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A manhunt is a fun twist on Minecraft speedrunning. Rather than trying to beat the clock, you have to stay alive while a variable amount of hunters chases you down and tries to kill you. This form of play was popularized by Dream with his first manhunt video.[1] Since then, additional forms of manhunt have been added by Dream and others. Some of the variants Dream added were an assassin who could instantly kill the runner with a hit to the back but is immobilized of the runner looked straight at them,[2] a full-diamond juggernaut,[3] increasing the amount of hunters chasing him,[4][5][6][7][8][9][10] and even a Terminator that uses Baritone.[11]

This page will give you some tips on how to set up the manhunt, how to survive as a runner, and how to kill the runner as a hunter.

Setting Up[edit]

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As the Runner[edit]

as the runner you need to start by getting as far away from the hunter/s as fast as you can because even if you kill them once on the beginning they will respawn immediately and come to attack you again.

after you got away at the start you need to look for a cave and take about 36 iron and if you find some, diamonds are very useful too.

when going into the nether, make sure taking a lot of food because you might be staying there searching for a fortress for a long time.

Always remember to look out for the hunter because he has the element of surprise so watch out

When being chased by the hunter, try never stopping and using boats when you can, if you stop you might give the hunter a chance to kill you.

Also if you are on low health you do need to stop for healing so you can do it when the hunters get stuck

Good luck!

As the Hunter[edit]

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Tricks and Traps[edit]

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Twist Ideas[edit]

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