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Tutorials/Defeating a woodland mansion

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An average three-story woodland mansion.

Woodland mansions are special structures found in dark forests. They are highly anticipated to explore because they are inhabited by the illagers and are one of the only reliable ways to find the totem of undying (the only other way is to kill evokers spawned from raids), an extremely useful item that can save you from death. This makes woodland mansions a great place to go before fighting bosses.

Woodland mansion exploration checklist[edit]

Exploring a mansion requires a lot of preparation, but not everyone has the same skills. So depending on how skilled you are, different preparations may be needed. The following is a suggested collection of equipment you might need:

Preparing equipment[edit]


Use your sword (preferably diamond or netherite) to take out the vindicators and evokers in the mansion, as well as normal nighttime enemies you may encounter along the journey to the mansion. You should enchant your sword with Sharpness IV or V, to deal as much damage as possible. To prevent your sword from breaking, you should add Unbreaking to it as well. Looting allows you to obtain more emeralds as drops from vindicators and evokers. Fire Aspect sets your enemies on fire, and cause them to take damage over time. Knockback is also recommended, because it allows you to knock them over ledges if possible.


Use a bow as your secondary weapon, for taking out enemies from a distance, or to take out vexes that the evoker may summon. Along the journey to the mansion, it can be used to take out phantoms. You should enchant your bow with Power V, to deal as much damage as possible, Flame, to set your enemies on fire, and Infinity, so that you don't run out of arrows while exploring. To give your bow more durability, you should add Unbreaking to it as well. Punch is also recommended, but not required. Flame makes the arrows more visible, which is useful for taking out enemies in the dark. You can also use harming arrows or poisoned arrows to deal more damage.


If you don't want to use a bow, a crossbow is a great alternative. The advantages of a crossbow is that it has a longer range and can deal more damage than a regular bow. However, a crossbow cannot be enchanted with Infinity, so it is possible to run out of arrows while using it. But if you do want to use a crossbow, you should enchant it with Quick Charge III, to be able to reload quicker, and Piercing IV, which allows the fired arrow to pass through mobs. This makes it possible for you to kill multiple illagers at the same time. To give the crossbow more durability, you should add Unbreaking to it as well. You can also use harming arrows or poisoned arrows to deal more damage.


Armor is absolutely necessary to wear when you explore a mansion, because the vindicator has the strongest direct attack of any mob in the game, and the evoker is also extremely powerful. Therefore, you should wear a full set of diamond armor, enchanted with Protection IV. Thorns is also recommended, because it damages your enemies when they attack you. However, Thorns has a high enchantment weight, so be sure to add Unbreaking to your armor as well.


A pickaxe (preferably diamond) is highly recommended to have when you explore a mansion. It can be used to break into secret rooms that have loot in them. The secret rooms have no entrance initially, so you need to break in. However, most secret rooms are hidden by cobblestone, so you need a pickaxe. You should enchant your pickaxe with Efficiency IV or V, to break into the secret rooms quickly. And Silk Touch is necessary to reclaim your ender chest.


An axe (preferably diamond) can also be used to break into secret rooms, because they can also be covered in wood. It is recommended to enchant your axe with Efficiency IV or V, to break in quickly. Your axe can also be used to collect dark oak saplings in the farm room, if you don't have any already, or bookshelves in the library and some conference rooms. Fortune can also help you collect new saplings from new biomes along the journey.


The easiest way to get to a mansion is to generate a world using a seed that causes a mansion to generate near a spawn point. In Bedrock Edition, the seed picker offers such a seed. Otherwise, mansions are typically thousands of blocks away.

To get to a faraway mansion, you need a source of transportation. You can easily walk or ride a horse, but the most efficient method is to fly with an elytra. However, it can be found only in end cities. Because the journey to the mansion is extremely long, it takes a massive toll on your elytra's durability, so it is almost necessary to enchant it with Unbreaking III and Mending, but it can be enchanted only on an anvil using enchanted books. You can easily enchant an Unbreaking III book, and try to fish up or trade for a Mending book. Mending allows your elytra to self-repair when you collect XP. If you add Unbreaking III and Mending to your elytra, it becomes indestructible, because it loses durability and self-repairs at roughly the same rate. However, if you need to repair your elytra in an emergency, kill some phantoms, get at least four phantom membranes, and combine your elytra with the membranes in your anvil.

On its own, the elytra is more like a glider, because it is extremely difficult to gain height with just the elytra. When combined with firework rockets, the elytra actually behaves more like a jetpack. When you are flying, the fireworks boost your speed and allow you to fly faster. You can also easily gain height with boosted flight speed. However, if your rockets are equipped with a firework star, they produce a colorful explosion, but you take 8♥♥♥♥ damage when you use one, so avoid adding firework stars to your rockets. The flight duration of your rockets is measured in seconds (for example, flight duration 1 propels you for one second).

Healing items[edit]

You can receive significant damage when exploring the mansion, so healing items are absolutely necessary. Golden apples are the most efficient healing item, because they provide Absorption, which protects you from most damage while you heal, and they stack (unlike potions), so bring at least 10 of these. But golden apples are not enough, so you should also bring at least six healing potions and regeneration potions. Enchanted apples can heal you more than regular ones, but they are extremely rare, so save them for emergencies, and use regular golden apples otherwise.

You can get the totem of undying in the mansion, dropped by the evoker. It can be used in emergencies, and prevents you from dying. To use it, simply place it in your left hand, and ignore that it is even there. When you take fatal damage, the totem explodes and causes an animation of fireworks, which resurrects you and provides you with Regeneration and temporary Absorption. However, save the totems and use golden apples or potions to heal yourself, because the totems are very rare.


There should never be a time when you do not have food with you. Bread and steak are some of the most nutritious foods possible, so bring at least five stacks of either of these. You can also collect bread from village blacksmith chests, or you can collect wheat from village farms to make some. You can also bring cake, in case you need to eat immediately, so you can just place it down and start to eat without any delay. However, cake is not nourishing, so unless you need to eat at that exact moment, it is better to eat more nutritious food.

Golden apples and enchanted apples can also restore food points, but they are mainly used as healing items. Eat your normal food if you do not have full saturation, and use only golden apples when you take damage.


Potions are highly recommended to have when you explore a mansion, to enhance your performance. Strength potions, invisibility potions, and swiftness potions can be extremely useful. When you use an invisibility potion, mobs can still see you if you are wearing your armor. To stay safe, take off all of your armor before drinking it, and put it back on at least 30 seconds before the effect expires.

Potions can also be used for emergency healing because you take a lot of damage from enemies in the mansion. Healing potions and regeneration potions are different because healing potions heal you instantly, and regeneration potions heal you gradually. However, both of them are great healing items, so bring at least six of each type of potion.


Blocks are also useful to have when you explore a mansion. Harder blocks such as cobblestone are better than softer blocks. If you land with your elytra along the journey, you can build a tower and take off again. In the mansion, blocks can be used to build a defensive wall against enemies. You can also build a tower to avoid attacks by vindicators. However, this method is ineffective with evokers, since their fangs can go on top of your pillar, and the evoker may summon vexes that can fly and attack you, so it is best to build a wall between you and the evoker to protect yourself.

Ender chest[edit]

An ender chest is almost necessary to have because it can store items that you do not use to explore the mansion. It can be reclaimed only by using a Silk Touch pickaxe. You should make two of them, one to leave at your base, and one to take with you on the journey. All ender chests in the world, including in different dimensions, are interconnected. So even if you die in the mansion, all of the items in your ender chest remain safe. After raiding the mansion, you can put all your items inside shulker boxes inside the ender chest, and suicide to come back home. (You will lose your xp via this and it doesn't work on Hardcore mode).

Shulker boxes[edit]

Shulker boxes can be extremely useful to have, as they can provide additional storage along with your ender chest. To make one, you need a normal chest and two shulker shells, which are dropped by shulkers. However, shulkers can be found naturally only in end cities. But since the elytra can be found there as well, you can get your elytra and the shells on the same trip. Bring at least three shulker boxes, so that you can store different things. For example, you can store your chest loot in one box and new plants in another.

Ender pearls[edit]

Ender pearls are not required to explore the mansion with, but they are highly recommended. Along the journey, if your elytra breaks while you are flying, you should throw an ender pearl to the ground to break your fall so that you don't die. Vindicators and evokers are capable of running extremely fast, so you can use a pearl to teleport away from them and avoid their attacks. They can also be used to get up to higher floors instantly. If you throw a pearl to the ceiling, and it hits the block, it teleports you above that block and onto the next floor.

Map and compass[edit]

To find the mansion, you need a woodland explorer map. You can obtain the map from trading with a cartographer. In Java Edition, the cartographer always sells the map, but in Bedrock Edition they have a 13 chance to sell it. However, the cartographer must always be at journeyman level to sell the map. When in your inventory, it looks like an ordinary map. However, when you open the map, it has a pointer that indicates where you are and patterns that describe the terrain around the mansion. There is also a small icon that tells you where the mansion is. Because the mansion is really far away from your base, the pointer may not move around if you move. However, it starts moving when you get closer, and move on the map when you are within the map's range.

You should bring a compass as well. To make one, you need four iron ingots arranged in a diamond shape and a piece of redstone in the middle. You also need a compass to trade for the map. The compass needle points to your original spawn point instead of north. Once you have fully explored the mansion, you can use the compass to find your way back.


If you are using an elytra, a trident can be extremely useful to have, because it can be used to propel your elytra along the journey as well. To obtain a trident, you must kill a drowned that is holding one, ideally with a Looting III sword. Tridents dropped by drowned are typically damaged, so you should get a second one, and combine them on your anvil to get a fully repaired one. In Bedrock Edition, a trident farm is an easy way to get a steady supply of tridents.

Once you have obtained the trident, you should enchant it with Unbreaking III, Riptide III, and Mending. Riptide allows you to use the trident to propel your elytra, because it launches you in the direction that you throw it, even when you are flying. However, it works only in bodies of water, the rain, or a thunderstorm. If you land with your elytra, you can step into a river or lake and use your trident to take off again. Since your fireworks are consumed when you use them, you should use your trident to save on rockets if you are flying through the rain. It propels you even faster than your fireworks. If you have Mending on your trident, you should make a few brief stops along the way to get experience and repair it.


A shield is not required to explore the mansion with, but it is highly recommended, because it can be used to block attacks. However, when you block an attack from an axe, the axe would disable your shield. Therefore, when you block a vindicator, other mobs can come in and attack you, because your shield would have stopped working‌[Java Edition only].

If you bring a shield, you should enchant it with Unbreaking III, so that it doesn't break when you use it. You don't have to add Mending, because you can easily repair it yourself. To repair your shield, simply combine it with wooden planks on your anvil. To get the wooden planks, you can simply collect some from the floor or wall.

The journey[edit]

Obtaining the map[edit]

The woodland explorer map trade, which requires emeralds and a compass.

All players begin the journey to the woodland mansion with a woodland explorer map, which you can get by trading with a cartographer for 12-14 emeralds and a compass. If you don't know what a cartographer looks like, find a villager wearing a golden monocle. You need to trade paper at novice level, and glass panes at apprentice level. The cartographer sells the map at journeyman level. In Java Edition, the journeyman-level cartographer always sells the map, but in Bedrock Edition, they have a 13 chance to sell it. You must repeat the trade enough to level them up.


Once you obtain the map, it has the same appearance as a normal map in your inventory, but it has patterns that represent the landscape and a little house-shaped icon that indicates where the mansion is. The solid colors represent landmasses, and the stripes represent bodies of water. The map also shows a pointer that tells you where you are.

Leaving your base[edit]

Once you obtain the map, you need to do a few other things before you go. Make sure you have an extra compass. It is probably the most important thing to have, because it helps you find your way back home. You need to trade one in to unlock trades that lead up to the map trade, and one is necessary for the map trade, so you need to make three in total. However, the compass needle points to your original spawn point or a lodestone, and not your bed. The direction the needle points never changes, so just in case your house is far away from your original spawn point or you don’t have lodestone yet, write down the coordinates of your house in your book.

Taking off[edit]

Once you know your original spawn point and the location of your house, you are just about ready to go. Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment, as well as the map. Put your shulker boxes, your anvil, your tipped arrows, your potions, extra firework rockets, and extra food into your ender chest. Keep your compass, four or five stacks of rockets, and two stacks of food with you. Before you leave, organize your inventory so that your hotbar contains the following:

  • Your sword
  • Your bow or crossbow
  • Your pickaxe
  • Your golden apples
  • A full stack of ender pearls
  • A full stack of food
  • Two full stacks of rockets
  • Your trident

Make sure you are wearing all of your armor, and instead of your chestplate, wear your elytra (if you are using one). Hold the map in your left hand, so that you don't have to keep switching between the map and your rockets while you fly. The pointer is still big enough to see. To start flying, jump off a mountain, or launch yourself straight up into the air with your trident. Now you can begin the great journey to the mansion.

Finding new places[edit]

Since the journey to the mansion is extremely long, you can find several new places along the way, some that you have never seen in your world before. You may even find loot in these places, and traveling with the elytra allows you to explore them completely. Write down the coordinates of these places in your book, so that you can come back to them later, and keep the book in your ender chest.


An elytra flyover of an small desert village (pre-Village & Pillage).

Villages are the most common places to find along the way to the mansion because they can generate just about everywhere. The village buildings may have different terrain, based on whether they generate on flat land or on a cliff. To land safely, either make a sharp turn or dive into the nearest body of water.

The design of the buildings differs based on what biome the village is in. There are several different buildings, including residential houses, the church or temple, the library, and the blacksmith. The blacksmith's shop has a grindstone, and a chest with simple loot, such as iron or gold. You may even find a diamond or two, and take any bread that is in the chest, because you need as much food as possible. There may also be other buildings in the village that have chests.

Before you leave, check the farms to see if there are any new crops. If you do not have any of a certain type of crop, such as carrots or beets, take them, and replant some seeds for the villagers to use. Do a few simple trades, so that you can get XP and repair your Mending tools.


Besides villages, you can find several other structures as well. In deserts and jungles, you can find desert pyramids and a jungle temple or two. Even though you can loot them quickly, they are still very fun to check out, because you have to disarm traps and solve puzzles to access the chests.

In your encounters with oceans along the journey, you may find some shipwrecks, underwater ruins, or even an ocean monument, which can be almost as rare as the mansion. They are inhabited by guardians and elder guardians, and have complex puzzles as well, so they are fun to explore. However, exploring them requires entirely different equipment. Just write down the coordinates of the monument, so that you can come back to it on a different mission.

An elytra flyover of a jungle.


You will for sure find new biomes along the way. However, you can ignore the plains, the forest, the swamp, and the extreme hills, since there are already several near your house and you will find many more along the journey.

You may not have seen many biomes before. For example, the desert and the savanna may be new to you. It is also possible to find some rare biomes, such as the jungle, the badlands, the snowy tundra, and even the ultra-rare mushroom biome. Write down the coordinates of all new biomes you find, because you may not find others like them for a long time.

Some biomes may have brand-new plants. For example, the savanna is the only place where you can find acacia trees, and the jungle is the only place where you can find jungle trees, cocoa beans, and bamboo. If you find one of these biomes with unique trees, land with your elytra, and collect a few stacks of wood. Take at least a stack of cocoa beans and bamboo if you are in a jungle. Collect at least ten saplings as well, so that you can grow them back home. Keep all of the new plants you find in one of your shulker boxes.

The new biomes you find may also inhabit animals that are new to you. For example, you can find parrots, ocelots, and pandas in the jungle, and mooshrooms in the mushroom biome. Come back to these biomes on a different trip, so that you can tame these animals. Unfortunately, ocelots are not tamable, so you can interact with them only while you are in the jungle. However, you can tame parrots and take them home, and even though mooshrooms and pandas aren't tamable, you can still bring them home using leads.

Arriving at the mansion[edit]

The journey to the mansion requires at least an in-game week if you travel nonstop. But eventually, the pointer on the map grows bigger, indicating that you are getting closer to the mansion. Once the pointer starts moving on the map, the mansion is near. It becomes visible when you get close enough. It is a huge brown house with massive windows. Explore all of the territories on the map, in case there is a special biome or structure nearby.


Once you find the mansion, the great journey is complete. The entrance of the mansion is quite easy to find, as the mansion has only four sides. There is cobblestone on the windowsills as well as the entrance, but the entrance has cobblestone stairs and slabs as well as regular cobble. Since the mansion is always in the dark forest, there are many trees around it. There is sometimes a river in front of the mansion, as well as a smaller grove of trees. Land with your elytra on one of the trees and descend to the ground by jumping into the water.


Before you even think about entering the mansion, you should set up a small base outside. The best place to build it is in the grove of trees, or on the riverbank. Clear out some of the grass, and build a 7×7 platform out of the cobblestone you have. You should cut down a few trees with your axe and build a fence to protect your base from evil creatures. You can also make a furnace and use the extra wood to make sticks and charcoal for more torches. Place your bed in the middle of the platform and sleep in it immediately. If you have arrived during the day, just touch the bed, because you need to set your respawn point as soon as possible. Place your ender chest on the platform as well, with a one-block gap between it and the bed. Get out one of your empty shulker boxes, and put away your extra equipment, such as your elytra, your leftover rockets, your trident, and the map, and put the box next to your ender chest. Take out your potions, your anvil, and an additional stack of food. Now you are just about ready to enter the mansion.

Exploring/Defeating the mansion[edit]

Getting in[edit]

Here are some methods to get inside of a woodland mansion:

Method 1 - Gentleman's entrance

Find the side of the mansion that contains the front door, and go through it.

Method 2 - Breaking and entering

Make your own door:

Use an axe to get in through a wall (or if you are feeling sneaky, go in through the floor or the window, and if you are feeling bold, try cutting your way in through the roof!).

Navigating the Mansion[edit]

Once inside, create a small shelter with a crafting table and chest, preferably an ender chest. Every piece of treasure you find goes into the chest. If you want enchantments you find on your armor or anything, bring an anvil.

When inside a mansion, always watch yourself and stay on guard. If you can, take two players. The mobs spawning in a mansion can quickly kill a player who is not paying attention, even with good equipment. Vindicators deal hefty amounts of damage, Evoker's fangs are not affected by armor, and creepers are a common problem in the poorly lit structure. This makes awareness extremely important.

There are two styles of advancing through the mansion, both of which are founded on good philosophy. The first method is to take the mansion floor-by-floor, killing all mobs and looting the chests, lighting up the way as you go. This method reduces the spawning of hostile mobs on the first floor, which has no windows and therefore is subject to greater levels of darkness than other floors. Another good method is to immediately enter the second floor and find an evoker. Killing it gives you a totem of undying, and provide you with a bit more security.

The best way to be prepared in a mansion is to look at each room before entering - what does it contain? The most dangerous room, by far, in a mansion is the conference room, a room with a U-shaped table. This room always spawns 5 vindicators and an evoker. The second is a map room, which consists of a large carpet art piece on a table resembling a map, surrounded by chairs. This room spawns 2 vindicators and an evoker. The two rooms previously mentioned occur only on the second and third floors.

  • Focus on the most dangerous mobs first. Kill "very dangerous" mobs first (vindicators and evokers etc.), then target "semi-dangerous" mobs (skeletons, creepers and witches etc.) then kill all "less dangerous" mobs (zombies and spiders etc.).
  • Don't bother looking in the chests in storage rooms: they have nothing in them, and looking through them leaves you vulnerable to ambushes.
  • If you plan to make the mansion your home, make sure to light up every room to prevent hostile mob spawning. Be particularly careful not to accidentally set anything on fire or let any creepers sneak up on you.
  • If you can, bring parrots, Cats and tamed wolves with you. Parrots can indicate what mobs are around you by imitating their sounds, cats can scare away creepers, wolves can attack skeletons and defend you. Don't be scared away when a parrot imitates the creeper's fizz sound!

Defeating the mansion[edit]

There are two safe systems to defeat the creatures inside without damaging valuable objects and drops (like TNT could do)

  • Building 3 or 4 or more iron golems in the hall, in front of the stairs, locking the entrance from outside, and waiting for the end of their dirty work. You may repeat the whole operation on every floor. There can be up to 3 floors, so you need a good supply of iron.
  • Setting fire to the whole structure. The majority of mobs die, illagers receive fall damage (and sometimes they burn to death); evokers drop their totem and valuable blocks like diamond and lapis lazuli blocks are revealed. For a uniform arson, we recommend to dig under the birch floor, to set up a system of tunnels whose ceiling must be that birch floor (4 or 5 are sufficient); for an even more accurate work, dark oaks all around the mansion should be cut; after that, you can burn the floor from under with a flint and steel.

However, those systems are not totally safe: iron golems cannot come in secret rooms (or, in general rooms not connected with the main corridor). On the other hand, rooms like jails or blacksmith labs are not affected by fire, because they are made of stone.

Killing the mobs[edit]


Vindicators have 24 HP, slightly higher than that of most other mobs, but they hit hard, dealing a total of 19 damage on Hard difficulty (dealing much higher if the axe is enchanted with sharpness). Their fighting style is the most simplistic out of all Illagers, they simply pull out an axe and try to run up to the player and hit them.

  • It is advised to attack them with a sword and a shield. However, it is impossible to defend damage from an axe using a shield because they can disable shields.‌[Java Edition only]
  • Quickly attack them until they die.
  • They drop emeralds and have a chance of dropping their axe as well.
    • However, if renamed to "Johnny", they attack any mob in sight, making them useful for mob farms(highly recommend).
  • You can shoot them from a distance (highly recommend).
  • Lure a creeper toward them, and let it explode the vindicators. Make sure you to get a safe distance from the creeper, so as not to get blown up yourself.


Evokers have the same amount of health as Vindicators (24 HP) but inflict far less damage, at just six damage at any difficulty. However, this doesn't mean that they are less dangerous.

Evokers have a more unconventional fighting style. Upon seeing a player, they run toward the player until they are within 16 blocks. On getting within this radius they usually summon their offensive fang attack, summoning 16 fangs in a line toward the player. If the player moves toward them, they cast a defensive fang spell, summoning a ring of fangs around them to repel attackers, assuming they have not attacked recently, otherwise they run from the player. For this reason, it is best to use a bow in open space, and use a sword only if the evoker is cornered.

  • Try to keep a fair distance between the player and the evoker. The evoker has a defensive fang attack that deals damage in a small radius around the evoker.
  • The evoker has a second offensive fang attack, where it summons a line of fangs out of the ground to attack the player.
  • It can also summon vexes as support enemies, which makes killing him quickly important.
  • For a safer way of fighting evokers, you can try shooting them with a bow ( highly recommended. )


  • The vexes are summoned by evokers and act as support enemies. To prevent them from possibly swarming you, quickly kill the evoker before it can summon any, preferably from a distance in order to avoid the evoker's other attacks.
  • Vexes should be killed first if dealing with evokers from a distance as they can pass through walls and attack you from unexpected angles.
  • If in close contact with an evoker, kill the evoker first and then the vexes, the evoker's death prevents any more vexes from being summoned.
  • It is best to attack when they are charging toward you, as their movements are otherwise very unpredictable.
  • If the vex is summoned, do not worry, as it despawns within 2 minutes of its summoning.

Common Strategies[edit]

There are some common methods used to raid mansions. The list below is in no way complete, so feel free to add your own ideas.

Melee Warfare[edit]

To a beginner player, rushing into a woodland mansion and killing mobs by hand might seem inefficient. However, to an end-game player with enchanted swords and armor, this may just be the easiest and fastest way to conquer one.

Required Items:

  • Enchanted diamond sword (highly recommended)
  • Armor (at least iron, full if possible)
  • Food
  • Golden apples (recommended)
  • Axe (preferably enchanted with Sharpness V)
  • Pickaxe
  • Fairly good fighting skills

A bow is optional.


Using a sword or bow, attack the illagers head on. Take the mansion room by room, and punch holes in the walls to look for hidden rooms. If you have an elytra and sufficient number of rockets (2-3 stacks), every time you enter a dark section of the mansion, punch a hole into one of the windows and fly up 128 blocks then return. This will cause all hostile mobs to despawn and leave only the evokers and vindicators as they never despawn. This may make your fight easier and more pleasant.

Water Defense[edit]

Required Items:

  • Sword
  • Bucket of Water
  • Bow and Arrows

Carry your water bucket in your hand. When you see a Vindicator, apply the water bucket to the floor right underneath you to make a water pool. Stand in the water and hit the Vindicators with your sword. Shoot any Evokers with your bow.

  • Tip: Dig up the carpet as you walk so you can see where you have been.

The Peaceful Raid[edit]

To some people, illagers might seem terrifying. With their brutal axe-slaying, and despicable magic, peaceful mode might seem a good idea. Vindicators and Evokers don't despawn in peaceful difficulty, but they behave passively toward the player, so you can freely loot all mansion chest without fighting and just seeing evokers running away from you while vindicators just stare at you.

Required Items:

  • Axe
  • Pickaxe

Walk in, take what you want, and don't forget to check for secret rooms. You can kill illagers, but you don't need to worry because they don't fight back to you in peaceful difficulty.

Foolproof Attack[edit]

If those illagers are scaring you, then try this method! Based on the idea that all illagers can be hit with arrows, this strategy relies on raiding the mansion from above, clearing one room at a time.

Required Items:

  • Sword ( iron at minimum)
  • Bow ( preferably enchanted)
  • Arrows ( bring a lot, or use infinity)
  • Gravel or Sand ( a few stacks should do)
  • Food
  • Axe and Pickaxe
  • Bed ( any color)

Climb to the top of the mansion. From there, build a small base with a bed and a few chests. Next, mine out the ceiling of a room. Using your bow, shoot the mobs from above. Drop gravel over the doorways to prevent more mobs from entering, collect the drops, then proceed to the next room. Repeat until you have raided the entire top floor. There can be up to 3 floors. Because the entire ceiling is broken off, you can easily find all of the secret rooms. In rooms with lots of illagers, drop gravel or sand around the vindicators and shoot the evoker. Then, kill the vindicators after collecting the drops from the evokers. This way, you don't lose drops while killing other mobs.

Infiltration Sniper[edit]

As long as you have a power V and flame bow, you can use invisibility to snipe the illagers off one by one! Wear no armor and bring tons of arrows, or use infinity.

Required Items


Get in the mansion with invisibility, once you see an illager, shoot it at enough distance with your fully charged bow. A bow with power V deals 23-25 damage when fully charged, plus the 4 damage from flame, can kill any illagers. The vindicator burns to death before it can reach you (it doesn't notice you in the first place due to invisibility), and evokers should be done with more caution and distance, as it may still use the fangs or vexes to attack you (but it cannot escape the fate of burning to death). Because the vex doesn't notice you, just wait for it to expire and do not attack it first, and you can use your supplies to recover from the fang's damage. No loot should be lost when using this. Other monsters in the mansion can also be killed with this, except for armored mobs and maybe witches (just don't mess with them). Make sure to bring enough invisibility potions and drink another one when the effect is about to expire, in emergencies where you lost invisibility, either escape with ender pearls, or if you have the equipment, put on a brave face, armor and sword and kill the monsters melee!

Raid Squad[edit]

If you have friends that have survived alongside you, you may bring them with you, so you can fight the illagers as a team. You can use different equipment, to be more like a squad, or just use strong equipment, regardless of team member's choices.

Required Items

  • At least another player (the more, the better)
  • Equipment for melee warriors, which includes:
    • A sword (enchanted, netherite, diamond or iron)
    • Armor (full armor, enchantments, netherite, diamond or iron)
    • A shield (enchanted)
  • Equipment for ranged fighters, which includes:
  • Equipment for potion wielders, which includes:

As a team, enter the mansion together and stay alert. Once in combat, try to fulfill your roles. The melee fighter should act as a tank, stopping enemies from attacking their less protected teammates, while the sniper should attack from away, maybe with the miner watching their back, and the potion mage should try to help their allies, by healing them and attacking their enemies with potions, choosing the effects on their potions wisely. If done correctly, you can defeat your enemies without much damage to your team. Once having cleared the mansion, the miner should open the secret rooms with their tools, while all the team collects the loot. When you are finished, go back to your base with your new, valuable loot.

Wolf Army[edit]

  • Equipment:
    • 10 or more tamed wolves
    • 1 or more iron golem(s). They are much stronger than wolves, but they also require a lot of iron to craft.
    • A diamond or iron sword, enchanted if possible
    • A bow and arrows
    • Full diamond or iron armor, enchanted if possible
    • Lots of food, including meat to heal the wolves
    • As many torches as possible
    • Basic equipment such as pickaxe, chest, etc.
    • Rotten flesh to heal the wolves.

Enter the mansion with your wolves. If you want to use the mansion as a home base, light up the rooms. When you see an enemy, attack it. Your wolves will then attack and finish the job. If you see an evoker, avoid the fangs and shoot at it with your bow. The wolves will also protect you from any hostile mobs that attack you. Heal your wolves by feeding them meat when they take damage. WARNING: the wolves may die, so don't use ones you're attached to.

"Johnny" strategy[edit]

  • Equipment
    • 5 or more name tags
    • 1 netherite, diamond or iron sword
    • 2 axes
    • 2 pickaxes
    • Invisibility potions (to avoid vindicator attacks)
    • Many torches.

Keep naming Vindicators "Johnny" until you have enough of them, so they attack all remaining mobs. Remember to dig for hiddenrooms. It is also mandatory to make the mansion your home. Just make sure they don't attack you.

TNT Raid[edit]

  • A few stacks of TNT
  • 1 iron, diamond or netherite axe enchanted with Unbreaking
  • Flint and steel
  • Redstone of your choice

Mine holes in strategic places and place TNT in them. Make sure most of them are relatively close to the wall. You can use flint and steel, but Redstone is recommended for a good blast. If done correctly, it will kill most hostile mobs, but leave the items and rooms intact. This is also a good way to uncover secret rooms.


The way to uncover all secret rooms and defeat most of the mobs


Stay on the outside of the mansion and run around using flint and steel to burn the building.


The mansion is made up of several rooms and some of them contain chests with loot in them.

The majority of the chests found in the mansion contain the same loot as chests found in a Dungeon would contain, however, there are some exceptions to this rule.

  • The chest generated in the "Allium room" contains 8 Alliums.
  • The chest generated in the "Sapling farm room" contains 28 Dark Oak Saplings.
  • The chest generated in the "Checkerboard room" contains a secret loot chest at the top.
  • The chest generated in the "X room" contains a loot chest at the corner.
  • The chest generated in the "Gray banner room" contains a loot chest behind the construction, with a vindicator guarding it.
  • The chest generated in the "Wood archway room" contains a loot chest at the end of the long corridor, with a vindicator guarding it.
  • The chest generated in the "Winding stairway room" contains a loot chest at the bottom.
  • The chest generated in the "Bedroom w/ loft" contains a loot chest at the loft.
  • The chest generated in the "Clean chest room" contains a loot chest at the center.
  • The chest generated in the "Roof-chests room" contains two loot chests at the secret attic.
  • The chest generated in the "Arena room" contains a loot chest on its loft.
  • The trapped chest generated in the "Fake End portal room" contains 2 Ender Pearls (Note that this chest is linked to two blocks of TNT, which ignite if the trap is sprung, causing silverfish to crawl out of the infested cobblestones).
  • The chest generated in the "Tree chopping room" contains an Iron Axe enchanted with Efficiency I.
  • The chests generated in the large and small storage room and mushroom farm are always empty.

Pay attention to the walls, some have secret rooms that can have enchanted golden apples if your version of Minecraft still has them.

Aside from chests, there are also several valuable blocks that the player can scavenge from the mansion's rooms, for example: the "Obsidian room" and the "Lava room" both contain a Diamond Block, the "Illager statue room" contains a hidden Lapis Lazuli block, a lot of the furniture can be dismantled into loot and the Jail rooms contain Redstone circuitry, just to name a few.

For further information, please see the page woodland mansion/loot.


After the mansion is looted, there are a number of things you can do with it. You can turn it into a home, burn it down, systematically dismantle it to get extra resources, or just leave it as it is.

Turn it into a home[edit]

Turn the mansion into your base. Light it up and clear out all hostile mobs. You can use the original rooms, or tear down the inner walls and build them how you want. Make sure to change the beds in the bedrooms so you can sleep them. Add a kitchen, bathroom, anything you want. You can even redesign the whole mansion. See Grian's channel on youtube for tips.

Make a villager breeder or any type of farm inside[edit]

You can build some type of farm(s) inside. You can make a spider farm with the spider spawner, bring in villagers for villager trading halls, or make the building a giant crop farm.

Build a community building[edit]

Use the woodland mansion for a community building. Redo the inner walls and move it to the location you want using mods. Some ideas are making a hotel, town hall, or factory.