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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition and Legacy Console Edition.


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This guide is intended to show players how to obtain all of the achievements in Minecraft. For a more detailed list of each achievement, see the achievements page. For a tutorial on the Java Edition's set of advancements, see the page Tutorials/Advancement guide.

All Achievements[edit]

There are 103 achievements in the Bedrock Edition, 87 achievements in the Xbox One Edition and Nintendo Switch Edition, 93 achievements in the Xbox 360 Edition and Wii U Edition, 94 trophies in the PlayStation 3 Edition and PlayStation Vita Edition, 111 trophies in the PlayStation 4 Edition, and 59 achievements in the New Nintendo 3DS Edition.

Taking Inventory[edit]

Goal: Open your inventory.

This one is pretty straightforward.

  • For keyboard: Press E
  • For controller:
    • Press Y button on the Xbox 360 & Xbox One
    • Press Triangle button on the PlayStation 3 & Playstation 4
    • Press X button on the Wii U & Nintendo Switch
  • For touch: Tap •••

A fairly big screen should pop up. This is the inventory and crafting menu.

Getting Wood[edit]

Goal: Pick up a wood block.

This one is easy as well. Just hold down the left-click on a wood block until it breaks, then collect the dropped block by walking over it.

Wood blocks are found on trees, which are very easy to find (as long as you didn't start out in an ocean or desert biome). Just look around.

Log can also be found in swamp huts, villages, pillager outposts, and woodland mansions

Alternatively, you can simply pick up any wood log lying on the ground.


Goal: Construct a crafting table.

Use the wood block you just got from the tree and open your inventory. You will see a grid near the top-right corner, place your wood block in any of those grids.

Then click on the wood planks that appear to obtain them.

At last put one of the four wood planks you got into each container of your grid (a 2x2 square of wood planks). You can right click to place a single plank into the grid, instead of all four.

Alternatively, you can open recipe book and just click the crafting table and get it from output slot.

Time to Farm![edit]

Goal: Construct a wooden hoe.

Place the crafting table you just made on the ground, and right click with your mouse on it, to use it. If you changed the use item/place block key to something else, use that instead.

Then make some sticks, note that this can also be done in your inventory crafting grid:

Ingredients Input » Output
Wood Planks

Now arrange your sticks and some planks in the crafting table to make a hoe:

Ingredients Input » Output
Wood Planks + Sticks

Bake Bread[edit]

Goal: Make bread.

Break several blocks of tall grass until you gain three seeds. You can do this with one seed but it will take longer.

Then right-click with your hoe on three dirt, mycelium, podzol, or grass blocks to create farmland, preferably near water, so the seeds get hydrated, and grow faster.

Next, hold the seeds, and right-click on all the farmland blocks. Wait 1-3 ingame days for the seeds to grow into wheat. Alternately, using bone meal on the seeds will cause it to grow into wheat faster.

After that, break the wheat.

Arrange the wheat like so to craft bread:

Ingredients Input » Output

The Lie![edit]

Goal: Make cake.

This achievement is a reference to the video game Portal which spawned the meme phrase "The Cake Is A Lie".

Collect the following:

  • One Egg.(can be obtained from chicken)
  • Three Milk buckets.(milking cow using bucket)
  • Two Sugar.(from sugar cane)
  • Three Wheat.

If you don't have bucket, you can also craft it using iron

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot

Click on the items to see how to obtain them.

Arrange the ingredients like so to craft cake:

Ingredients Input » Output
Egg + Wheat + Sugar + Milk

Time to Strike![edit]

Goal: Construct a wooden sword.

Make sure that you have one stick, and two wooden planks in your inventory. Better materials for the blade work for this achievement too.

Arrange the ingredients like so to craft a wooden sword:

Ingredients Input » Output
Wood Planks + Sticks

Cow Tipper[edit]

Goal: Pick up leather.

Find a cow, mooshroom, horse, donkey or a llama. Cows can appear at any place with grass and enough light, unless it is an ocean biome. Horses and Donkey can only spawn in a plains and savanna biome. Red mooshroom only spawn in mushroom fields biome. Llamas only spawn in mountains and savanna biomes. You may have to wander a bit to find one, so make sure you'll be able to find your way back.

Then when you find one, stand next to it and left-click to hit it. You will need to hit it a lot to kill it. They can drop one or two leather (cows along with raw beef). If you did not get any, try the same with another cow, mooshroom, horse, donkey, or llama.

Another way to obtain the achievement is to find and kill some rabbits until you have at least four rabbit hides. Then craft a leather and throw it on the ground. When you pick it up, you'll get the achievement.

Another way is by fishing leather if you have luck.


Goal: Breed two cows with each-other.

Use wheat on two cows or two mooshrooms to make them breed.

When Pigs Fly[edit]

Goal: Take a lot of fall damage when riding on a pig.

Get a saddle and a carrot on a stick.

Use the saddle on a pig, which should be near a cliff. The easiest way to get it to jump off a cliff is to hold a carrot on a stick in your hand, and walk, like you normally would, in the direction of the cliff until you and the pig falls.

Alternatively you can put the pig on a piston, trapdoor, fence gate, or any kind of opening mechanism. Then ride the pig up there and open the mechanism so you and the pig will take fall damage.

Monster Hunter[edit]

Goal: Kill a hostile mob (monster).

Find a hostile mob. In the Overworld, they can only spawn in darkness, so you should wait until night, or find a dark area like a cave. In the Nether, most can spawn in bright areas. In the End endermen can only spawn in darkness. You can also find a spawner in a dungeon, mineshaft, stronghold, fortress, or woodland mansion and wait for a monster to spawn. Silverfish can be hidden in stone blocks in mountains biomes, and will spawn when the stone is broken.

Then hit it until it dies. With a sword or some tools this goes faster.

Sniper Duel[edit]

Goal: Kill a skeleton by shooting it from a distance of at least 50 blocks.

Find a large flat area on the surface. Dig a trench one and a half blocks deep, two blocks wide and several blocks long. Line the trench with light. Just over 50 meters away from the lip of the trench, make a tower 15 blocks high. When night comes, wait for a skeleton to fall into the trench or lure it in. Then from your tower, aim just above the skeleton, about halfway between it and the horizon, and fire from full charge until it dies. With a flame enchantment you can see where your arrows landed better and can adjust your aim easier, but the skeleton might die of the fire, not giving the achievement.

Time to Mine![edit]

Goal: Construct a Wooden Pickaxe.

Make sure that you have 3 wood planks and 2 sticks in your inventory.

Arrange the ingredients like so to craft a wooden pickaxe:

Ingredients Input » Output
Wood Planks + Sticks

Getting an Upgrade[edit]

Goal: Construct a cobblestone, or better, pickaxe from sticks and cobblestone, or other better ingredients.

Use your new wooden pickaxe to mine some stone, which in return you will receive cobblestone. Make sure that you have two sticks in your inventory.

Ingredients Input » Output
Cobblestone + Sticks


Goal: Eat an Enchanted Apple.

Find a desert temple, dungeon, mineshaft, or woodland mansion and find one in a chest. In Legacy Console Edition the player can also craft an enchanted golden apple using apple and 8 block of gold.

Hot Topic[edit]

Goal: Construct a furnace.

Mine 8 blocks of cobblestone and open your crafting table. Arrange the cobblestone like so to craft a furnace:

Ingredients Input » Output

Delicious Fish[edit]

Goal: Obtain the item that gets created after cooking fish.

Craft a fishing rod to catch a cod or salmon,

Then right-click so the "bait" lands into the water, and wait till a lot of water bubble particles come closer to the rod and right-click again when you hear a splash sound. The fish will fly towards you and probably will be picked up by you too.

Alternative way to get raw fish is by killing guardian, elder guardian, polar bear, cod, salmon, and dolphin

At last put the cod or salmon you got in the furnace with fuel like so:

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Raw Cod or
Raw Salmon +
Any fuel

Acquire Hardware[edit]

Goal: Pick up an iron ingot.

Mine iron ore with a stone pickaxe, and put it in the furnace like so:

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Iron Ore +
Any fuel

On a Rail[edit]

Goal: Travel 500 blocks with a minecart from where you started.

It will take at least 192 iron ingots as well as 32 sticks to craft enough rails (32 * 16). Alternatively, you can find and break them in mineshafts or woodland mansion. Then build a continuous track so that a minecart can travel the full distance. Afterwards place a minecart on the start of the track, then travel from the start to the end without leaving the minecart. The achievement does not allow you to repeatedly loop the same section of the track.

You will most likely need powered rails to get this achievement. These will take additional resources. You can also make a gradual decline from a great height to use gravity instead of powered rails.


Goal: Pick up a diamond.

Search below layer 16 for diamond ore (layer 5-12 is also good, layer 11 is the best; press F3 to see your coordinates) and destroy it using your iron pickaxe. Creeper or TNT explosions have a chance of dropping the diamond as well. Shaft mines are extremely useful for this achievement.

Arrange the ingredients like so to craft an iron pickaxe:

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot + Sticks

Diamonds to you![edit]

Goal: Throw a diamond at another player or mob that can pick it up.

Drop/throw a diamond using Q or the key that you use, at another player or mob that can pick it up, such as a Zombie.

Note: Mobs won't pick up items on easy difficulty, or if mob griefing is false.


Goal: Craft an Enchantment Table

Make a diamond pickaxe so you can mine at least four obsidian:

Ingredients Input » Output
Diamonds + Sticks

Then get three paper and one leather, the paper being made from sugar canes like so:

Ingredients Input » Output
Sugar Cane

Then craft a book like so:

Ingredients Input » Output
Leather + Paper

Arrange the ingredients like so to craft an enchantment table:

Ingredients Input » Output
Book + Diamond + Obsidian


Goal: Construct a bookshelf.

Make sure you have six wood planks and 3 books in your inventory,

Arrange the ingredients like so to craft a bookshelf:

Ingredients Input » Output
Wood Planks + Book

To achieve the maximum potential from the enchantment table, place 15 bookshelves 1 block away from the enchantment table (in a box shape), like this:

Although not required, this is the most efficient method to acquire the highest enchantment possible. Any additional bookshelves around the enchantment table beyond 15 will not increase the maximum level beyond 30 and will only serve aesthetic purposes.


Goal: Deal 9 hearts of damage in one hit.

Enchant a sword with Bane of Arthropods, Smite, or Sharpness with a level high enough to deal together with the sword's base damage at least nine full hearts of damage (or 18 Hit Points) in one hit to a mob/player. Alternatively, enchant trident with Impaling. Dealing critical hits greatly helps for this achievement. Potions of strength will count as increased damage so strength will make this achievement easier.

Into The Nether[edit]

Goal: Create a Nether Portal

Collect at least 10 obsidian with a diamond pickaxe and build a nether portal. If you cannot get obsidian in item form, create a mold and pour water next to lava source blocks. Light the nether portal with flint and steel.

Place your obsidian blocks like so, upright. The cobblestone can be replaced with obsidian, or any other block (including air).

You can make nether portals up to 23x23, but it is not recommended as it requires a lot of obsidian.

Return to Sender[edit]

Goal: Kill a ghast with a fireball.

Aim at the ghast then punch the fireball when it is close enough to you to deflect it. If you can perfectly aim, a shot arrow or fishing rod bobber may hit the fireball and deflect it.

Into Fire[edit]

Goal: Pick up a blaze rod.

Kill a blaze and collect its dropped blaze rod. An easy way to do this is to find a nether fortress, then find a blaze spawner. Armed with over 7 snowballs, attack the blaze from range. Upon the blaze's death, collect the rod.

Local Brewery[edit]

Goal: Pick up a Potion from one of the 3 lower Brewing Stand's slots.

Get a water bottle, Place it in one of the 3 lower brewing stand's slots, then put blaze powder in fuel slot, Then put a potion ingredient in it, and wait until it is done brewing.

If you don't have glass bottle, you can craft it using glass. To create glass, smelt sand

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Sand +
Any fuel

Then craft empty bottle

Ingredients Input » Output

Then fill the glass bottle with water, to turn it into water bottle

Arrange the ingredients like so to craft a Brewing Stand:

Ingredients Input » Output
Blaze Rod + Cobblestone

The End?[edit]

Goal: Enter an end portal.

Throw ender eyes and follow them to locate a stronghold.

Then find the stronghold's portal room.

After that activate the portal by using an eye of ender in every empty end portal edge block slot, then jump into the portal.

Arrange the ingredients like so to craft an eye of ender:

Ingredients Input » Output
Ender Pearl + Blaze Powder

Adventuring Time[edit]

Goal: Set foot in 17 biomes.

Travel and step into 17 biomes in the game.

NOTE: This achievement is unobtainable in superflat worlds (except through the use of commands‌[Legacy Console Edition only]) and almost unobtainable in old world.‌[Bedrock Edition only]

The End.[edit]

Goal: Enter the Exit Portal after killing the ender dragon.

Here is how to slay it.

  • Destroy the End crystals using projectiles (like snowballs, eggs, bow or crossbow with arrows, etc.)
  • After they are destroyed, hit the Ender dragon using projectiles (like bow with arrows, etc.) An enchanted bow would probably be best option.
  • When you kill the Ender dragon, you will gain 60-78 levels of experience and a return portal will generate. Get the experience, and (optionally) the dragon egg. Then, enjoy the credits. (You can press Esc to skip the credits.)

The Beginning?[edit]

Goal: Spawn the wither.

Here are some tips for how to spawn it.

  • Soul sand is not that difficult to acquire. It can be found in the nether in large quantities. Just watch out for ghasts and other hostile mobs that spawn in the nether.

Wither Skulls on the other hand are difficult to obtain. Here are the best tips available.

  • To increase spawn rates, break down the walls to have more floor space
  • Remove any blazes and their spawners, (unless you are skilled in making experience farms using them.)
  • Wear diamond armor and bring a fire resistance potion (for blazes and accidental lava deaths).
  • It is also helpful to have a diamond sword with the looting enchantment.
  • Bring lots of patience. You'll need it since wither skulls are a rare drop and you need three.
  • Be careful of the wither skeleton's attacks. They give you the wither effect, which is poisonous and extremely deadly. It may be a good idea to bring milk.
  • Snowballs are also a terrific way to defeat blazes.
  • Every 15 blocks or so, put a bar so the walkway is only two blocks high. Wither skeletons cannot walk under anything that is less than three blocks tall.

Once you have three wither skeleton skulls and four soul sand, build the wither as follows:

The Beginning.[edit]

Goal: Kill the wither.

This is the easiest way to defeat the wither, however, some would say it takes the fun out of killing the Wither. It's your game, so play it how you want to play. but this is the most efficient way.

  1. Go to the nether.
  2. Dig up until you reach the top bedrock.
  3. Look for a 3 by three area of bedrock with the center block so it has nothing behind it.
  4. Exactly Three blocks down, place a piston. Next to it place a lever.
  5. Spawn the wither on the piston and pull the lever before it blows up. Run out of the blast radius.
  6. Once the wither blows up, it will be stuck in the bedrock ceiling and can't do anymore damage. At this point hit it with whatever you like. It's kind of inefficient to do it with fists, but you could do it with anything, becarefull when it reach half health, wither will explode and spawn 3-4 wither skeletons around it, and can start using dash attack. A diamond sword with smite enchantment is quickest.
  7. Once the wither is dead, pick up the Nether Star.


Goal: Create a full beacon.

Craft a beacon:

Ingredients Input » Output
Glass + Nether Star + Obsidian

This is the second most tedious achievement because you will need 164 blocks of gem/metal, or 1,476 gem/metal ingots. (Around 23 stacks)

  • Once you have all of your iron ingots, gold ingots, diamonds, or emeralds, make 164 blocks of gem/metal. Then make a square layer of 81 blocks, then a layer of 49, then 25 and then 9. In the middle of the last layer of the pyramid, place a beacon. Make sure there are no opaque blocks above it, as an opaque block above it will deactivate the beacon. Feed it an iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond, or emerald and choose your primary power and secondary power.

MOAR Tools[edit]

Goal: Construct one of each type of tool.

This achievement is fairly simple. Collect 4 logs and then turn them all into planks. Use 4 of the planks to craft 8 sticks. Lastly, use the remaining planks and sticks to craft a wooden pickaxe, axe, shovel, and hoe. You should have 3 planks left over.

Crafting wooden axe and shovel

Ingredients Input » Output
Planks + Stick

Ingredients Input » Output
Planks + Stick

Note: You can also use other materials such as stone, gold, iron, or diamonds to get the achievement.

Dispense With This[edit]

Goal: Craft a dispenser.

This achievement has several steps:

  1. Mine 1 log. Craft this log into planks, and then those planks into sticks. You will only need 3 out of the 4 sticks.
  2. Kill some spiders. Spiders only spawn in light levels lower than 8 (i.e. in unlit caves, at night, etc.). Make sure to collect 3 pieces of string from the spiders you kill.
  3. Mine 7 pieces of stone to collect cobblestone. Then, mine some redstone ore (redstone ore generates only below y-level 16).
  4. Use your collected sticks and string to craft a bow.
  5. Lastly, use the bow, cobblestone, and redstone to craft a dispenser, like so:
Ingredients Input » Output
Cobblestone + Bow + Redstone Dust

Leader of the Pack[edit]

Goal: Tame a total of five wolves.

Make sure you have at least 2 stacks of bones and nearby taiga or snowy taiga biomes, additionally in Legacy Console Edition wolf also spawn in giant tree taiga and forest biomes. Find and trap 5 wolves in a simple pit. Then tame all of them with bones.

Pork Chop[edit]

Goal: Eat a piece of porkchop.

You are going to need some raw porkchop to earn this achievement, so kill a pig until you get at least one pork chop. You also need a furnace. Mine 8 cobblestone and craft a furnace on your work bench. Use some fuel to power the furnace and put the pork in the top spot.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Raw Porkchop +
Any fuel

After eating the cooked porkchop, the achievement is awarded to you!

Awarded All Trophies[edit]

Goal: Obtain All trophies.

Automatically obtained when all other trophies have been obtained

Passing the Time[edit]

Goal: Play for 100 days.

Play for 100 Minecraft days, which is equivalent to 33 hours in real time.

The Haggler[edit]

Goal: Acquire or spend 30 Emeralds by trading.

Find a village, if you see a farm and farmer villager, see what their trades, you can sell wheat, potato, carrot, or beetroot depend on what farmer offer. So you need extra farm if village farm doesn't match what farmer villager offer. You can easily get a tons of emerald using this method, up to 12 per day for each farmer villager.

Pot Planter[edit]

Goal: Craft a Flower Pot

  1. Mine 1 clay block.
  2. smelt 3 clayballs into brick in furnace
Ingredients Smelting recipe
Clay +
Any fuel

  1. Craft a flower pot
Ingredients Input » Output

It's a Sign![edit]

Goal: Place a sign

You need a stick and 6 planks then craft a sign, then finally place it.

Ingredients Input » Output
Planks + Sticks

Iron Belly[edit]

Goal: Eat Rotten Flesh while Starving

You need to deplete your hunger bar to zero(empty), then eat rotten flesh. Hunger bar can also be depleted by sprinting while jumping at only 2 blocks high, eating pufferfish also can deplete hunger much faster but is potentially too risky. Rotten flesh can be found in chest in some generated structure, or by killing zombies variant, or fishing.

Have a Shearful Day[edit]

Goal: Shear a Sheep.

Press use while holding shears on sheep, you need to craft shears before it:

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot

Rainbow Collection[edit]

Goal: Collect all 16 wool color.

You can collect different dye and dyeing wool or dyeing sheep then shear it, another ways is buy colored wool from shepherd villager or finding in woodland mansion.

Stayin' Frosty[edit]

Goal: Swim in lava while having the Fire Resistance effect.

First you need to have fire resistance effect, such as from potion of fire resistance. To brew the potion, you need brewing stand fueled with blaze powder, a water bottle, and nether wart + magma cream. If you can't find magma cube, craft one from slime ball and blaze powder.

Ingredients Input » Output
Slimeball + Blaze Powder

Then brew it:

Ingredients Input » Output
Water Bottle + Nether Wart

Add magma cream to awkward potion

Ingredients Input » Output
Awkward Potion + Magma Cream

Another ways to gain fire resistance such as buy arrow of fire resistance from master-level fletcher villager then aim at the sky and shot it using bow, eating enchanted golden apple or using totem of undying also give player fire resistance. After effect granted, jump into lava.

Chestful of Cobblestone[edit]

Goal: Mine 1,728 Cobblestone and place it in a chest.

Mine 1728 cobblestone or 27 stacks of cobblestone and place it on chest. Cobblestone can be obtained anywhere as terrain foundation filled with stone. If you don't want to dig underground you can cut a hills or mountains, or just create cobblestone generator.

Renewable Energy[edit]

Goal: Smelt wood logs using charcoal to make charcoal.

First you need a furnace. Place logs in input slot, then power furnace with fuel, after logs turn into charcoal, use that as fuel to make more charcoal.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Any Log or
Any Wood or
Any Stripped Log or
Any Stripped Wood +

Music to my Ears[edit]

Goal: Play a music disc in a Jukebox.

You need to craft and place down jukebox first, using 8 planks and a diamond.

Ingredients Input » Output
Planks + Diamond

Then you need a music disc. Cat and 13 can be found in dungeon and woodland mansion, while mellohi and wait can be found in buried treasure, other music disc can be obtained by skeleton or stray killing creeper.

Body Guard[edit]

Goal: Create an Iron Golem.

You need 36 iron ingots and a pumpkin, carved pumpkin, or jack-o'lantern. Craft 4 block of iron

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot

then place it like this

Iron Man[edit]

Goal: Wear a full set of Iron Armor.

You need 24 iron ingots to craft full set of iron armor

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Armor can also be obtained from village weaponsmith, village armorer, stronghold altar, and end city chest or bought from armorer villager, or dropped by vindicator or pillager spawn in raids.

Zombie Doctor[edit]

Goal: Cure a Zombie Villager

Throw a splash potion of weakness at a zombie villager and give it a golden apple (by facing the zombie villager and pressing the use key with a golden apple in your hand)

Splash potion of weakness can be brewed in brewing stand using water bottle by adding fermented spider eye

Ingredients Input » Output
Water Bottle + Fermented Spider Eye

then add gunpowder

Ingredients Input » Output
Potion of Weakness + Gunpowder

Golden apple can be crafted using 8 gold ingots and an apple

Ingredients Input » Output
Gold Ingot + Apple

Golden apple can also be found in dungeon, woodland mansion, mineshaft, ruins, desert pyramid, igloo and stronghold chest

You can also find a zombie villager in igloo basement, with splash potion of weakness already in brewing stand and golden apple in chest. Zombie villager is in iron bars cell so curing it will take less times.

Lion Tamer[edit]

Goal: Gain the Trust of an Ocelot.

Feed an ocelot with raw cod or raw salmon. Ocelot can only spawn in jungle biome and variants. Once gained trust, ocelot no longer flee from you and you get this achievement.


Goal:Kill a Creeper with Arrows.

This achievement is easy to obtain once you have a bow and several arrows. Just shoot creeper at distance using bow till it die.

Tie Dye Outfit[edit]

Goal: Dye all 4 type of Leather Armor.

You need a full set of leather armor, consist of leather cap, leather tunic, leather pants, and leather boots. Then it require a cauldron, water, and dyes. To craft a cauldron you need 7 iron ingots

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot

You can fill cauldron using water bucket, rain, or glass bottle. For dye, you can obtain it from flowers, cactus, lapis lazuli, cocoa bean, bone meal, ink sac, or by combining multiple dye. Then dye a water by adding it to cauldron. Lastly, press use at cauldron filled with dyed water while holding leather armor.


Goal: Bounce 30 Blocks Upward off a Slime Block.

First craft a slime block using 9 slimeball, slimeball can be obtained from sneezing panda or by killing slime.

Ingredients Input » Output

A simple ways to achieve this achievement is place 9 slime block in 3x3 block wide(5x5 are recommended), then use several stack of block such as dirt, cobblestone, planks, etc. to make tall pillar by jump-placing block till reach heigh limit than drop yourself to fall into slime block. If you built at the top of mountains biomes, you will reach height limit faster, but bounce height also decrease.


Goal: Kill a Mob While Wearing the same Type of Mob Head.

Thia achievement require mob head to obtain. Wither skeleton skull is the easiest to obtain as it doesn't require charged creeper to kill it even thought possible, but still can be obtained as rare drop when killed by player. Wear the skull and kill another wither skeletons and you will get this achievement.

Map Room[edit]

Goal: Place 9 Fully Explored, Adjacent Maps Into 9 Item Frames In a 3x3 Square.

First you need to place 9 item frames at block in 3x3 square. Item frame can be crafted using sticks and leather:

Ingredients Input » Output
Stick + Leather

Then for maps, the map actually don't need a pointer, so compass are not required, and the cheapest way to create empty map without wasting so many paper is using cartography table which can be crafted using paper and planks:

Ingredients Input » Output
Wood Planks + Paper

Then use cartography table to create empty map. Just place a paper on one of the input slot and you will get empty map in output slot. So you only need 11 paper (2 to craft a cartography table, and 9 for 9 empty maps) After you create 9 empty maps, you can create map by pressing use and since scale level is 0, so its easy to explore. Once all 9 maps completely explored, place it in each empty map you arranged in 3x3 block.

Freight Station[edit]

Goal: Use a Hopper to Transport an Item From a Chest Minecart to a Chest.

You need to craft chest, a hopper, and minecart with chest. Chest. Crafting chest:

Ingredients Input » Output
Wood Planks

Chest can also be found in most generated structures.

Crafting hopper:

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot + Chest

Crafting minecart with chest:

Ingredients Input » Output
Minecart + Chest

Minecart with chest can also be found in mineshaft.

Crafting rail

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot + Sticks

Rails can also be found inside minecart with chest in mineshaft, only one required.

Place a chest, connect a hopper to a chest, then place a rail on top of hooper and place minecart with chest on rail, lastly put item in chest minecart.

Smelt Everything![edit]

Goal: Connect Three Chests To A Single Furnace Using Three Hoppers.

Create an automatic smelter using a single furnace, 3 hopper, and 3 chest, like this:

Taste of Your Own Medicine[edit]

Goal: Poison a Witch with a Splash Potion.

Throw a splash potion of poison at a witch (by facing the witch and pressing the use key). To brew splash potion of poison

Ingredients Input » Output
Awkward Potion + Spider Eye

then add gunpowder

Ingredients Input » Output
Potion of Poison + Gunpowder


Goal: Push a Piston with a piston, then pull the original piston with that piston.

This require a piston and sticky piston, some redstone dust and lever

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot + Planks + Redstone Dust + Cobblestone

For sticky piston

Ingredients Input » Output
Piston + Slimeball

To craft a lever

Ingredients Input » Output
Cobblestone + Stick

Connect redstone to lever and piston and sticky piston then active it

Saddle Up[edit]

Goal: Tame a Horse.

You can tame adult horses using an empty hand to mount the horse repeatedly; when it no longer bucks the player and shows hearts, it is tamed.

Artificial Selection[edit]

Goal: Breed a mule from a horse and a donkey.

You can breed horse and donkey using golden apple or golden carrot, but golden carrot are recommended, since its cheaper as only require gold nugget, instead of gold ingot.

Ingredients Input » Output

You can also buy 3 golden carrots from master-level farmer for 3 emeralds.

The Student...[edit]

Goal: Win a public Battle mini game.

...has become the master[edit]

Goal: Win 3 public Battle games in a row.

'Tis but a scratch[edit]

Goal: Take 100 damage in a round of a public Battle mini game.


Goal: Kill 2 players in a round of a public Battle mini game using a bow and arrow.

Hunger Pain[edit]

Goal: Kill a player while you are starving in a Battle mini game.


Goal: Open every chest in a Battle mini game arena in one round

Free Diver[edit]

Goal: Stay underwater for 2 minutes.

Drink a potion of water breathing, then jump into water. Or use whirlpool bubble column from a magma block to breath underwater for 2 minutes. Magma block usually found in underwater trench, underwater cavern at lava layer, and at underwater ruins. To brew potion of water breathing you need pufferfish or find the potion in buried treasure, or killing witch while drinking it. You can get pufferfish by fishing outside jungle biomes or killing pufferfish which can only spawn in warm ocean.

Ingredients Input » Output
Awkward Potion + Pufferfish

then add redstone to extends the duration

Ingredients Input » Output
Potion of Water Breathing + Redstone Dust

Rabbit Season[edit]

Goal: Cook and eat rabbit meat.

You are going to need some raw rabbit to earn this achievement, so kill a rabbit until you get at least one raw rabbit. Then cook it on furnace, smoker or campfire, you don't need fuel for campfire just place it down and wait. Crafting Smoker

Ingredients Input » Output
Furnace + Any Log 'or' Any Stripped Log 'or' Any Wood 'o Any Stripped Wood

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Raw Rabbit +
Any fuel

After eating the cooked rabbit, the achievement is awarded to you!

The Deep End[edit]

Goal: Defeat an Elder Guardian.

3 Elder guardian always spawn in each monument which generate only in deep ocean biome variants. Its better for you to wear turtle shell with respiration III and diamond boots with depth strider III. Having potion of water breathing can also help you stay underwater for longer time, or you can also use soul sand to create upward bubble collumn which can give you oxygene plus push entity upward. Its recommended to kill elder guardian using trident enchanted with Impaling V. Strength potion II may also help defeat elder guardian easier. To brew a Potion of Strength

Ingredients Input » Output
Awkward Potion + Blaze Powder

Upgrade it using glowstone dust

Ingredients Input » Output
Potion of Strength + Glowstone Dust

Dry Spell[edit]

Goal: Dry a sponge in a furnace.

Smelt a wet sponge in furnace. Wet Sponges can be obtained in the sponge rooms of an Ocean Monument (Not all have a sponge room) or as a drop from an Elder Guardian.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Wet Sponge +
Any fuel

Super Fuel[edit]

Goal: Power a furnace with lava

Smelt anything in furnace, smoker, or blast furnace using lava bucket as fuel. Put lava bucket in fuel slot. When the bucket is empty, you get achievement.

You Need a Mint[edit]

Goal: Collect Dragon's Breath in a Glass Bottle.

During fighting with Enderdragon, press use while holding glass bottle when ender dragon use breath attack or shooting dragon fireball.

Beam Me Up[edit]

Goal: Teleport over 100 Blocks by throwing an Ender Pearl.

First you needs an ender pearl, then throw it. Make sure there is no obtacle infront, so you won't teleport there. You can also go to top of mountains biome and throw an ender pearl to other biome, make sure to face straight and little a bit looking up, not looking down. You can also get this achievement when you teleport from top of obsidian pillar to end fountain

The End... Again...[edit]

Goal: Respawn the Ender Dragon.

After defeat an Enderdragon, you can respawn ender dragon by placing 4 end crystal at end fountain. To craft end crystal.

Ingredients Input » Output
Glass + Eye of Ender + Ghast Tear

Great View From Up Here[edit]

Goal: Levitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker.

First you need to enter end gateway, using water to swim through one block gap or by throwing ender pearl.

Once you teleported to outer islands, you need to find end city, where shulker can be found.

When shulker shoot shulker bullet, move toward bullet and let it hurt you, then you start to levitate, but you need to take damage of some bullet as single bullet won't levitate high enough, and make sure there is no block above you. Because you will take some damage from bullet,its recommended to wear armor with Projectile Protection IV on all armor piece. As you will fall down when the effect end, your boots should enchanted with Feather Falling IV, or drink Potion of slow falling so it completely negate all fall damage. To Brew Potion of slow falling, you need phantom membrane dropped by phantom which can only spawn after player has not sleep for at least 3 days.

Ingredients Input » Output
Awkward Potion + Phantom Membrane

Extends it using redstone dust

Ingredients Input » Output
Potion of Slow Falling + Redstone Dust

Super Sonic[edit]

Goal:Fly with the Elytra through a 1 by 1 gap while moving faster than 40 m/s

First you need to find elytra in end city. End city has a chance to generate end ship, the place where elytra can be found. Its on item frame guarded by shulker. Use ender pearl to teleport there or utilize shulker bullet.

Once you have elytra, wear it in chestplate slot. You can glide now by press jump while falling.

To make your flying speed higher, you need fireworks. Recommended to craft using 3 gunpowder, so it will boost longer

Ingredients Input » Output
Paper + Gunpowder

Try to flight through one by one block gap at high speed with boost of firework rocket, such as fly through end gateway.

Back from the Dead[edit]

Goal: Win 3 rounds in a row after one of the opponents has won 2 rounds.

S-no Throw[edit]

Goal: Win a single round of Snowball Tumble without throwing any Snowballs.

Snow Storm[edit]

Goal: Hit a single Player with 25 Snowballs in a single public round.


Goal: Hit a Player with a Snowball while falling into the Lava.


Goal: Push three Players into Lava using Snowballs in a single public round.


Goal: Stay on the top layer while winning a round in a Snowball Tumble Mini Game.


Goal: Win a Tumble game whilst on the lowest layer in a Snowball Tumble Mini Game.

Treasure Hunter[edit]

Goal: Visit the Woodland Mansion or Monument while that Explorer Map is in hotbar.

First, you need to sell some papers and buy some empty maps from novice-level cartographer villager, when the cartographer reach apprentice-level, buy a lots item frames and sell several glass panes. When cartographer reach journeyman-level, its important to see what their offer. If the cartographer sell woodland explorer map or ocean explorer map, buy it which cost 12 emeralds and a compass. If the offer is empty locator map, that mean, you must trade with another cartographer. To craft glass panes

Ingredients Input » Output

To craft compass

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot + Redstone Dust

After you bought the map, go to destination structure, while carrying that explorer map.

Organizational Wizard[edit]

Goal: Rename a Shulker Box.

First you must have a shulker box, it is crafted using a chest and 2 shulker shell, from shulker spawn at end city.

Ingredients Input » Output
Shulker Shell + Chest

Then to rename it, you need an anvil

Ingredients Input » Output
Iron Ingot + Block of Iron

Use anvil and put shulker box in left most slot, its name should appear. Renaming it cost 1 experience level.

Feeling Ill[edit]

Goal: Defeat an Evoker

Kill an evoker. Evoker can only spawn in woodland mansion or during raid. In woodland mansion evoker can only spawn at second and third floor, while during raids, start spawn at waves 5. The easiest way to find evoker is via, raids as player doesn't need to travel far away, but require bad omen then enter village. Make sure to set difficulty on normal or hard, as on easy difficulty only consist of 3 waves of raids and there no evoker at waves 3.

Beware of evoker fang and vexes, recommended to attack using ranged weapon such as bow or crossbow.

Cheating Death[edit]

Goal: Have the Totem of Undying in your hand when you die.

You can get totem of undying by killing evoker, then place the totem on your mainhand or offhand, lastly you need to die while holding totem.

Let it Go![edit]

Goal: Using the Frost Walker Boots, walk on at least one block on Frosted Ice on a Deep Ocean biome variants.

Frost walker is treasure enchantment, so you can found it from chest in structure, fishing, trading with librarian villager, or killing raiding illager in raids.

If you cannot find deep ocean biomes, buy ocean explorer map from cartographer, as monument will only generate in deep ocean biomes variants. If the deep ocean is frozen deep ocean, surface will be completely frozen, and you need to break some ice and walk on water, or go inside iceberg, since water only freeze which directly spotted to sunlight, while water in iceberg tunnel doesn't freeze. Once you transform water into frosted ice and walk at least one block, you get the achievement.

So I Got That Going for Me[edit]

Goal: Lead a Caravan containing at least 5 Llamas.

An easy way to obtain this achievement is by killing the wandering trader, so you will get 2 lead with 2 tamed trader llama, leash one and another trader llama will form a caravan, for more llama you can wait another wandering trader or go to mountains or savanna biomes, you can also breed regular llama as baby llama also counted to caravan(trader llama cannot breed). The llamas don't need to be tamed. If you don't find lead, you can craft it using string and slimeball

Ingredients Input » Output
String + Slimeball

Change of Sheets[edit]

Goal: Dye your Bed a different color.

Change your bed color by re-dyeing the bed using dye.

To craft a bed

Ingredients Input » Output
Any Planks + Matching Wool

To re-dye a bed

Ingredients Input » Output
Any Bed + Any Dye


Goal: Feed a Dolphin Raw Cod and have it lure you to treasure.

Feed dolphin with raw cod, then follow it to the treasure, if dolphin stop moving but no structure located, fed it again till lead you to ruins or shipwreck.

Dolphin can spawn on any ocean except frozen ocean and deep frozen ocean.


Goal: Find an Ocean Ruins.

As long you live in ocean, this achievement is easy to achieve. If you don't live in ocean, you need to find one. Create a map using cartography table, so it only cost one paper instead of nine. Then add pointer by adding compass to empty map. After empty locator created, use the map and zoom it from scale level 1:1 to 1:8, which require 3 papers if zoomed in cartography table. As you fill the map, you having a high chance to find ocean ruins, since its commonly generate in ocean, but rarely on lands. This method are very effective for frozen ocean biomes and deep variants since dolphin didn't spawn here. Keep your eye peeled, ocean ruins are made of block which resemble ocean floor, in regular ocean, cold ocean, frozen ocean, and their deep variants ruins primarily made out of stone brick as ocean floor is gravel, while in warm, lukewarm, and their deep variants primarily made out of sandstone as ocean floor is sand.

Sail the 7 Seas[edit]

Goal: Visit 9 Ocean biomes.

There are 11 ocean biomes variants, but 2 of them which are Deep Warm Ocean and Legacy Frozen Ocean are unused, so only 9 of ocean biomes which is;

You can travel using boat or swimming. If you prefer swimming, boots enchanted with Depth Strider may help you move faster on water, plus dolphin can also give you swimming speed boost to you.


Goal: Eat nothing but Dried Kelp for three in-game days.

Eat dried kelp once; in the following three in-game days, eat nothing but dried kelp. To obtain dried kelp, you need to find kelp which can be found abundantly in ocean biomes variants except in warm ocean, frozen ocean, and deep frozen ocean. After you get kelp, cook it in furnace, smoker, or campfire. To craft a campfire

Ingredients Input » Output
Stick + Coal or Charcoal + Log or Stripped Log or Wood or Stripped Wood

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Kelp +
Any fuel


Goal: Find a Shipwreck.

This achievement are a bit harder than finding ruins as shipwreck are rarer than ocean ruins. On rare ocasion, you may find shipwreck on land. Shipwreck will be easily visible if made out of planks which easy to spot, and also undamaged shipwreck are more noticeable, especially on warm ocean, due to coral reef make it easy to distinguish.

I'm a Marine Biologist[edit]

Goal: Catch Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish or Tropical Fish using Empty Bucket or Water Bucket.

Hold empty bucket or water bucket, then press use on cod, salmon, pufferfish, or tropical fish. Cod can only spawn in lukewarm, normal, and cold ocean(along with their deep variants). Pufferfish and Tropical fish spawn only in warm ocean. Salmon spawn in cold, frozen ocean(along with their deep variants), river and frozen river. So salmon is the easiest to encounter, since river is easier to be found than ocean.

Do a Barrel Roll![edit]

Goal: Use Riptide Trident to launch yourself any distance with it.

To obtain a trident, you must kill some drowned, you can found them in ocean and river, or you can convert zombie into drowned. Drowned even can drop trident, even thought they didn't spawn holding trident.‌[Bedrock Edition only]

After you have trident, enchant it with riptide. Since it can only be launched during rain or when on water. You can go to one block water then facing to the sky and throw the trident.

Me Gold![edit]

Goal: Open a Buried Treasure Chest.

To find buried treasure, first you need to find treasure maps, this map can be found in shipwreck and underwater ruins. Note: Shipwreck map chest always contain treasure map. Treasure map, usually lead you to beach, snowy beach, stone shore, or even mushroom field shore. If it generate in stone shore, buried treasure usually generate higher than sea level. Buried treasure are marked as 'X' in map. Use your pickaxe to break stone and shovel to dig sand. Lastly open the treasure chest.


Goal: Construct a Conduit.

Use prismarine, prismarine brick, dark prismarine, or sea lantern to make a conduit frame. Conduit can only active if area 3x3x3 around it is filled with water.

Prismarine, dark prismarine, sea lantern, and prismarine brick can be found in ocean monument. Prismarine and sea lantern can also be found in cold underwater ruins. You can also craft it from ingredients dropped by guardians

Ingredients Input » Output
Prismarine Shard

Prismarine Shard

Prismarine Shard + Ink Sac

Prismarine Shard + Prismarine Crystal

Sea Lantern

Then you need to find nautilus shell, it is dropped by drowned holding it, bought from wandering trader or as fishing junk. Buried treasure always contain one heart of the sea

Craft a conduit

Ingredients Input » Output
Nautilus Shell + Heart of the Sea

Sleep with the Fishes[edit]

Goal: Spend 20 minutes underwater without any air.

Brew 3 Potion of Water Breathing (Extended). Drink potion and stay underwater without going out of water. Each potion last for 8 minutes so you have extra 4 minutes of water breathing. While you're underwater you can explore underwater cavern, sea floor, fighting drowned, finding structure such shipwreck, ruins, or monument, or build underwater to spend 20 minutes.

Conduit power also grants you underwater breathing indefinitely as long you are underwater near an active conduit.

Alternative Fuel[edit]

Goal: Power a furnace with a Kelp Block.

First you need to get 9 dried kelp, then craft it into a block, lastly use it as fuel in furnace

Ingredients Input » Output
Dried Kelp

One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four[edit]

Goal:Place four Sea Pickles in a group

Find sea pickle in warm ocean. Alternatively, if you cannot find warm ocean, go to desert village and find small house that have 2 sea pickles as mug, then place 4 sea pickles in single block.

Top of the World[edit]

Goal: Place Scaffolding to the world limit.

First you need some string and bamboo. Bamboo can be found in large quantity at bamboo jungle biomes. Bamboo can also be found in jungle temple chest, and appear rarely in regular jungle, it can also be caught as fishing junk in jungle biomes. Alternatively, if you cannot find jungle biomes, you can get bamboo from shipwreck supply chest.

Ingredients Input » Output

Place scaffolding till reach maximum world building height limit.

Where Have You Been?[edit]

Goal: Pickup gift from tamed Cat

First go to village, you will find stray cats there. Then tame it using raw cod or raw salmon. Wait till stray cat approach you. Once tamed, you can see they have neck collar. Now sleep in bed at night. When you sleep tamed cat will sleep at you and give you a gift at morning. Pick it and you get achievement.


Goal: Breed Pandas

Panda spawn in any jungle biomes, but rarer in regular jungle. However they are not rare in bamboo jungle. Find two panda then make sure there are at least 8 bamboo nearby, or you can plant manually. Once requirement meet, use bamboo to breed panda.

Fruit on the Loom[edit]

Goal: Use Apple Enchanted on Banner.

Find enchanted apple, use paper on it to craft thing banner pattern, apply the pattern on loom using banner and dye.

Ingredients Input » Output
Paper + Enchanted Apple

Ingredients Input » Output
Planks + String

Ingredients Input » Output
Dye + Banner Pattern Thing + Banner

Plethora of Cats[edit]

Goal: Have 20 Tamed Cats

Cat spawn for every 4 beds in village and cats population capped at 10 per village, so you need to travel several village to get 20 cats. Village can be found in:

Buy Low, Sell High[edit]

Goal: Trade for the Best Possible Price.

One way to achieve this is to get the Hero of the village and trading.


Goal: Use a Grindstone to get Experience from an Enchanted Item.

Grindstone can be found in village weaponsmith, or you can craft one.

First you need stone, you can obtain it by mining using silk touch or smelt cobblestone.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Cobblestone +
Any fuel

You can craft stone slab in crafting table

Ingredients Input » Output

Or in stonecutter To craft a stonecutter.

Ingredients Input » Output
Stone + Iron Ingot


Stonecutting slab

Ingredients Input » Output

Then Craft a grindstone

Ingredients Input » Output
Stone Slab + Planks + Stick

Lastly place grindstone and disenchant your enchanted item on grindstone by placing the enchanted item in input slot and take the output.

I've got a bad feeling about this[edit]

Goal: Kill a Pillager Captain.

There are 2 ways to find pillager captain, from pillager patrol, or from Pillager Outpost. Pillager outpost can be found in biome where village can generated. Pillager captain can be easily distinguish between other pillager as this pillager wearing ominous banner on their head. Kill this mob and you will get achievement plus Bad omen effect.

We're being attacked![edit]

Goal: Walk in a Village with the Bad Omen effect applied.

You can trigger pillager raid, after you get bad omen effect, which obtained after you kill a raid captain. Just enter village boundary(at least 1 villager with 1 claimed bed) and raid will start.

Sound the Alarm![edit]

Goal: Ring the Bell Hostile Enemy in the Village.

Bell can be found in village meeting point, it can be rung using redstone, projectile, or by press use on bell. If you create your own village, bell are sold by armorer, toolsmith, and weaponsmith for 36 emeralds.

Kill the Beast![edit]

Goal: Defeat a Ravager.

Ravager spawn at waves 3 in raids, this mobs has 100Heart.svg × 50 and having high melee damage, its recommended to defeat this mob from a distance as blocking with shield can stun ravager and cause it ti roaring, knockbacking and dealing damage to nearby mobs except other illagers. Since this mob only use melee attack, build 3 block pillar and shot ravager using bow or crossbow till it die.

Master Trader[edit]

Goal: Obtain 1,000 Emeralds from trading with Villagers.

This achievement can be easier with Hero of the Village effect, as it give trading discount, which lowering price for item needed to trade with emeralds, so you just require fewer item to exchange with emeralds.

As long you have huge crop farms, The best trade is crop trades from farmer as it can give you huge ammount of emerald, make sure to transform every villager in village into farmer by placing as many composter as many villager in villages, so they can restock their trades. To craft a composter

Ingredients Input » Output
Wood Slab

You can sell wheats, beetroots, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, melon slices, and eggs to farmer villagers. Trade with villager till you get 1000 emeralds or 15 stack of emerald + 40 emeralds.

If you craft it into Block of Emerald, its equal to 111 block of emeralds with extra 1 emeralds or a full stack of block of emeralds + 47 block of emeralds and one emeralds left.