to retaliate in the only way it can - by exploding, making you lose your chance to get a music disc. As such, discs would be efficiently obtained if:

  1. The skeleton and creeper stand still in a controlled environment.
  2. The skeleton has a way to hit the creeper, while trying to hit you.
  3. The skeleton must not be within the creeper's trigger radius.

Thus, the best way to farm for music discs is to create a “factory” - a structure organized for the purpose of generating discs, easily and quickly.

Simplistic Farm[edit]

One of the most basic, easiest, simplest design there is. It requires very little material and maintenance.

It uses 2 structures that use pistons to trap the mobs. You must then weaken the creeper and then allow the skeleton to kill the creeper.

Boat Farm[edit]

In Java Edition, another simple method requires a boat. It is most easily done in an ocean next to the beach, or even in very large lakes.

Place the boat in the water, next to a skeleton that spawned at the shore, and lure it into the boat by approaching the skeleton and then swimming behind the boat. This way the skeleton would swim towards the boat and enter it, and will not be able to escape. Then, wait for a creeper to spawn nearby, and lure it in the same way. If you have enough armor and health, you can also enter the skeleton’s boat and drive it to a nearby shore where a creeper has already spawned, then disembark it. When they are both on the boat, float to surface level, in a manner that the creeper will be exactly between the skeleton and you. The skeleton will then keep shooting arrows at you, but they will hit the creeper instead, until it is killed. Then you can collect the music disc.

It's adviceable to do that in the water not too close to the shore, so that unwanted mobs won't attempt to follow you, and not too far from shore so that the skeleton will not have much time shooting arrows at you while you lure the creeper.

Trap Farm[edit]

A trap farm to collect music disks takes a little bit longer than some other methods but is fairly easy to set up. It doesn't require any redstone.

First of all a 7×1×2 hole needs to be dug out in the ground. Fences or other suitable blocks should be placed as such at the bottom:

In the first empty space, a skeleton should be pushed in. In the second empty space, a creeper should be pushed in, preferably using snowballs. The player should then wait for the creeper to stop jumping since, if the creeper is hit by an arrow when jumping it can escape the trap. After that, the player should stand in the last empty space to make sure that he/she is as far away as possible from the creeper. The skeleton will kill the creeper and you will get a music disc.

Creating a factory[edit]

Controlled farm[edit]

A simple (but not easy) way to obtain discs without too much trouble is to build a mob farm next to a skeleton spawner. Make the general mobs fall exactly 22 blocks above the ground and exposed to the sun. The fall will kill spiders and the sun will finish off the undead, leaving only the creepers. Then build a mob elevator for the skeletons to travel up and shoot the creepers. Remember to separate them with fences, and cover the skeleton spawner area.

General setup[edit]

An easy way to get both enemies stuck in place is to trap them in a 1×1×2 environment. Two blocks of height are recommended to make sure the mobs can't jump out (or you can block mobs using extended pistons), and that the Skeleton has enough space to shoot through. In order for you to see the mobs in action, it's recommended that you build the structure out of glass blocks. Build the whole thing underground, so you can just guide the mobs to their respective hole while on the ground, and take care of business underground.

You'll want to have them in separate chambers, but there has to be a path between them that allows the arrows to reach the Creeper's chamber… without letting the two mobs get too close to each other. Making a small tunnel is effective, but also limits the Skeleton's aiming window. For the best results, you should use fences - the Creeper can't jump over them, and it leaves more space above for the Skeleton's arrow to shoot through.

After you've created chambers for both of them, with fences in between, it's time to make a small hole on the creeper's side, so the skeleton can see you, and try to shoot. You also have to take into account that the creeper will attempt to blow you up as well, so make sure the hole is 3 blocks away from its room.

Retrieving the discs[edit]

Now there's only one thing left. After spawning, the discs will remain in the creeper's hole. Unless you want to get into the hole every time to retrieve it, you must make a small tunnel adjacent to the "Skeleton → Creeper" line that passes through the bottom of the creeper's chamber, and make a water stream pass by or place hoppers. That way, any dropped discs will go through the system and come out of the structure. You can even make them travel to the place where you must stand to wait for the Skeleton shots.

Due to the fences' smaller hitboxes, there is a chance the discs will drop on the fence's block, and not be taken by the water stream. One way to retrieve these is to dig under the floor and get them. Alternately, you could remove the block under the fence closest to the creeper, and the disc will fall below, where you can guide it with water streams or do something else with it.

Trapping the mobs[edit]

The factory is ready. Now, you need a good way to guide the mobs to their holes. Assuming you did the factory underground, you can just grab the attention of a nearby skeleton/creeper and make them fall on the corresponding hole. There are 2 things you can do to make this process a lot easier.


To make sure you don't accidentally send the wrong mob to the wrong hole (very dangerous if you send a creeper to a hole with a Skeleton already inside), you should use trapdoors, and only open the respective door when you're luring a mob in, closing it when it gets in.

Glass platform[edit]

Make a large glass platform a few blocks above the ground, so you can guide the enemies more effectively from above. Add some ladders so they can't climb up after you. After luring one, quickly run to the entrances, open/close the right trapdoors, and climb up the ladder. Then, just stand above the correct hole, and watch them fall right in, adjusting yourself as necessary. Remember to create small walls on this platform, or you might fall off when you're not looking.

Finishing up[edit]

After all that's done, you just need a way to get underground. Make a path where you can travel up and down by ladders, preferably next to the waiting spot. The waiting spot is next to the small window on the creeper's side, so the skeleton can see you, shoot, and hit the creeper. The creeper is too far away to retaliate, so it can only stand there and take the shots. Around half of the skeleton's arrows will hit the walls instead of the creeper, due to the shots' random nature, but it'll still kill the creeper quickly. You can also help and land some attacks yourself, just make sure the skeleton gets the finishing blow.

You can also cram a lot of creepers in the same hole; they'll all be killed eventually. You can then go AFK while you let the Skeleton do all the work, seeing as you don't need to move from your spot. If you channel the water stream right, you can get the discs to travel all the way to the place where you need to stand, removing the need to go grab the discs manually every once in a while.

Just make sure you pay attention to the sound. After all creepers are dead, you will stop hearing splashes, and, if you're not fast enough, you will take damage from the skeleton.

Extra details[edit]

These things aren't necessary, but might make the factory work more efficiently.

Protecting the skeleton from the sun[edit]

Suppose you gather up a lot of creepers during the night, and decided to start the onslaught. You get into position, only to notice the skeleton is burning up due to the sunlight. A simple solution is to place a solid block above the skeleton's hole. Also you can use soul sand as zombies and skeletons won't burn in daylight if they're standing on soul sand. Yet another alternative, if the skeleton can pick up items, would be to throw a pumpkin at it.

Coloring the entrances[edit]

Decorate or color-code the entrances to each hole. That way, when you lure a mob, you'll be able to quickly tell where to take it to.

Window to punch the skeleton[edit]

On one of the sides of the factory, make a small hole on the skeleton's wall so you can punch it. This is useful if the skeleton somehow got its sights locked onto something else. In this case, you can just hit the skeleton to get its attention back. To do this you can create a window by its feet and hit it without fear of being hit back.

Lowering your waiting spot[edit]

There doesn't seem to be much of a difference, but if you want, you can place a slab on the ground in the place where you're meant to stand, so the Skeleton will aim lower. If you feel this is giving better results, keep the slab, otherwise flatten the floor again.

More complex[edit]

Have a 20×20 area and put water to where the mobs will fall down a 22 block fall and have it to where ocelots scare the creeper to the creeper hole. Then use wolves to scare the skeletons and a villager to lure zombies into other holes where you can have separate traps for the others. Then have the creeper fall into a 5 wide water stream then the creepers get shot by the skeletons. Then have hoppers going to a chest and collect the loot. Note that you can use 2 streams.


Here's a scheme for an effective music disc factory.


Side view where the water doesn't lead to the player's spot.

Heads indicate the positions of the skeleton, creeper (with water on its feet), and player, respectively.

Unorganized farm[edit]

An unorganized farm is where you get skeletons to shoot creepers without building a permanent structure.


  1. Bring the following:
    1. Bows (one enchanted and one unenchanted) and all your arrows
    2. A sword
    3. sand, soul sand, dirt, or wool
    4. Potion of night vision (not essential, but useful if the area is not well lit)
  2. Wait until sunset. When you are doing something that requires monsters, darkness is your friend.
  3. Pillar jump 3 blocks.
  4. Wait for mobs to come. Drink a potion of night vision if you are having trouble spotting mobs. Change your direction often so you know what's coming.
The mobs you may encounter at night and what to do
The monster What to do
Witch Shoot it with arrows using an enchanted bow until it dies.
Enderman Do not attack.
Slime Zombie Spider Shoot it using your enchanted bow until it dies if it is heading towards a creeper. Otherwise, kill it with a sword.
Skeleton Wait for it to be right at your pillar. Then kill it with your sword.
Creeper Shoot two arrows at it using an unenchanted bow.
  1. When you see a music disc lying on the ground, check your clock.
  • If it is before midnight, kill all the mobs around your pillar, using a sword if possible. Then dig three blocks down, collect the items, and pillar jump back up.
  • If it is after midnight, wait for morning, then kill the surrounding mobs, dig down, and collect the items.
  1. Keep doing this each night until you have all the songs you want. On average, the player will need to get 49 music discs to get all 12 songs.