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The conduit is a beacon-like block that is used to obtain the Conduit Power status effect.


Schematic of a conduit in an activation frame.
Click the scale on the right to view the layers.
The conduit and water are required. The frame
must include 16-42 blocks of prismarine, sea
lanterns, and/or prismarine bricks. Unused frame
blocks and empty spaces can be anything.

In order to activate the conduit, it must be placed in a structure made of at least 16 prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, or sea lanterns, this will activate the conduit with a range of 32 blocks. Unlike the beacon, which has an effect that extends from the bottom of the world to the top, the conduit's effect is spherical and centered around the conduit block itself. Additional blocks after the first 16 increase the range, the maximum range is 96 blocks with the largest structure of 42 blocks.


The Conduit Power effect allows players to see, breathe and break blocks at normal speed underwater as long as they are within the conduit's range and either they are touching water or it is raining. Additionally, a fully powered conduit will damage nearby hostile mobs as long as they are within water, this allows the conduit to be used in AFK (away from keyboard) mob farms.