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To create your infinite desert to survive in, simply create a new world, change the world type to superflat, and choose the preset “Desert”. Then start the world.

To create it to be like an actual desert (in which you can mine for ores instead of having to raid villages), go to create a new world, change the world type to customized and change the biome to “Desert”. Then click done and start the world.

In console editions, there is no customized world type, but your superflat world can be customized to have most of the features of a normal world. It should have a deep layer of stone so that ores can spawn.

Survival[edit | edit source]

After creating your infinite desert, look around. If you see a desert temple or a village, go to it. You can use commands if you couldn't find any: /locate Temple and /locate Village

If you are using customized rather than superflat, a river may appear, which will have a low bank, allowing grass and/or flowers to spawn (as the grass is still in the “River” biome). Very rarely there will be a wide enough space here for an oak tree to spawn. Create a tree farm from any saplings you collect from it. As trees are almost essential for normal survival, this would be very useful.

Note: If you didn't know, dead bushes drop sticks if broken without shears. Iron and diamonds can be taken from villages and temples for tools and dirt can be taken from villagers' farms. Ores do spawn in the desert preset but only on the bottom 3 layers.

Note: For added challenge, turn off village generation in customized settings.

Raiding techniques[edit | edit source]

Desert temples

If you have a pickaxe, just dig down two blocks away from the blue terracotta on the floor in any direction. If not,

  • Go outside and dig up 16 blocks of sand.
  • Dig out a piece of orange terracotta on the floor. Do not jump in!
  • Place blocks of sand into the hole until it is filled up.
  • Dig straight down until you are two blocks away from the floor.
  • If there are mobs, kill them.
  • Punch out the pressure plate in the middle of the floor.
  • Take anything you need out of the chests. Bones are good for bone meal, and any iron, gold, diamonds, or emeralds are also definite needs. Also, remember to dig out the 3x3 layer of TNT underneath the sandstone floor.
  • Using the jump-place technique, pillar your way out.


Check to see if the village has a blacksmith. If it does, and it has 3 iron, make a bucket, if it has 3 diamond, make a pickaxe. Use the crafting table in the library. If the village has no library, take all the valuables and head on for the next one. If the chest has enough materials to make a bucket and a pickaxe, with 3 of something left over, make an axe. If the village does not have a blacksmith,

  • Destroy all the crops. Don't bother replanting, as you won't be coming back here.
  • Eventually take all the wool and torches. They may come in handy later on.