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This page documents how to locate and defeat temples.

Desert temple[edit]

The treasure room inside the hidden lower chamber of the temple.
The 9 TNT rigged under the stone pressure plate.

To find a desert temple, you can either look above ground, or search while mining. If you are underground and you run into a large, square formation of sandstone, it is a desert temple.

There is also a tool that can find desert temples for you, in case you don't want to search them yourself.

In Bedrock Edition, you can also use the command /locate temple Note that using the locate command can only locate the nearest temple, no matter what kind of temple it is. It can be a desert temple, jungle temple, or even a witch hut or igloo. But if you're in a desert there's more chance for the nearest temple to be a desert temple. The same is with jungle (jungle temple), swamp (witch hut), and snowy tundra (igloo).

In Java Edition, they have their own separate /locate commands. Note that the following commands are case-sensitive.

  • Desert temples - /locate desert_pyramid
  • Igloo - /locate igloo
  • Jungle temple - /locate jungle_pyramid
  • Witch hut - /locate swamp_hut

When attempting to enter the hidden chamber, the player must take care not to step on the pressure plate at the bottom of the pit, as the plate is connected to 9 blocks of TNT just under the hidden chamber's sandstone floor. The pressure plate is situated directly under the blue terracotta. The TNT will cause an explosion sufficient to kill most players (and may even destroy the player's drops), as well as destroy all four of the chests, including their loot.

To avoid the trap, you can dig out one of the blocks orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to the center block, and reach the chamber by any of conventional methods. Or, if reached from below, it is possible just to mine the way into the chamber.

To see better in the treasure room, it is actually best to destroy the blue terracotta in the upper chamber first. During the day, the light from the sun will shine down into the room, reaching into the treasure room if the terracotta is removed. If you are on a multiplayer server, you can rig up the chests to the TNT to get the better of an experienced player.

There are a number of ways one can get down into the treasure room:

  • Build a staircase spiraling downward along the walls.
  • Dig out the blue terracotta and use a water bucket to get down.
  • Dig vertically below your feet to descend, digging a vertical channel down one wall. After ransacking the room, step back into the vertical channel, and, using the blocks you collected on the way down, jump into the air while placing one of the blocks below you. In this way you can ascend back up the wall.
  • Just jump straight down. This is fastest, but you'll need a water bucket to absorb the damage.

After reaching the bottom, your first act should be to mine the pressure plate in the center to avoid accidentally triggering an explosion. Don't forget to dig out the TNT after raiding the chests.

Jungle temple[edit]


The dense foliage of jungle biomes tends to block jungle temples from sight. The easiest way of clearing the path is to burn the foliage with flint and steel, but you don't want to start a forest fire.

There is also a tool that can find jungle temples for you,

The /locate command can also be used and it's explained in the desert temple section.


A jungle temple is made up of 3 floors. The top 2 floors are just entrances, windows, and walkways - all the treasure, puzzles, and traps are on the bottom floor. There is an entrance already made on the 2nd floor, but sometimes it is buried in the ground.

If the entrance is in plain view, it's usually easiest to enter through the entrance. Otherwise, you can either excavate the entrance, or just bust a hole in the wall and go through that way. If hardly any of the temple is visible, it may be best to go through the roof. It is strongly recommended to enter on the 2nd or 3rd floor and make your way down, so that when you enter the temple, arrows shooting at you is not the first thing you must deal with.

Once you've entered, make sure to kill any monsters in the temple and light up everything with torches. When doing this on the ground floor, be careful not to step on any of the tripwires.


A reconstruction of the puzzle mechanism. The lapis lazuli block represents the hidden trapdoor.

In each jungle temple, there is a puzzle, composed of a set of levers on the lower level. When the levers are flipped into the correct positions, a block on the middle level of the temple is removed from the floor, and a small room with a chest inside is revealed.

Alternatively, breaking through the walls with a pickaxe is an effective method of bypassing the puzzle and taking the loot.


The trap.

When attempting to open the chest, the player must take care not to step on the tripwire in the middle of the hall. It looks like mossy cobblestone, but hidden behind some vines is a dispenser filled with arrows. The dispenser will fire when the tripwire is stepped on or broken without shears. If the player can't break it, hugging the right hand wall will cause the arrow to fly harmlessly past the player. Destroying the mechanism is a good source of redstone in the early game.

Tip: A good way to tell where the tripwires are is by running your mouse cursor over the floor, and you will know when it hits a tripwire.


An igloo.


Igloos generate in Snowy Tundra biomes and appear as a roughly spherical mound of snow with ice for windows and an entrance. They may be hard to find because they are made of the same block as the terrain.

The basement of an igloo


Inside, there is a Bed, Crafting Table, Furnace, and a Redstone Torch, necessities for starting players. In 50% of all igloos, there is a basement under the carpet. Inside, there is a cauldron filled 2/3 with water‌[Java Edition only]/Splash Potion of Weakness[Bedrock Edition only], a Brewing Stand with Splash Potions of Weakness, a chest with basic loot and a Golden Apple, two Villagers (one of them is zombified), and a cobweb for string. If you want to start a village, cure the zombie villager with the available supplies and bring the two villagers to the surface, and set up a village for them (more about that here). Be sure to mine the brewing stand and cauldron with a pickaxe, since they will be important later.

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