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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

This is a tutorial about changing the music in Minecraft and the same technique can be used for any other sound effect.


To make this project run smoothly install the following software:

If on macOS, use TextEdit.

Finding the required files[edit]

To start, you will need to find the files you'll be replacing via resource pack. Open up your .minecraft folder and navigate to the folder called "assets". From there, open "indexes" (and "objects", if you want to edit music instead of replacing it).

Finding the required files music tutorial.png

Finding the music file to replace[edit]

To start, open up the JSON file for your Minecraft version in indexes with notepad++ and hit Ctrl+F or go to "search → find" in the menu. In the search window type "music", make sure it is in lower case or "match case" is off, then choose "find all in current document". A list should show up in a section at the bottom of the document windows, double click on the highlighted "music" on the file you want to replace. To figure out which file you want to replace, go to the music page.

Inserting your music[edit]

Open a new folder on your desktop and name it whatever you want your music pack to be called. Check the directory of your music file, say "minecraft/sounds/music/menu/menu3.ogg" for which you would make the following directories- assets(always start with assets)--minecraft-sounds-music-menu. For discs/Records they are under minecraft/sounds/records You would then put your music file in the folder. You'll notice that the name is "menu3.ogg" this means you have to make your file an ".ogg" (OGG Vorbis) file.

Inserting Your Music.png

Re-formatting your file[edit]

If your file isn't already a "WAV" or "AIFF" file, you will need to make it one. A simple website for this is - Online Convert - you can go straight to OGG as well which further shortens the process. If your file format is not supported there just search around, you should be able to find one.

If you transferred your file to OGG, that's great, if not, open your file with Audacity and export it to OGG Vorbis.

Make sure that you rename your file to the same name as the file you're replacing (in this case menu3).

Editing the default game music[edit]

If you want to change the default in-game music using an audio editor, you can open indexes and find the file you want to replace. Then, copy the "hash" underneath and search for it in "objects". Copy the file and paste the duplicate into your sound directory. Then, rename your file to it's real (not hash) name from the index.

Now, open the file in Audacity or other audio editor and export as OGG Vorbis.


To activate your pack go to your assets folder and and make a new text document and copy in this text into it and save the file as "pack.mcmeta", you can then delete the text file and keep "pack.mcmeta"

  "pack": {
    "pack_format": 4,
    "description": "pack description"

"pack_format" requires 1 in Java Edition 1.6-pre[verify]-Java Edition 1.8, 2 in 1.9 and Java Edition 1.10, 3 in Java Edition 1.11 and Java Edition 1.12, and 4 in Java Edition 1.13.

Add an additional 128px by 128px image called pack.png, if you want a custom resource pack picture.

Enjoy your new in-game music!