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Turtle Shell
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Turtle shells are a wearable item that let players breathe a little longer underwater. Wearing a turtle shell in a helmet slot, while out of water or in a column of bubbles, will give the player a "water breathing" status effect, which only starts counting down when the player submerges. I guess the extra air is stored in the top of the shell somewhere, but who knows how those turtles weave their bubbly magic?

Duncan Geere[1]

Turtle shells are items that are used for brewing or as a helmet to give the player the Water Breathing status effect.



Ingredients Crafting recipe Description

Damaged Turtle Shell

The durability of the two turtle shells is added together, plus an extra 5% durability.


Like helmets, turtle shells can be placed in the top armor slot of a player's inventory for activation.


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If a player is wearing a turtle shell in their helmet slot while out of water or in a bubble column, they receive the Water Breathing status effect for 10 seconds. In Bedrock Edition, Water Breathing is given only while in air, not in bubble columns. This effect starts counting down when the player goes underwater, effectively gives the player 10 extra seconds of breath underwater for a total of 25 seconds. Combined with the Respiration enchantment, this time can be increased to 70 seconds.

Equipping with a turtle shell also provides the player with 2 () defense points, the same amount of defense that golden, chain, and iron helmets offer. This means that for damage done to the player while wearing a turtle shell, 8% of the damage is absorbed by the turtle shell.

Turtle shells have 276 durability, which is more than leather, gold, or iron armor.

Brewing ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Brewing recipe
Potion of the Turtle Master Turtle Shell +
Awkward Potion


Turtle shells can be repaired with scutes using an anvil.


The Turtle Shell is capable of being enchanted with the following enchantments:

  1. a b c d Fire Protection, Blast Protection, Projectile Protection and Protection are mutually exclusive
  2. a b c d Only available using enchanted books and an anvil


SoundSubtitleSourceDescriptionNamespaced IDSubtitle keyVolumePitchAttenuation distance
Turtle shell thunksPlayers? item.armor.equip_turtle subtitles.item.armor.equip_turtle ? 0.85, 1.0, 1.116

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

NameNamespaced IDTranslation key
Turtle Helmetturtle_helmet item.minecraft.turtle_helmet

Bedrock Edition:

NameNamespaced IDNumeric IDTranslation key
Turtle Shellturtle_helmet 469item.turtle_helmet.name


Java Edition
1.1318w07aTurtle Shell.png Turtle Shell (Item).png Added turtle shells.
18w16aWater Breathing from turtle shells no longer show particles.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1620w07aTurtle Shell piglin MC-172110.png When used by piglins and zombified piglins, turtle shells now result in a missing texture when being displayed.[2]
Bedrock Edition
1.5.0beta Shell.png Turtle Shell (Item).png Added turtle shells.
Legacy Console Edition
TU691.76Patch 38Turtle Shell.png Turtle Shell (Item).png Added turtle shells.


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  • A turtle shell is the only non-enchanted armor piece in the game that provides a bonus effect to the player other than armor points.



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