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Game terms are not officially into the game. They are used by the community and they are usually used as shortenings for chatting faster:

Terms Definition
Admin/Operator Player who is listed on the OP (operator) list, having access to most or even all of the commands on a server.
AFK Away From Keyboard; When a player is away from their computer
AFK farm A farm that requires a player to function by making the player perform tasks automatically, exploiting interacting mechanics in a way that the player doesn't have to be actively involved due to the fact it only requires one, more or even no keys to be held indefinitely, which can be done by a weight placed on the keyboard/mouse or by exploiting an alt-tabbing glitch.
AFK farming When an AFK player runs an AFK farm
Beef Shortening of
raw beef
. (Cooked) Beef might be a miscalling for
as well(however, cooked_beef is the item's ID)
Block verb To obstruct something; To block with the
(however, blocking with swords was only possible until dual wielding was added in 1.9)
Cave Noises/Sounds Ambience
Cheater/Hacker/Haxor The toxic part of the community; Someone using modified clients to gain unfair advantages. Most if not all servers forbid the use of those clients, and their use is not moral as well. However, some servers forbid accusing players of being hackers on chat and whisper, but do provide an alternative method of reporting to the Staff like forums or dedicated in-game commands.
Defend Sometimes a miscalling for blocking rather than defending something
EZ "Easy", depending on the used context(like in GG EZ), some servers forbid the use of this word because it's "not respectful for the players".
Flint and Steel
Fully automatic farm A farm that works without any player intervention
Full Diamond/Iron/Gold/Chain/Leather Full set of armor made with one material
Golden Apple
; May refer to the enchanted one too, however, a term for those is also Notch Apple or God Apple
Gear Armor; May refer to the removed feature:
(originally Gear), however chances to see a player talk about it is close to none
GG Good Game. Goes with EZ too, as GG EZ(Good game, it was easy)
Pumpkin Vision The effect of wearing a
on your head
Slime Block
based flying technologies
Staff Players that were granted additional commands to use compared to regular players, in order to help administrating the server. Staff members aren't necessary Admins as they might not have even nearly full access to all of the commands
Splash Potion
; Rarely Splash Text (also known as Splash Screen)
Raiding Similar to Griefing. Usually refers to attacking a base from an external source such as TNT Cannons. This term is used on Factions servers
Semi-automatic farm A farm that requires active player intervention in order to produce