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This quad-pillar generator fits in a 4×3 hole, 6 deep. It produces 4 cobblestone on every fourth piston cycle. Earliest Known Publication: Jul 6, 2012[1]

Build tips:

  1. When planning, consider that the bottom-layer dust is directly below the on/off switch.
  2. When building the clock (north row of layers 0 and 1), place the repeater and set it to max before covering the level 0 components.
  3. While you are mostly working from the bottom up, you'll want to finish the switch column early. This includes a sticky piston facing down; to place this, it help to place at least the top block (level 5), then work down from there.
  4. Go up to the surface to flip the lever twice. This will pick up the switch block, turning off the clock before you place the pistons.
  5. Then finish the north wall and continue building in 3×3. The cobblestone need not be placed, any blocks placed there will go up with the blocks above them.
  6. Place water first. then lava.
  7. Place any height limiters you want for the four columns, and fill the middle column with some non-pickaxe block—sand, gravel, or wood will do fine. That's just so your loot doesn't get stranded between the columns.
  8. Then turn it on long enough to push up the spare blocks above the cobblestone, and mine those. Your factory is now running!
Piston Factory V3 CSG (level 0) (D-0)
Piston Factory V3 CSG (level 1) (D-1)
Piston Factory V3 CSG (level 2) (D-2)

Piston Factory V3 CSG (level 3) (D-2)
Piston Factory V3 CSG (level 4) (D-2)
Piston Factory V3 CSG (level 5) (D-2)
  1. The build is demonstrated in this video by ZirumsHeroTWR.