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Blaze farming is an easy method of obtaining both blaze rods and large quantities of XP. Most blaze farms are built around blaze spawners within Nether Fortresses, although some designs can be made to farm blazes spawned in corridors. However, this often requires many more resources, and the spawn rate is somewhat lower than spawner-based farms.

Farm designs[edit | edit source]

Semi-automatic designs[edit | edit source]

Semi-automatic designs require the player to wait or be AFK at the collection point, with controls to automatically crush them to reduce their health; they must be killed by a player to drop experience and blaze rods. Some designs are listed below:

Automatic designs[edit | edit source]

This design by ImpulseSV uses wolves to kill the blazes while you AFK in a specific point. This makes long AFK sessions possible without letting too many entities pile up in one spot.

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