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Timeline of events

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This page's purpose is to retrace the history of all events related to Minecraft, Mojang and its employees in a less targeted manner than the different version history pages.


Births of Mojang employees and staff[edit]


Updates per year[edit]

Here is a list of how many updates, snapshots, etc., there have been every year.

Java Edition[edit]


Bedrock/Pocket Edition[edit]


Legacy Console Edition[edit]

  • 9 PlayStation 4 updates (1.851.95), 1 PlayStation 3/Vita update (1.83), 1 Xbox 360 update (TU74), 1 Xbox One update (CU58), 1 Wii U patch (Patch 43)
  • 7 Xbox 360 updates (TU1TU7)


April 2009[edit]

  • 29Infiniminer is released, a game by Zachtronics Industries (creators of the critically acclaimed 2011 puzzle game SpaceChem), whose concept mainly inspired Notch for Minecraft.[1] It was regularly updated and became open-source less than a month later.[2]

May 2009 – Birth of Minecraft[edit]

June 2009[edit]

August 2009[edit]

  • 4Java: First elements of Survival shown.
  • 18Java: Introduction of Health shown.

October 2009[edit]

December 2009[edit]


January 2010[edit]

February 2010[edit]

June 2010[edit]

July 2010[edit]

August 2010[edit]

  • 4First release of Survival Multiplayer (Java Edition Alpha v1.0.15).
  • 20Java: Seecret Friday Update 8 (Java Edition Alpha v1.0.17) released. Fences introduced.
  • 30 – Notch, JahKob and Carl Manneh get on an employment trip to Washington D.C. offered by VALVe Corporation.[16]
  • 30 – Original Herobrine creepypasta is created.
  • 31Minecraftcon, a spontaneous gathering of over 50 fans after a call by Notch, is held in Bellevue, Washington.[17]

September 2010[edit]

October 2010[edit]

December 2010[edit]


4 snapshots were released in 2011.

January 2011[edit]

February 2011[edit]

March 2011[edit]

  • 2Scrolls, Mojang's second game, is announced on The Word of Notch.[25]
  • 4 – "Minecraft - Volume Alpha", the soundtrack of the game by C418, is released.
  • 31Java: Beta 1.4 released.

April 2011[edit]

May 2011[edit]

June 2011[edit]

July 2011[edit]

  • 1Minecraft passes 10 million registered users.[27]
  • 30Minecraft T-shirts are made available on Battlefield Heroes for the 30-31 of July week-end only as a form of "neighborly friendly cross-promotion" between DICE and Mojang.[28]

August 2011[edit]

  • 5 – Notch receives a 15-page letter from Bethesda Softworks, threatening him with a lawsuit if he does not change the name "Scrolls" (which is too close to "The Elder Scrolls", according to Bethesda) for his next game. A little while before this, Notch had already been warned by Bethesda's lawyers about this problem, and had suggested a compromise in which he would never put any word before "Scrolls".[29]
  • 8Henrik "Carnalizer" Pettersson joins the Mojang team.[30]
  • 14 – Marriage of Ez & Notch, an extra copy is offered to all people who purchase Minecraft on the 13th and 14th of August.[31]
  • 16Minecraft: Pocket Edition Alpha 0.1.0 officially released (Xperia PLAY only).

September 2011[edit]

November 2011[edit]

December 2011[edit]


January 2012[edit]

  • 12Java: Java Edition 1.1 released.
  • 18 – As part of the worldwide protest against SOPA, Mojang establishes a blackout on all their sites for the entire day.[34]
  • 24 – LEGO announces that the LEGO Minecraft project has passed the 10,000 required votes.[35]

February 2012[edit]

March 2012[edit]

  • 1Java: Java Edition 1.2.1 released (1.2 was skipped for practical purposes).
  • 12 – The "Elder Scrolls vs. Scrolls" lawsuit has an outcome: Mojang can call their game "Scrolls", but no sequel using this name will be allowed.[37]

April 2012[edit]

May 2012[edit]

June 2012[edit]

  • 1 – "Micro World", the first LEGO Minecraft set, is released (coincidentally with Notch's birthday) and available on the LEGO online shop.[38]

July 2012[edit]

  • 13Legacy Console: Xbox TU3 released.
  • 16Legacy Console: Skin Pack 1 released. It includes 45 skins inspired by Minecraft, "Halo", "Fable" and "Gears of War" among others as well as new skin designs.
  • 18Legacy Console: The Summer Of Arcade Promotional Skin Pack was made available through August 22, 2012. It included 15 skins inspired by various arcade games such as "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" and "Deadlight".

August 2012[edit]

  • 1Java: Java Edition 1.3.1 released (1.3 was skipped for practical purposes).
  • 2MINECON 2012 is officially announced on a promotional video to be in Disneyland Paris on November 24–25.
  • 15 – Notch and Ez divorce.[39][40]
  • 24Legacy Console: Skin Pack 2 released. It includes 45 skins inspired by Minecraft, "Left 4 Dead", "Perfect Dark" and "Gears of War" among others as well as new skin designs.

September 2012[edit]

October 2012[edit]

  • 16Legacy Console: TU5 released.
  • 17Legacy Console: Skin Pack 3 released. It includes 45 skins inspired by Minecraft, "Half-Life", "Portal" and "Left 4 Dead" among others as well as new skin designs.
  • 24 – Mojang starts the Minecraft Bug Tracker, an online tool that simplifies the communication of found game issues between the players and the developers.
  • 25Java: Java Edition 1.4.2 "Pretty Scary Update" released (1.4 & 1.4.1 were skipped for practical purposes).
  • 26Legacy Console: Halloween Skin Pack was made available through November 26, 2012. It included 55 Halloween-themed skins, including 7 with capes.

November 2012[edit]

  • 6Minecraft gift cards are available in physical stores in the US.[41] This is the first time Minecraft can be bought without a credit card.
  • 15PE: Alpha 0.5.0 released for both iOS & Android.
  • 24MINECON 2012 is held at Disneyland Paris, France.
  • 25 – Second day of MINECON 2012. MINECON 2012 capes released. Java Edition 1.5, also known as "The Redstone Update" is announced.

December 2012[edit]


January 2013[edit]

February 2013[edit]

March 2013[edit]

April 2013[edit]

May 2013[edit]

June 2013[edit]

July 2013[edit]

August 2013[edit]

  • 6 – More MINECON 2013 details were announced.
  • 20Minecraft was announced for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.[44][45] The PS4 edition will be released on the same day the PS4 gets released for North America (November 15),[46] and Europe, Australia, and Latin America (November 29).
  • 23Legacy Console: TU12 released.

September 2013[edit]

  • 2Minecraft for Java surpasses 12 million sales.
  • 4Legacy Console: Mass Effect Mash-up Pack released.[47]

October 2013[edit]

November 2013[edit]

  • 2–3MINECON 2013 is held at Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida.
  • 18Ryan "TheMogMiner" Holtz starts at Mojang as developer for the Java edition.
  • 20Legacy Console: Skyrim Mash-up Pack released.[50]

December 2013[edit]


January 2014[edit]

February 2014[edit]

  • 26Java: 1.7.5 is released.
  • 27Realms is launched in Nordic countries.

March 2014[edit]

  • 26Legacy Console: TU14 is released.
  • 27PS3: 1.04 is released along with Skin Packs 1, the Battle & Beasts skin pack as well as the City and Plastic texture packs all released as available DLC.

April 2014[edit]

  • 1Java: Villagers have taken over Minecraft and Skins cannot be changed throughout the day.
  • 1Minecraft Realms is launched in Canada.
  • 2Minecraft: Pocket Edition released for the Amazon Fire TV.
  • 11Java: 1.7.8 is released.
  • 14Java: 1.7.9 is released.
  • 24Realms is launched in the United States.

May 2014[edit]

  • 6Realms is launched in more countries in Asia and Europe.
  • 9Realms is launched in the Oceania region.
  • 19Realms is launched globally in all remaining countries.

June 2014[edit]

  • 26Java: 1.7.10 is released.[52]

July 2014[edit]

September 2014[edit]

October 2014[edit]

November 2014[edit]

December 2014[edit]


January 2015[edit]

February 2015[edit]

March 2015[edit]

April 2015[edit]

May 2015[edit]

June 2015[edit]

July 2015[edit]

August 2015[edit]

September 2015[edit]

October 2015[edit]

  • 11PE: Minecraft Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.2 released for Android, Fire OS, Windows Phone and Windows 10.
  • 13Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone released for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC/Mac.
  • 14PE: Minecraft Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.2 released for iOS.
  • 14Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • 15Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone released for iOS, Android and Fire OS.
  • 22PE: Minecraft Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.3 released for Android.
  • 22Minecraft is nominated for a BAFTA Children's Award in the Game category.
  • 23PE: Minecraft Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.3 released for iOS, Fire OS and Windows 10.
  • 23Legacy Console: Minecraft TU30, CU18 and 1.21 released for all Console Editions, respectively.
  • 27Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 2: Assembly Required released.

November 2015[edit]

December 2015[edit]

  • 7Minecraft announced for the Wii U.
  • 9Java: Minecraft Java Edition 1.8.9 is released.
  • 14 – Realms price reduced to $10.
  • 16PE: Minecraft Pocket Edition Alpha 0.13.1 released.
  • 17Legacy Console: Minecraft: Wii U Edition officially released.
  • 18Legacy Console: Minecraft TU31, CU19 and 1.22 released for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation Console Editions, respectively.
  • 22 – Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place released across all other platforms.


January 2016[edit]

February 2016[edit]

March 2016[edit]

April 2016[edit]

May 2016[edit]

June 2016[edit]

July 2016[edit]

August 2016[edit]

  • 3Agnes "LadyAgnes" Larsson joins Mojang as a developer for the Java edition.
  • 10Java: The first 1.11 snapshot (16w32a) is released.
  • 30–31Legacy Console: Minecraft TU41CU301.33 and Patch 11 released on all Console Editions, respectively, adding a Tumble Mini Game mode.

September 2016[edit]

October 2016[edit]

  • 3Maria Lemón joins Mojang as a developer for the Java edition.
  • 4–5Legacy Console: Minecraft TU43, CU33, 1.36 and Patch 13 ("Banners, Blocks, Beets & Bears" update) released on all Console Editions, respectively.
  • 17Mariana "RazzleberryFox" Graham, known to the community for her work on the DecoCraft mod, joins Mojang as Animator, Modeler and Texture Artist.
  • 21PE: Minecraft: Pocket Edition Alpha 0.16.0 "Boss Update" released.
  • 25Java: A new Minecraft launcher, under development by Nathan Adams and Måns Olson, enters public beta testing.
  • 27 – Apple CEO Tim Cook announced an edition of Minecraft for the Apple TV, featuring cross-play between that platform and iOS devices, to be released by the end of year 2016.

November 2016[edit]

December 2016[edit]


January 2017[edit]

  • 8Java: The first 1.12 snapshot (17w06a) is released.
  • 13Minecraft announced for the Nintendo Switch.
  • 18Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows Phone is no longer supported. There will no longer be any updates.

February 2017[edit]

  • 2Minecraft: Story Mode is nominated a Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Video Game, for the second year in a row.
  • 22Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows 10 Mobile received an update to version 1.0.3. Only Windows Phone is not supported.

March 2017[edit]

  • 28-29Legacy Console: Minecraft TU51CU411.44 and Patch 20 released on all Console Editions, respectively, adding a Glide Mini Game mode.

April 2017[edit]

  • 7PC: Closed beta for Chinese version of Minecraft announced in Beijing.
  • 10 – Official Minecraft Marketplace announced for Pocket and Windows 10 Edition, a feature for players to buy community-made content directly in-game, to be added along with the Minecraft: Pocket Edition Discovery Update.

May 2017[edit]

June 2017[edit]

July 2017[edit]

August 2017[edit]

  • 8PC: Open beta for Chinese version of Minecraft was released.
  • 8Mojang announces MINECON Earth, an interactive live show that can be accessed by anyone for free, and "Official Community Events", smaller MINECON-like events that take place in various regions.
  • 15-17Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two: Episode 2 - Giant Consequences released.
  • 22Minecraft: Story Mode released on the Nintendo Switch.

September 2017[edit]

October 2017[edit]

November 2017[edit]

December 2017[edit]


January 2018[edit]

  • 19 – Minecraft hits 74 million active players and 144 million total sales.[59]
  • 24 – Mojang announces that the features of 1.13 will be merged with what was originally planned to be 1.14, and released at a later date as one update: Update Aquatic.[60]

March 2018[edit]

April 2018[edit]

  • 10MINECON Earth 2018's date is announced for September 29th, 2018.[62]
  • 14 – The Coral Crafters regrowth project is announced.[63]
  • 26 – Mojang announces the co-hosts of MINECON Earth 2018.[64]

May 2018[edit]

June 2018[edit]

July 2018[edit]

August 2018[edit]

September 2018[edit]

October 2018[edit]

November 2018[edit]

December 2018[edit]


January 2019[edit]

February 2019[edit]

March 2019[edit]

April 2019[edit]

May 2019[edit]

June 2019[edit]

July 2019[edit]

August 2019[edit]

  • 12 – Mojang announces that development of the Super Duper Graphic Pack has been discontinued.[92]
  • 22Java: The first Java Edition 1.15 snapshot (19w34a) is released.

September 2019[edit]

October 2019[edit]

November 2019[edit]

December 2019[edit]


January 2020[edit]

February 2020[edit]




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