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This article is about tiers of tools and weapons. For materials of armor, see Armor materials. For materials of blocks, see Materials.

Tiers refer to the different levels and materials of tools and weapons.


There are currently six tiers in the game: wood, stone, iron, diamond, netherite, and gold. The tier of an item determines its mining level, durability, mining speed multiplier, damage multiplier, enchantability, and repair item .

Tier name Mining level Durability Mining speed multiplier Damage bonus[a] Enchantability Repair item
Wood 0 59 2 0 15 Planks[b][c]
Stone 1 131 4 1 5

Cobblestone[Java Edition only][d] Blackstone[Java Edition only][e]

Iron 2 250 6 2 14 Iron Ingot
Diamond 3 1561 8 3 10 Diamond
Netherite 4 2031 9 4 15 Netherite Ingot
Gold 0 32 12 0 22 Gold Ingot
  1. The damage bonus is added to the base attack damage of 1. Most tiered items further modify their attack damage value.
  2. The warped planks and the crimson planks work only in Java Edition.
  3. MCPE-82395
  4. MCPE-64644
  5. MCPE-71859

Affected Items[edit]

Swords, axes, pickaxes, shovels, and hoes all use tiers.

Other mechanics[edit]

Other mechanics in the game use these tiers for various purposes.


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Java Edition Indev
0.3120100201-2Tier system for wooden, stone, iron, diamond, and gold tools added. Before this update, blocks and ores can be broken by hand.
20100206Added hoes [more information needed]
Java Edition
1.1620w06aNetherite tools added to tier system.
1.16.220w29aTools are now sorted based on their tier in the creative inventory.
Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releaseAdded wooden and stone tier.
v0.3.2Added diamond, gold and iron tier.
v0.4.0Added hoes [more information needed]
Bedrock Edition
1.16.0beta tools added to tier system
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Tier system for wooden, stone, iron, diamond, and gold tools added.

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