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Tutorials/Bartering farm

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Bartering with piglins is a great way for the player to get a lot of items. From gravel to Soul Speed books, many items can be obtained from bartering.


Piglins are hostile mobs that spawn in crimson forests, nether wastes, and bastion remnants. Piglins are also armed with crossbows and gold swords. An easy way to make them friendly with you is to wear any piece of gold armor. It is recommended to use the boots section, which is the cheapest and leaves the other armor slots for more powerful armor. It is also a good idea to build a piglin farm away from zombified piglins, soul fire, soul torches, soul campfires, and soul lanterns, because they will run away from them. An exception is if they are caged up with blocks. These objects can also be used to lead piglins to a certain place. Also, piglin farms must be built in the nether, or else piglins will zombify.

Unlike most hostile mobs, they do not despawn in peaceful mode, but still follow normal hostile mob despawning rules. If you are caging up piglins for easier batrtering, you will need to use name tags on them.


To barter with a piglin, a player either throws a gold ingot near the piglin or uses the gold ingot on it. The piglin takes the gold ingot and appears to examine it for six seconds in Java Edition or eight seconds in Bedrock Edition, after which the piglin tosses a random item to the player. Piglin brutes cannot be bartered with.

Piglins pick up many other items that are made of gold; however, ingots are the only items that piglins accept for bartering. Baby piglins are incapable of bartering and treat gold ingots like any other gold items.

Hitting a piglin causes it to "confiscate" the ingot; the piglin does not complete the barter. It cannot be bartered with again unless it puts another item in its inventory. This stored ingot is dropped upon death. Piglins who are killed in one hit before they finish examining always drop the ingot.

Bartering is controlled by the loot table minecraft:gameplay/piglin_bartering. If the gamerule mobGriefing is false, Piglins only barter when the player uses a gold ingot on them.

A piglin looking at a gold ingot.

Items bartered[edit]

The item the piglin throws may be one of the following:

Bartering items in Java Edition
Item given Quantity Chance Weight
Enchanted Book with Soul Speed (random level) 1 5459
Iron Boots with Soul Speed (random level) 1 8459
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance 1
Potion of Fire Resistance 1
Water Bottle 1 10459
Iron Nugget 10–36
Ender Pearl 2-4
String 3-9 20459
Nether Quartz 5-12
Obsidian 1 40459
Crying Obsidian 1–3
Fire Charge 1
Leather 2-4
Soul Sand 2-8
Nether Brick 2-8
Spectral Arrow 6-12
Gravel 8–16
Blackstone 8-16
Bartering items in Bedrock Edition
Item given Quantity Chance Weight
Netherite Hoe 1 1424
Enchanted Book with Soul Speed (random level) 1 5423
Iron Boots with Soul Speed (random level) 1 8423
Iron Nugget 9–36 10423
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance 1
Potion of Fire Resistance 1
Nether Quartz 8–16 20423
Glowstone Dust 5–12
Magma Cream 2–6
Ender Pearl 4–8
String 8–24
Fire Charge 1–5 40423
Gravel 8–16
Leather 4–10
Nether Bricks 4–16
Obsidian 1
Crying Obsidian 1–3
Soul Sand 4–16

Gold farming[edit]

You need to have a source of gold to run the farm, either from a zombified piglin farm or from another source, such as mining.

AFK Farming[edit]

An AFK farm is linked to a zombified piglin farm, then it can travel through a hopper system (water currents cannot be used as the nether instantly evaporates it upon placing the water bucket) and drop out of a dropper or dispenser, and collects through a hopper system. To make the farm more effective, make a hopper organizer, as seen in this YouTube video.