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A cruise ship is a ship that can be built in Minecraft. This page shows a step-to-step guide how to build one.

Large cruise ships[edit]

Large cruise ships are usually very large and complex, and therefore may be quite difficult and tedious to build. It is recommended to build these in Creative mode, as a very large number of resources, some of which may be hard to acquire in Survival or Adventure, are usually needed to create a large cruise ship.


Video of the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship built in the game.
See § Tutorial Videos for more videos.

Recommended building blocks[edit]

  • Concrete (good building block, could be used outside the ship)
  • Wool (useful inside the ship, but be careful using it near fire or lava, as it is flammable)
  • Planks (can be used inside the ship, but it is also flammable, so make sure that fire cannot spread to it)
  • Carpets (decoration block, also usable inside the ship, but again, it is flammable)
  • Torches or glowstone (useful for lighting)
  • Glass pane or glass (can be used as windows)

Medium-large cruise ships[edit]

Medium-large cruise ships are slightly smaller than cruise ships, making them useful if you want to build a ship that is large but not as tedious and resource-demanding as a large cruise ship.


A video of the construction of the Carnival Breeze, which could be considered a medium-large cruise ship.

Passenger ferries[edit]

Passenger ferries can be built in water bodies between two land masses, where the distance between the masses is not small but not significantly large either (e.g. a large lake, but not a river or an ocean). The size of a passenger ferry varies, depending on the number of passengers expected and/or the distance between the two lands.

River cruises[edit]

If a huge cruise ship is not what you're looking for, you can build a river cruise boat, which is a smaller ship designed for traveling through rivers. These boats are usually two decks or lower and not very long either.


Strongly recommended while building a cruise ship, it can include a check in desk, toilets, playing area, cafe, walkway to the ship, and optionally staircases and/or lifts with more than two levels.

Recommended building materials[edit]


All ships have lifeboats. Depending on the size of the vessel, you may have many or only a few lifeboats. Real-life lifeboats are colored orange, so they could be easily spotted by rescue crews, so you should use orange material to build the lifeboats.

Things to have onboard[edit]

  • Cabins for persons to live on the cruise ship. You may have different classes for cabins - ranging from ones with nothing but a bunk bed to suites with balconies and king-size beds. More expensive cabins tend to be placed on upper decks.
  • Ice Hockey on large cruise ships
  • Spleef arenas
  • Nightclubs
  • Casino
  • Restaurants
  • Shops (taxfree or so): A cruise ship doubles as a mall, as it has so many different shops. Make sure to have many shops for exotic and luxury goods.
  • Playrooms
  • Smoking rooms
  • Soda vending machines
  • Jukeboxes to play music (remember to put a music disc inside the jukebox or the jukebox won't play any music)
  • Info desk
  • Swimming pools
  • Waterslide
  • Engine Room: A ship cannot function without an engine. Engine rooms are huge, with tons of complex machinery. Building an engine room may be tricky, as many have never seen one.
  • Car Deck
  • Bridge: Any ship needs some form of command. Build a glorious, wide bridge from which the Captain can lead the vessel.

Below are some tutorial videos from YouTube, sorted partly from 1-30, click "Show" to view those, and clicking "Show" will view all videos, but them are collapsed to prevent them loading or crashing this page. Click "Show" on a specific video to view it.

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