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Defeating a bastion remnant allows the player to obtain lots of loot, including valuable gold items, the Pigstep music disc, and the Snout Banner Pattern. Due to having Magma Cube spawners, bastion remnants also provide a good source of Magma Cream.

What to bring[edit]

  1. Strong, durable armor of at least iron tier.
  2. At least one piece of golden armor if you don't want piglins to aggravate.
  3. A sword and tools of at least iron tier enchanted with sharpness and unbreaking (optional).
  4. A bow, especially with the Power and/or Infinity enchantments, is very useful in dispatching piglins and piglin brutes with ease from a safe distance.
  5. At least one shield, as they can prevent taking damage.
  6. Food with high-enough saturation and food point restoration. (such as Steak, Golden Carrot, and Cooked Porkchops). Golden apples (optional) can heal the player quickly.
  7. Bring some logs and/or planks to craft boats, which will be very useful against piglin brutes and melee piglins (see the Mobs section below on how to use them).
  8. Expendable blocks you can easily obtain, place, and break. Good examples include dirt, cobblestone, and netherrack.
  9. A pickaxe of at least iron tier, to mine gold blocks if there are any.
  10. Potions can improve combat. Fire Resistance is incredibly useful, and can be obtained by simply bartering with piglins (optional).
  11. Soul torches or other soul-fire items can be used to scare piglins (optional).
  12. Gold items can distract piglins, allowing them to be somewhat idle for 6 to 8 seconds (optional).
  13. TNT (optional), and a button (not flint and steel) to light the TNT.
  14. Hoppers for looting chests without aggravating any piglins (optional).
  15. Blocks of Iron and carved pumpkins for Iron Golems (optional).
  16. Pistons and levers, buttons or redstone torches to move gilded blackstone from under chests so you can put hoppers there to get the items (optional).

Your main goals[edit]

  • Get as much gold blocks and gilded blackstone as you can.
  • Defeat as many piglin brutes as possible.
  • Get the Pigstep music disc and snout banner pattern.
  • Convert the bastion to a bartering hall/magma cube farm.


Piglin Brutes[edit]

Piglin brutes are very tough mobs to engage in combat, due to their high health and damage. To add on to their combat strength, their axe also disables shields, and are very strong in numbers. Here are some tips and tricks to easily overcome them:

3-block tall pillar[edit]

When piglin brutes are rushing towards you, and there is no low ceiling, you may want to pillar up 3 blocks. Standing on a 3 block tall column will allow you to safely attack the piglin brutes while they are unable to reach you.


When piglin brutes are rushing towards you, you can simply place boats in front of their pathfinding. If you do this correctly, the piglin brutes will enter the boats while running towards you. Once they are in the boats, they are stuck; they are unable to exit or break the boats. You still do not want to go too close to the boats, as the piglin brutes will still attack players near them.

Summoning Iron Golems[edit]

If you have enough inventory space to hold iron blocks and carved pumpkins, then consider how powerful Iron Golems are. Iron golems automatically attack piglin brutes, and can kill them in 3 to 8 hits, with an average of a 4-hit kill (Observing that on average, the iron golem will do 15♥ × 7.5 damage). Also, because iron golems have so much health, they can take 6-20 hits (Depending on two factors, difficulty and edition. The easier the difficulty, the smaller the damage piglin brutes do, and Bedrock Edition piglin brutes do less damage). Healing the iron golems with iron ingots will make the golem last longer.‌[Java Edition only]


There are many ways to overcome piglins. Here is a list:

  • Wear at least 1 piece of Gold Armor. This stops the piglins from being naturally hostile and allows you to travel safely through the bastion (with the exception of piglin brutes in which if they see you, all the other piglins become hostile.)
  • 3-block tall pillar (works best for melee piglins)
  • Boats (works best for melee piglins)
  • Summoning Iron Golems
  • Distraction by dropping golden items
  • Taking advantage of their fears by placing soul torches or using other soul fire.
  • To prevent angering the piglins:
    • Using TNT. However, don't light up the TNT with any tool, where the game knows that you lit up the TNT (Don't use flint and steel or fire charges, as that can anger piglins if they take damage). Instead, use buttons to light up the TNT, as the piglins will not get angry at you for hurting them that way.
    • Placing hoppers under their chests.
  • For crossbow wielding piglins, you might want to do traditional ranged combat by simply shooting at them with bows and crossbows. Because shields reduce 100% of the damage if used correctly, these are incredibly essential.


Hoglins don't appear in bastion remnants too often, neither do they respawn in them once killed. Keep these in mind when fighting them:

  • Hoglins can attack from a 3 block tall pillar, but not a 4 block tall pillar. Although you cannot hit them from 4 blocks, you can still shoot them.
  • Piglins will never hunt any hoglins generated in bastion remnants. Don't rely on piglins to kill the hoglins for you.
  • It is extremely hard for hoglins to get in boats. Instead, take advantage of the fact they can't fit through 1 block wide spaces.
  • Iron golems attack hoglins.

Magma cubes[edit]

Magma cubes can come from spawners hanging from chains over lava. They are very hard to reach and the cubes can knock you into lava. Although breaking these spawners works and protects you, the problem is that you can no longer use them for magma cream farms. Here is a list of some strategies:

  • Attack the big magma cubes first. This is because they have enough health, do enough damage, and jump high enough to knock players off 3-block tall pillars. The other magma cubes, in contrast, do the opposite, and can easily be killed in one hit with a decent weapon with a 3-block tall pillar.
  • Summoning iron golems is almost a perfect solution. Because they are immune to slimes and magma cube damage (knockback too), and deal massive damage, this is a good approach. But one problem: Lava. The area where magma cube spawners exist is filled with lava, which iron golems avoid and take damage in.

Defeating the bastion[edit]

To defeat a bastion remnant, mark the entrance in some way and remember the coordinates of the entrance. When you enter, break any gilded blackstone you see. Kill any piglins and piglin brutes that get hostile to you. If you see gold blocks, block yourself in with cobblestone or netherrack and mine the gold. If you have them, put your loot in a shulker box and put the box in an ender chest.

As you move forward, break all the lanterns and replace them with torches. This will help you know where you have been. If you find a chest, either block yourself in or place a hopper under the chest. Take the loot. If your inventory gets full, hide away and put your loot in the shulker box.

If you get a lot of gold armor and swords you don't need, you can mine the blackstone from the bastion and make a furnace to smelt your extra gold armor/swords. Leave some gold helmets for backups if your first piece of gold armor breaks.

If you are in a hoglin stable, kill hoglins first. They have powerful knockback and can push you off the high bridges or into the lava ocean. If you are in a treasure bastion, go to the bottom level and fill in all the lava. Disable the spawner before going back up either by pillaring or elytra.