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A cruise ship is an ship that many people can build in Minecraft. This page shows a step-to-step guide how to build a cruise ship.


The cruise ship's build time may take 4-8 weeks, and may vary if the size are big or small. Read this step-to-step guide to build this cruise ship. Some tutorial videos will come at the end of the sections. Please watch those to make the easier to build the cruise ship. In case you find a video that does not work, replace it with a working if possible and read the video policy page for video guidelines.

Large cruise ships[edit]

Large cruise ships are cruise ships that may take 6-8 weeks to build. Note that this cruise ships are the hardest ships to build in the game. Those cruise ships may be built only by expert players. An example cruise ship are in the image to the right. Videos are located below. Recommended gamemode to play on: Creative


Video of the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship built in the game.
See § Tutorial Videos for more videos.

Recommended building blocks[edit]

Medium-large cruise ships[edit]

Medium cruise ships are little smaller cruise ships, but may be useful to build while you have to build a large cruise ship, but you not are an expert player yet.


Another video of the cruise ship..

Passenger ferries[edit]

Can be built in worlds with two sides with easy passage by water, if you have two harbors with one harbor on one side and one on the other. The ship's size may be small-large, depending of number of passengers or distance expected by the trip.


Strongly recommended while building a cruise ship, it can include a check in desk, toilets, playing area, cafe, walkway to the ship, and optionally staircases and/or lifts with more than two levels.

Building materials recommended:

Cobblestone, doors (wooden, iron are optional and may need pressure plate, button and/or a tripwire, to make it open), windows (glass or glass panes), wood fences and stairs and/or slabs.

This building materials is not recommended:

Wood planks, wood logs, wool (wood and wool are flammable and may catch fire), sand or gravel (gravity-affected block), and blocks with low blast resistance.


Lifeboats may be used on the cruise ships, depending on number of persons on the cruise ship.

Things to have onboard[edit]

  • Cabins for persons to live on the cruise ship.
  • Ice Hockey on large cruise ships
  • Spleef arenas
  • Nightclubs
  • Casino
  • Restaurants
  • Shops (taxfree or so)
  • Playrooms
  • Smoking rooms
  • Soda vending machines
  • Jukeboxes to play music (remember to put a music disc inside the jukebox or the jukebox won't play any music)
  • Info desk
  • Swimming pools
  • Waterslide

Below are some tutorial videos from YouTube, sorted partly from 1-30, click "Show" to view those, and clicking "Show" will view all videos, but them are collapsed to prevent them loading or crashing this page. Click "Show" on a specific video to view it.

Tutorial Videos

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