The Word of Notch

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The Word of Notch

The Word of Notch is Notch's Tumblr-powered personal blog, which functioned as a development feed for Minecraft. The Word of Notch can be used to view old Minecraft blog posts that go back all the way to May 13, 2009, when Minecraft began development,[1] up to around the Adventure Update when update content posts from Notch became less frequent. When the blog was no longer used for Minecraft development, it was removed from the Official links section on the Minecraft website.

The Word of Notch contained information revealing future updates, as well as daily happenings at the Mojang office and behind-the-scenes posts about Minecraft's history and technical aspects. The Word of Notch also contained a direct feed from his Twitter account. After Notch stopped development of Minecraft, his posts were made up of his opinions and daily thoughts or focuses which were only posted once every couple months.


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