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Game terms are terms used by the Minecraft community, but are not officially in the game. Some of these game terms are used as shortenings, while others are terms exclusive to Minecraft, and may not be familiar to people who are new to Minecraft. While knowing them is indeed useful, it is advised to be aware that even the most experienced Minecraft players might not know all of them.

Underlined words represent terms that are further described on this list.

List of terms[edit]

Terms Definition
Admin/Operator Player who is listed on the OP (operator) list, having access to most or even all of the commands on a server.
Adminium Bedrock. Back in the days of Classic Creative, the community called it Adminium because the admins were the only ones who could use it.
AFK Away From Keyboard: when a player is away from their computer.
AFK farm A farm that requires a player to function by making the player perform tasks automatically, exploiting interacting mechanics in a way that the player doesn't have to be actively involved due to the fact it only requires one, more or even no keys to be held indefinitely, which can be done by a weight placed on the keyboard/mouse or by exploiting an alt-tabbing glitch.
AFK farming When an AFK player runs an AFK farm.
Beef Shortening of raw beef. (Cooked) Beef might be a miscalling for steak as well (however, cooked_beef is the item's ID).
Block verb To obstruct something; To block with the sword (pre 1.9) / shield
Buff noun A special ability, granted by modded servers (modified attributes, eg. flying in survival mode, or higher speed than usual, not to be confused with the potion effect here), or granted in vanilla, like status effects. Debuff refers to a negative effect.
Butter Jargon or joke term for gold. It is called like that because of the appearance of gold ingots in-game. Now rarely used.
Cave Noises/Sounds Ambience.
Cheater/Hacker The toxic part of the community; Sometimes typed differently to avoid chat censoring (eg. Haxor), it describes someone using modified clients to gain unfair advantages. Most servers forbid the use of those clients, and their use is not moral as well. However, some servers also forbid accusing players of being hackers on chat and whisper, but do provide an alternative method of reporting to staff like forums or dedicated in-game commands.
Cobble A shortening for cobblestone.
Defend Sometimes a miscalling for blocking rather than defending something.
Dia A shortening for diamond.[citation needed]
Emer A shortening for emerald.[citation needed]
EZ "Easy", depending on context(at the end of a game, and/or like in GG EZ), some servers (completely) forbid the use of this word because it might be "not respectful for the players".
FnS Flint and Steel.[citation needed]
Fully automatic farm A farm that works without any player intervention.
Full Diamond/Iron/Chain/Gold/Leather Full set of armour made of one material.
Gapple Golden Apple; May refer to the enchanted one too, however, a term for those is also Notch Apple (official, as seen on achievements) or God Apple.
Gear Armor; May refer to the removed feature: Cog (originally Gear), however chances to see a player talk about it is close to none. Geared means "having armor equipped".
GG Good Game. Goes with EZ too, as GG EZ (Good game, it was easy).
Griefing Destroying other's build without their permission with the use of mods or no mods.
Modded Client/server with mods. A modded server might still be able to host vanilla clients, otherwise they are supposed to host clients that have the same mods applied.
Neo A jump where you have to go round a block in parkour maps.[citation needed]
Obi A shortening for Obsidian.[citation needed]
OP Depending on context: operator(admin) most of the time, over-powered:too powerful (equipment only, term used mostly on modded servers and in other games), original poster (forums and sites, not necessary Minecraft related) or end-game equipment and gear.
Pick noun A shortening for pickaxe
Pillar jumping When a player repeatedly jumps followed by quickly placing a block beneath. This is very helpful when getting high off the ground in a short amount of time, and it can be done by just looking down and holding jump and use with a proper block selected.
Pumpkin vision The effect of wearing a Carved Pumpkin on your head.
Semi-automatic farm A farm that requires active player intervention in order to produce but has an enhancing mechanism to help the player plant/harvest crops or spawn/kill mobs (depending on type) and/or they feature an enhancement for collecting items.
Slimestone Slime Block based flying technologies.
Splash Splash Potion; Rarely Splash Text (also known as Splash Screen).
Sprint-jumping Sprinting and (continuously) jumping. It is the fastest way a player can run. One can run faster by manually spamming the jump key, but this is effective only in spaces 2 blocks tall or stairways
Staff Players that were granted additional commands to use compared to regular players, in order to help administrating the server. Staff members aren't necessarily Admins as they might not have even nearly full access to all of the commands, just like the real life meaning of the term, where a staff member might not be on top of the hierarchy.
Quad (jump) When a player has to sprint-jump over a 4-block gap horizontally, which is the furthest a player can jump while sprinting without any (de)buffs. This term is often used when playing on parkour maps.
Raiding Similar to Griefing. Usually refers to attacking a base from an external source such as TNT Cannons. This term is mostly used on Factions servers.
Vanilla Minecraft without mods (including hacks). This term can be used for any piece of software.


Java Edition pre-Classic
Cave game tech testCobblestone Revision 1.png Added Cobblestone, shortened as Cobble.
rd-132211Added the ability to place and destroy blockses, making pillar jumping possible.
Java Edition Classic
0.0.12a Added bedrock.
0.0.15aAdded multiplayer, meaning that admins and staff became available. This also caused Bedrock to be commonly named Adminium.
Griefing became possible.
0.24_SURVIVAL_TESTMultiplayer removed, removing admins and staff.
The phrase "Adminium" is now barely used.
?Added obsidian, shortened as "Obi".[citation needed]
Java Edition Indev
0.3120091231-1 Added flint and steel, shortened as FnS.[citation needed]
20100111-1 Added pickaxes, shortened as a "pick".
20100125-2Gear.png Added gears.
20100129 Added gold ingots, which will later be commonly named as butter because of SkyDoesMinecraft.
Added diamonds. Initially, they were referred to as "emeralds".
20100130Emeralds from the previous version are now referred to as "diamonds", shortened as "dia".[citation needed]
20100201-1The menu screen was added, along with splasheses.
20100218 Added armor, also known as gear.
Java Edition Infdev
20100227 Added golden apples/gapples.
Renamed "gear" to "cog".
20100627Removed cogs.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.3Added ambience, also called cave noises
v1.0.15Re-added multiplayer, admins and staff.
The use of Adminium does not increase.
v1.2.0?Carved Pumpkin.png Pumpkins added, which can be worn on your head to create Pumpkin vision.
Java Edition Beta
1.8Pre-release Added Raw Beef, also known as just Beef.
Added Steak, also known as Cooked Beef.
Added sprinting, making neos, sprint-jumping and quads possible.
Pre-release 2 ;)Added the ability to block with a sword.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4Added the splash potion, shortened as "splash".
1.3.112w21a Added emeralds, shortened as "emer".[citation needed]
Added enchanted golden apples, also called notch apples or god apples.
1.814w02aAdded the slime block, making slimestone possible.
1.915w33cSwords no longer block attacks. Instead, shields are used.
1.1317w47aYou can no longer wear normal pumpkins on your head. Instead, you wear carved pumpkins.

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