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All the hints in order

Tutorial hints show up when you start a world in Survival for the first time on a device. They are meant to guide newer players who may not know the controls.

An animation demonstrating the advancements bar (Click to play)


When a Survival world is generated for the first time on a device, the first tutorial hint will show. Each tutorial hint shows up in the top right of the screen. It consists of the hint title, a description of how to complete the hint, and an image describing that hint. Once the tutorial hint has been completed, for example, when the player mines a piece of wood, that tutorial hint will disappear. If it is the "craft wooden planks" hint, no tutorial hint will ever show in any world again, and if it is any other hint, the next tutorial hint will be shown automatically after a certain amount of time.

Tutorial hints are obtained by simply completing the task that is needed to complete the hint. Each hint, minus the "Open your inventory" and the "Craft wooden planks" hint, have a progress bar that shows the current advancements of the current step, which fills up as the tutorial hint is being completed. For example, for the "Destroy the tree" hint, the progress bar will be empty, and it will start to fill up as the player punches wood, so that it completely fills up and disappears when the wood is destroyed.

In Creative mode, only the first two hints are displayed.


The stage of the tutorial is stored in the options.txt file, called tutorialStep. If a manual has disappeared, the description of the next recipe is saved as tutorialStep in the .minecraft/options.txt file. This location usually only shows the instructions once per device (unless you set up different profiles with different game folders in the launcher). After the last guide is shown, the value none is saved. If you do not want to see the instructions, you can change TutorialStep to this value (the game must be closed before).

List of hints[edit]

Image In-game title/description Actual requirements (if different) options.txt name
Movement hint.png Move with W, A, S, and D
Jump with space
Use the movement keys and jump to move around. movement
Find tree hint.png Look around
Use your mouse to turn
Punch tree hint.png Destroy the tree
Hold down Left Click
Mine a block of wood until it breaks. punch_tree
Open inventory hint.png Open your inventory
Press E
Open your inventory. open_inventory
Craft planks hint.png Craft wooden planks
The recipe book can help
Put wood in the crafting area of your inventory, and take the output: 4 wood planks. craft_planks


Official release
1.12 17w16a Added tutorial hints.
pre3 Are now smarter about deciding whether or not to display.


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