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This article will show you many different ways to hide chests. If you are on a PvP server, you will find that this is very useful.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

If your chests are in plain view when you're in multiplayer, everything you have may be stolen, and you may never see it again. Ender chests are useful, but in many circumstances you will have more items than the ender chest can fit, especially in servers where the ender chest space is made smaller. Shulker boxes are very helpful, because full shulker boxes can be carried around in your inventory, but shulker boxes are very expensive and require rare items to craft. Also, if you carry an ender chest or shulker box far from your house, you would lose it if you die. Therefore, it's very beneficial to know ways to hide chests, to protect your most prized possessions.

Hiding chests only have a practical use in multiplayer, because mobs and other entities don't have the AI to steal from players' chests. However, some players enjoy the secrecy of their valuable chests, even in singleplayer mode.

Ways To Hide Chests[edit | edit source]

Simple Ways[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of simple ways to hide chests, which only require a few blocks and don't include any redstone wiring.

Chest under chest[edit | edit source]

In the picture, you can see that a chest under another chest is opened, revealing goodies.

This is a simple way to hide your stuff. All you have to do is dig a place on the ground, and place a chest there. Then, on top of that, add another chest, which you will put only junk. When another player enters your house, they will see the top chest full of junk, and not see the chest under that (where you hide your stuff!).

Door hideout[edit | edit source]

In the corner of your house, add a door. Be sure the handle faces AWAY from the corner, so when you open the door, the side where the door opens to is blocked. On that side, add your secret chest! You may want to make the doorway look like a furnace room, so when the other players raid your house, they open the door only to see only a furnace room. On the other side of the door however, the chest is blocked from view!

Door hideout v2[edit | edit source]

Some people might know about the door hideout trick and close the door. BOOM, Loot! Just to make sure they don't find it that way, place your chest in the ground and put a wall for the door to block. Now, when they shut the door, they see a plain wall. If you still aren't feeling safe, place it a block under with dirt on top.

Double-bluff[edit | edit source]

A trapped chest could easily be a decoy, hooked up to TNT or some other kind of deadly trap. If this tactic is common knowledge on your server, placing your valuables in a trapped chest might be enough to dissuade potential thieves. The good part of this double-bluff is that it is relatively cheap and can be combined with any other hiding method. The bad part is that it relies on the thief noticing that the chest is trapped before they try opening it.

Minecart Corner[edit | edit source]

Again in the corner, this is a great way to hide your stuff. Just right behind the corner on the other side, dig one block down, and add a chest minecart. From the corner, you can click on the minecart chest to open it. Be sure people don't see the chest from the outside!

Under Dirt[edit | edit source]

Perhaps the simplest way to hide a chest. Put a large chest under two grass blocks. Make sure that it's in a spot that nobody would want to mine in, like next to a lava lake or under a creeper's crater. If the server has a plugin, set a home there; otherwise, put something there to help you remember where it is.

Under the Rug[edit | edit source]

Basically "Under Dirt", but instead with carpet.

Beneath a Lava Pool[edit | edit source]

Hiding a chest beneath a lava pool is a great way to easily access a chest without having to break any blocks, and few players would be smart enough to figure out this trick. The best way is to find a lava pool or create your own, making sure that it is irregular in shape, so that it doesn't look man-made. If you found one in nature, it's easiest to empty all the lava of it and put everything back in after you put the chests in. Find a part of the hole that is 2 or 3 blocks deep, or just dig down on the parts that are 1 block deep. Place all of your chests in here. Then, pour the lava on top of that. You are done! The only disadvantage of this method is that if a player happens to accidentally right-click on the lava pool, they will find your loot.


More Complex Ways[edit | edit source]

This section has more complex ways to hide chests, using some redstone.

Minecart Trick[edit | edit source]

First of all, you might want to consider trying out the minecart trick. It is simple to build and very well hidden. In fact, other can't see it if you cover it up!

Dungeon Protection[edit | edit source]

Find a dungeon and hide it (Tutorials/Secret door). Attach a redstone lamp to the monster spawner and set up the redstone so that the lamp is on when the door is closed and off when the door is open. This ensures that no mob noises can be heard while a thief is searching, and that they will guard if he/she finds the dungeon. Hide important items in here, and they will be safe.

Shell Game[edit | edit source]

Build a room or a house full of trapped chests, all hooked up to deadly traps. You could then memorize the location of the "real" chest, which contains all your goodies and won't brutally murder you -- or you could do like a real shell game, make all of the choices the "wrong" one, and hide your valuables somewhere else entirely. Make sure to surround the chests with wooden pressure plates, so nobody thinks they'll get away with just breaking the chests instead of opening them. Another way to ensure that players don't just break the chests is to put observers observing all the chest blocks, and connected to a deadly trap. That way, when the chest block is broken, the player trying to steal your stuff will fall into the deadly trap.

Hipster Door Closet[edit | edit source]

A "hipster door" (youtu.be/X3LbkSTjR7I?t=10m3s) is a door that can be disguised as part of the wall and be opened via slimeblocks and two sticky pistons. Chests are perfect in this situation because they are non-movable blocks, so they will not be pulled down by the slimeblocks.

It's a Trick[edit | edit source]

For this method of hiding chests, make a room containing the chest with your valuables. Make the chest a trapped chest, and have signs all around it saying things like, "Danger: Something terrible will happen the moment you open the chest, and running away will not help! You must find some other way of stealing my valuables! Mwah ha ha ha!" This will hopefully convince players that something terrible will happen if they open the chest. They may run away, but if they're smart they might try to break the chest.

To prevent this from happening, this is where the redstone comes in. Put an observer observing the trapped chest, and connect it to a dedaly trap, so if a smarter player tries to break the chest, they will not be happy with the results. The only disadvantage of this method is that if a player decides that they want to open the trapped chest despite the warning signs, they will be able to get all the loot in it without any consequences.

Tips to Hiding Chests[edit | edit source]

  • One way to trick players into not getting your loot is to have a room that seems like it would have all your valuables in it, but instead only has junk. Hide your loot somewhere else entirely, where players would never dream that you would hide it.
  • When using redstone in hiding chests to make a deadly trap, lava is a great option. Lava does not destroy chests, but at many times it is deadly to the player. However, make sure your chest room isn't made of wood, or the whole room will burn down!

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