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Reason: It is just mining ancient debris,combine it with the methods.

It can be obtained by using beds to blow up the surroundings and locate it easier. The best way to find it is by going to Y = 16 as that is where it is concentrated the most.


Using a diamond pickaxe with Efficiency V, Mending, Unbreaking III and Fortune III, the player can instantly mine the netherrack going in one direction until they hit lava and turn to mine in another direction. It is highly recommended to have extended potions of fire resistance because it is easy to find yourself engulfed in lava, especially since lava flows a lot faster and further in the nether than in the overworld and you may not have time to block it off before it makes a mess. The mending and unbreaking III is important because it helps with the durability. No beds or TNT are needed for this method, which makes the only resource needed other than tools to be food. This method allows you to go about 60 blocks per second. The best-known usage of this method retrieved the player 70 ancient debris in one hour. The player can mend their pickaxe by mining the quartz found along the way (Fortune may help if you want to get more quartz). This allows for the player to mine for ancient debris for as long as they have food. Also, the player should mark the coordinates of where they started mining so they can easily find their way back. Combining beds with strip mining is also a useful method.

Video Tutorials[edit]

The Bed Method[edit]

This is a really easy method, as you don't need to mine a lot. However, you will need to use many beds, so it is recommend to have a wool farm and wood planks.


Step 1 - Mining

Mine all the way to Y = 15, as there will be the highest concentration of ancient debris in the exposed blocks.

Step 2 - Crafting

Place a crafting table and craft a good number of beds. If your inventory is full, put unused wool and planks in a chest or other storage.

Step 3

Start mining a tunnel. At every 16th block, mine 2x2x5 tunnels (2 blocks wide, 2 blocks high and 5 blocks long) perpendicular to your main tunnel.

Step 4

Place a bed in the side tunnel with the head of the bed facing the main tunnel.

How explosion is calculated in Minecraft. The bed has an explosion power of 5, so you need to be 6 blocks from it. Otherwise, it will hurt you.
Step 5

Place a solid block (you can use the netherack from mining the tunnels) in front of the head of the bed.

Step 6

Standing behind the solid block, right-click on the bed. You should take almost no damage. After the explosion, you may find up to 3 Ancient Debris in exposed blocks.


This video explains the process of exploding beds for ancient debris. It also suggests a second explosion which is not necessary, but can increase the chance of getting Ancient debris.

Repeat these steps on the other side and repeat it, until you have no beds (or food).