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Earliest Known Publication: May 29, 2012[1] This circuit can be built in a 4×5×2 hole, with two blocks dug out of the bottom (level 0), and the clock extending two blocks out from one corner.

The upward facing piston is on level 0. The hole east of it contains redstone and is covered by any transparent block (glass shown for visibility). The redstone torch in the main section is temporary; once you've built the clock, place a lever on either input block (green wool), and flip the lever, then replace the torch with redstone dust. Note that the lever is turning the clock off, so turning the lever on will stop the generator.

At this point, you can run the generator, or do a bit of tidying-up: The rest of level 2 can be filled with any block, and you may want to cover the lava (and even the exposed repeater), with a slab.

Variation: Since the clock is already protruding, you might want to substitute a longer one to cut down on the piston noise. Experiment carefully with the delays, as some clock cycles can stop production entirely. (With this 5-clock, the generator is moving the pistons three times for every block.)

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Basic Smooth Stone Generator level 1
Basic Smooth Stone Generator level 2