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Surviving in Adventure mode can be extremely hard, due to the fact that breaking blocks and placing blocks is impossible. However, by finding a village among other things, it is possible to survive and gather resources. Also, before snapshot 14w02a, the player could still place blocks and breaking blocks with the right tools.

Setting up an Adventure World[edit]

The way to survive is choosing a normal world with generated structures. This is because there are jungle temples, mineshafts, desert temples, and woodland mansions, which can all be looted. Once the terrain is loaded, /gamemode @s adventure will switch the player into Adventure Mode.


When you first spawn in your world, kill any mobs you see, but try not to jump and sprint too much. However, make sure that you leave at least 2 of each animal, for breeding later. Killing a sheep can be useful for their mutton, but remember that there is no use making a bed with their wool, as blocks cannot be placed in adventure mode. However, you can trade wool with a villager.

Don't eat raw meat unless you're desperate; wait until you cook it in a furnace in an NPC village forge. You can also trade it for emeralds if you wish; however, this won't really achieve much in the long run, unless you save up for a diamond sword or armor. Many villager trades can be cheap and not worthwhile, so it's important to know what trades will be useful in the long run. See the "trading" article for more information.


A library in a plains biome village.

The most important thing to do early in the game in adventure mode is to search for an NPC village. If the village does not have a blacksmith or a library (a building with a crafting table and lots of bookshelves), search for another village, but take notes of the coordinates for the first village. If it does have a blacksmith or library, then you will have a much easier time. Use the crafting table in the library for crafting and the two furnaces in the forge for cooking meat.

The easiest way to find a village is to first find a savanna, desert, taiga, or plains biome, and look throughout the whole biome. There is a good chance that once you have found one of these biomes, a part of that biome will contain a village. If you've found a village that does not have a forge or a library, take notes of the coordinates and search for another village. That way, you will at least have a place to stay safe for the night.

After you have found a village and settled in, loot the chest in the blacksmith. Use the lava as a trash can for useless stuff you find in the chest or obtained from creeper explosions (see below). You can now use this chest for your own storage purposes.

If the village is big enough, there are enough villagers, and you have enough armor and preparation, you can kill the iron golem for its iron ingots. However, be very careful, as iron golems have lots of health, and can deal great amounts of damage.

Gaining resources[edit]

Gathering resources in adventure mode can be difficult, as blocks cannot be mined or placed.

One extremely useful tactic is to get creepers to blow up a house or farm in an NPC village; this way, you can get wood and cobblestone. Wheat can be used to breed animals or crafted into bread, though seeds cannot be replanted. Trampling is a more efficient way as you will not lose any of the wheat. since you cannot place or destroy blocks in adventure; only blocks that are used in crafting or for trading can be useful).

If you are lucky and have enough supplies, you can get creepers to blow up gravel and craft flint and steel, which can serve as a great weapon. You can also make arrows with flint, although this is probably unnecessary because they can be obtained by killing skeletons. Note that bone meal cannot be used on pre-mature wheat, since that counts as interacting with a block or object, [verify]

A fishing rod can also be useful, since every block of water can give you infinite amounts of fish, which can also be cooked. The village well can also be used as a makeshift pen for animals and mobs.

Once you are done with a village, take as many useful items as you can from your chest and head off for the next village. Repeat above steps if necessary and see how long you can survive! It's also possible to find an abandoned mineshaft by exploring caves. Although there are extremely valuable items you can find in chests, it is also extremely dangerous.

Obtainable Items[edit]

Note: Items with an use in adventure mode are in bold.

Obtainable items
Creeper Trading Village chests Other chests Killing mobs Cooking Other
Book Apple Apple Bucket Arrow Cooked meats Eggs
Chest Arrow Bread Bone Milk
Stairs Bookshelf Gold Bow Music discs
Crafting table Bottle o' Enchanting Iron Cooked meats Seeds
Dirt Bread Obsidian Feathers Wheat
Fence Chainmail/Iron armor Gunpowder Wool
Flint Clock Ink sac
Furnace Compass Iron helmet
Gravel Cooked chicken/porkchop Iron
Iron bars Cookie Leather
Ladder Diamond/Iron Tools Rotten Flesh
Cobblestone Diamond/Iron Swords Raw Meats
Seeds Emerald Redstone
Slabs Ender pearl Slimeball
Torches Flint Spider eye
Trapdoors Flint and Steel String
Wheat Glass Sticks
Wood Glowstone Wool
Doors Leather pants
Planks Melon
Wool Saddle