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Texture Update
Texture Update Logo.png

Version 1 (for Java Edition 1.12)
Version 2 (for 1.12)
Version 3 (in 18w43a)
Version 3.0.1 (in 18w43b)
Version 3.1 (in 18w44a)
Version 3.2 (in 18w47a)
Version 3.2.1 (in 18w47b)
Version 3.3 (in 18w50a)
Version 3.4 (in 19w08a)
Version 3.4.1 (in 19w13b)
Version 3.5 (in 1.14.1-pre1)
Version 3.6 (in 19w46a)
Version 3.7 (in 20w06a)
Version 3.8 (in 20w09a) (latest)

Release date

Java: April 23, 2019 (with 1.14)
Bedrock: March 19, 2019 (with 1.10.0)
PS4: April 15, 2019 (with 1.90)

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Jasper Boerstra Mojang avatar.png

Changing the textures! Except for a few, like the Creeper.
Across all versions? YEP, both on Java and Bedrock. You cannot escape my sweet, sweet textures.

When? Soon! In the Beta Resource Pack, where all my beloved pixels live.

Jasper "JAPPA" Boerstra[1]

The Texture Update is an update released in 18w43a for Java Edition 1.14[2] (with further amendments in 1.14.1, 1.15 and 1.16), Bedrock Edition 1.10.0,[3] (with further amendments in Bedrock Edition 1.11.0) and PlayStation 4 Edition 1.90 (with further amendments in PlayStation 4 Edition 1.91). The update changes most of the textures in the game,[4] except for a few iconic textures like dirt and creeper. The textures were developed primarily by JAPPA (Jasper Boerstra). The old textures are available as a resource pack/texture pack built in-game‌[Java Edition only] or as a separate download‌[Bedrock Edition only] (named "Programmer Art" in Java Edition, and "Classic Textures" in Bedrock Edition).[5][6]



Natural blocks[edit]

Name Old texture New texture Description
All Logs Oak Log Axis Y JE2 BE1.pngSpruce Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngBirch Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngJungle Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngAcacia Log Axis Y JE2 BE1.pngDark Oak Log Axis Y JE2 BE1.png Oak Log Axis Y JE5 BE3.pngSpruce Log Axis Y JE5 BE3.pngBirch Log Axis Y JE5 BE3.pngJungle Log Axis Y JE6 BE3.pngAcacia Log Axis Y JE5 BE3.pngDark Oak Log Axis Y JE5 BE3.png
All Woods Oak Wood Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngSpruce Wood Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngBirch Wood Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngJungle Wood Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngAcacia Wood Axis Y JE2 BE1.pngDark Oak Wood Axis Y JE2 BE1.png Oak Wood Axis Y JE5 BE2.pngSpruce Wood Axis Y JE5 BE2.pngBirch Wood Axis Y JE5 BE2.pngJungle Wood Axis Y JE4 BE2.pngAcacia Wood Axis Y JE5 BE2.pngDark Oak Wood Axis Y JE5 BE2.png
Stone Stone JE2 BE1.png Stone JE4 BE2.png
Stone Bricks Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png Stone Bricks JE3 BE2.png
Mossy Stone Bricks Mossy Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png Mossy Stone Bricks JE3 BE2.png
Cracked Stone Bricks Cracked Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png Cracked Stone Bricks JE3 BE2.png
Chiseled Stone Bricks Chiseled Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png Chiseled Stone Bricks JE3 BE2.png
Cobblestone Cobblestone JE4 BE2.png Cobblestone JE6 BE3.png
Mossy Cobblestone Mossy Cobblestone JE2 BE1.png Mossy Cobblestone JE4 BE2.png
Gravel Gravel JE4 BE2.png Gravel JE5 BE3.png
Andesite Andesite JE1 BE1.png Andesite JE3 BE2.png
Polished Andesite Polished Andesite JE1 BE1.png Polished Andesite JE2 BE2.png
Diorite Diorite JE1 BE1.png Diorite JE4 BE3.png
Polished Diorite Polished Diorite JE1 BE1.png Polished Diorite JE2 BE2.png
Granite Granite JE1 BE1.png Granite JE2 BE2.png
Polished Granite Polished Granite JE1 BE1.png Polished Granite JE2 BE2.png
Clay Clay Block JE1 BE1.png Clay Block JE2 BE2.png
Terracotta Terracotta JE1 BE1.png Terracotta JE2 BE2.png
Obsidian Obsidian JE1 BE1.png Obsidian JE3 BE2.png
Bedrock Bedrock JE1 BE1.png Bedrock JE2 BE2.png
Netherrack Netherrack JE2 BE1.png Netherrack JE4 BE2.png
Nether Bricks Nether Bricks JE1 BE1.png Nether Bricks JE3.png [JE only]
Nether Bricks BE2.png Nether Bricks BE3.png [BE only]
Soul Sand Soul Sand JE1 BE1.png Soul Sand JE2 BE2.png
Magma Block Magma Block JE1 BE1.gif Magma Block JE2 BE2.gif
Glowstone Glowstone JE2 BE1.png Glowstone JE4 BE2.png
Brown Mushroom Block Brown Mushroom Block JE1 BE1.png Brown Mushroom Block JE2 BE2.png
Red Mushroom Block Red Mushroom Block JE1 BE1.png Red Mushroom Block JE2 BE2.png
Mushroom Stem Mushroom Stem JE1 BE1.png Mushroom Stem (ES).png
Mycelium Mycelium JE1 BE1.png Mycelium JE2 BE2.png
Snowy Grass Block Snowy Grass Block JE1 BE1.png Snowy Grass Block JE2 BE2.png
Snow Snow JE1 BE1.png Snow JE2 BE2.png
Snow block Snow Block JE1 BE1.png Snow Block JE2 BE2.png
Ice Ice JE1 BE3.png Ice JE2 BE4.png
Packed Ice Packed Ice JE1 BE2.png Packed Ice JE2 BE3.png
Frosted Ice Frosted Ice 1 Revision 1.pngFrosted Ice 2 Revision 1.pngFrosted Ice 3 Revision 1.png Frosted Ice 1 Revision 2.pngFrosted Ice 2 Revision 2.pngFrosted Ice 3 Revision 2.png
Grass Block Grass Block Revision 5.png Grass Block Revision 6.png
Grass Path Grass Path JE1 BE1.png Grass Path JE2 BE2.png
Podzol Podzol JE1 BE1.png Podzol JE2 BE2.png
Farmland Farmland JE3 BE1.pngMoist Farmland JE3 BE1.pngFarmland BE2.png Farmland JE4 BE4.pngMoist Farmland JE4 BE2.pngFarmland BE3.png
Prismarine Prismarine JE1 BE1.gif Prismarine JE2 BE2.gif
Prismarine Bricks Prismarine Bricks JE1 BE1.png Prismarine Bricks JE2 BE2.png
Dark Prismarine Dark Prismarine JE1 BE1.png Dark Prismarine JE2 BE2.png
Sponge Sponge JE2 BE2.pngWet Sponge JE1 BE1.png Sponge JE3 BE3.pngWet Sponge JE2 BE2.png
Spawner Spawner JE2.png Spawner JE3.png
Cobweb Cobweb JE1 BE1.png Cobweb JE2 BE2.png
End Stone End Stone JE1 BE1.png End Stone JE3 BE2.png
End Stone Bricks End Stone Bricks JE1 BE1.png End Stone Bricks JE2 BE2.png
Chorus Flower Chorus Flower JE1 BE1.pngChorus Flower Dead JE1 BE1.png Chorus Flower JE2 BE2.pngChorus Flower Dead JE2 BE2.png
Chorus Plant Chorus Plant JE1 BE1.png Chorus Plant JE2 BE2.png
Purpur Block Purpur Block JE1 BE1.png Purpur Block JE2 BE2.png
Purpur Pillar Purpur Pillar Axis Y JE1 BE1.png Purpur Pillar Axis Y JE2.png [JE only]
[until JE 1.16]
Purpur Pillar Axis Y JE3 BE2.png [BE only]
[upcoming: JE 1.16]
End Rod End Rod JE1 BE1.png End Rod JE2 BE2.png
Sand Sand JE3 BE1.png Sand JE5 BE2.png
Sandstone Sandstone JE2 BE1.png Sandstone JE6 BE2.png
Cut Sandstone Cut Sandstone JE1 BE1.png Cut Sandstone JE5 BE2.png
Chiseled Sandstone Chiseled Sandstone JE1 BE1.png Chiseled Sandstone JE5 BE2.png
Red Sand Red Sand JE1 BE1.png Red Sand JE3 BE2.png
Red Sandstone Red Sandstone JE1 BE1.png Red Sandstone JE4 BE2.png
Cut Red Sandstone Cut Red Sandstone JE1 BE1.png Cut Red Sandstone JE4 BE2.png
Chiseled Red Sandstone Chiseled Red Sandstone JE1 BE1.png Chiseled Red Sandstone JE4 BE2.png
Coal Ore Coal Ore JE1 BE1.png Coal Ore JE2 BE2.png
Iron Ore Iron Ore JE1 BE1.png Iron Ore JE3.png [JE only]
Iron Ore JE2 BE2.png [BE only]
Lapis Lazuli Ore Lapis Lazuli Ore JE1 BE1.png Lapis Lazuli Ore JE2 BE2.png
Gold Ore Gold Ore JE2 BE1.png Gold Ore JE3 BE2.png
Redstone Ore Redstone Ore JE1 BE1.png Redstone Ore JE2 BE2.png
Diamond Ore Diamond Ore JE1 BE1.png Diamond Ore JE3 BE3.png
Emerald Ore Emerald Ore JE1 BE1.png Emerald Ore JE2 BE2.png
Nether Quartz Ore Nether Quartz Ore JE1 BE1.png Nether Quartz Ore JE3 BE2.png
Bone Block Bone Block Axis Y JE1 BE1.png Bone Block Axis Y JE2 BE2.png
End Portal Frame End Portal Frame Revision 1.pngEnd Portal Frame (Eye) Revision 1.png End Portal Frame Revision 2.pngEnd Portal Frame (Eye) Revision 2.png


Name Old texture New texture
Wheat Wheat Age 0 Revision 1.pngWheat Age 1 Revision 1.pngWheat Age 2 Revision 1.pngWheat Age 3 Revision 1.pngWheat Age 4 Revision 1.pngWheat Age 5 Revision 1.pngWheat Age 6 Revision 1.pngWheat Age 7 Revision 1.png Wheat Age 0 Revision 4.pngWheat Age 1 Revision 4.pngWheat Age 2 Revision 4.pngWheat Age 3 Revision 4.pngWheat Age 4 Revision 4.pngWheat Age 5 Revision 4.pngWheat Age 6 Revision 4.pngWheat Age 7 Revision 4.png
Carrots Crops Age 0 JE1 BE1.pngCrops Age 1 JE1 BE1.pngCrops Age 2 JE1 BE1.pngCarrots Age 3 JE1 BE1.png Carrots Age 0 JE2 BE2.pngCarrots Age 1 JE2 BE2.pngCarrots Age 2 JE2 BE2.pngCarrots Age 3 JE2 BE2.png
Beetroots Crops Age 0 JE1 BE1.pngBeetroots Age 1 JE1 BE1.pngBeetroots Age 2 JE1 BE1.pngBeetroots Age 3 JE1 BE1.png Beetroots Age 0 JE2 BE2.pngBeetroots Age 1 JE2 BE2.pngBeetroots Age 2 JE2 BE2.pngBeetroots Age 3 JE2 BE2.png
Potatoes Crops Age 0 JE1 BE1.pngCrops Age 1 JE1 BE1.pngCrops Age 2 JE1 BE1.pngPotatoes Age 3 JE1 BE1.png Potatoes Age 0 JE2 BE2.pngPotatoes Age 1 JE2 BE2.pngPotatoes Age 2 JE2 BE2.pngPotatoes Age 3 JE2 BE2.png
Pumpkin Pumpkin JE1 BE1.png Pumpkin JE2 BE2.png
Carved Pumpkin Carved Pumpkin JE1 BE1.png Carved Pumpkin JE3 BE2.png
Melon Melon JE1 BE1.png Melon JE2 BE2.png
Cactus Cactus JE2 BE1.png Cactus JE4.png
Cocoa Cocoa Age 0 JE1 BE1.pngCocoa Age 1 JE1 BE1.pngCocoa Age 2 JE1 BE1.png Cocoa Age 0 JE2 BE2.pngCocoa Age 1 JE2 BE2.pngCocoa Age 2 JE2 BE2.png
Red Mushroom Red Mushroom JE1 BE1.png Red Mushroom JE2 BE2.png
Brown Mushroom Brown Mushroom JE1 BE1.png Brown Mushroom JE2 BE2.png
Nether Wart Nether Wart Age 0 JE1 BE2.pngNether Wart Age 1 JE1 BE2.pngNether Wart Age 2 JE1 BE2.png Nether Wart Age 0 JE2 BE3.pngNether Wart Age 1 JE2 BE3.pngNether Wart Age 2 JE2 BE3.png
Grass Grass JE1 BE1.png Grass JE3 BE2.png
Fern Fern JE1 BE1.png Fern JE2 BE2.png
Tall Grass Tall Grass JE1 BE1.png Tall Grass JE2 BE2.png
Large Fern Large Fern JE1 BE1.png Large Fern JE2 BE2.png
Dead Bush Dead Bush JE1 BE1.png Dead Bush JE2 BE2.png
All Saplings Oak Sapling JE4 BE1.pngSpruce Sapling JE1 BE1.pngBirch Sapling JE1 BE1.pngJungle Sapling JE1 BE1.pngAcacia Sapling JE1 BE1.pngDark Oak Sapling JE1 BE1.png Oak Sapling JE5 BE2.pngSpruce Sapling JE2 BE2.pngBirch Sapling JE2 BE2.pngJungle Sapling JE2 BE2.pngAcacia Sapling JE2 BE2.pngDark Oak Sapling JE2 BE2.png
Allium Allium JE1 BE1.png Allium JE2 BE2.png
Azure Bluet Azure Bluet JE1 BE1.png Azure Bluet JE2 BE2.png
Blue Orchid Blue Orchid JE1 BE1.png Blue Orchid JE2 BE2.png
Dandelion Dandelion JE1 BE1.png Dandelion JE2 BE2.png
Oxeye Daisy Oxeye Daisy JE1 BE1.png Oxeye Daisy JE2 BE2.png
Sunflower Sunflower JE1 BE1.png Sunflower JE2 BE2.png
Peony Peony JE1 BE1.pngPeony BE2.png Peony JE2 BE3.png
Lilac Lilac JE1 BE1.png Lilac JE2 BE2.png
Rose Bush Rose Bush JE1 BE1.pngRose Bush BE2.png Rose Bush JE2 BE3.png
Poppy Poppy JE1 BE1.png Poppy JE3 BE2.png
All Tulips Orange Tulip JE1 BE1.pngPink Tulip JE1 BE1.pngRed Tulip JE1 BE1.pngWhite Tulip JE1 BE1.png Orange Tulip JE2 BE2.pngPink Tulip JE2 BE2.pngRed Tulip JE2 BE2.pngWhite Tulip JE2 BE2.png
Vines Vines JE1 BE1.png Vines JE2 BE2.png
Lily Pad Lily Pad JE1 BE1.png Lily Pad JE2 BE2.png
Name Old texture New texture
Oak Leaves Leaves.png Oak Leaves TextureUpdate.png
Spruce Leaves Spruce Leaves Revision 1.png Spruce Leaves TextureUpdate.png
Birch Leaves Birch Leaves Revision 1.png Birch Leaves TextureUpdate.png
Jungle Leaves Jungle Leaves Revision 1.png Jungle Leaves TextureUpdate.png
Acacia Leaves Leaves.png Acacia Leaves TextureUpdate.png
Dark Oak Leaves Leaves.png Dark Oak Leaves TextureUpdate.png


Name Old texture New texture Description
All Stripped Logs Stripped Oak Log Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngStripped Spruce Log Axis Y JE1.pngStripped Birch Log Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngStripped Jungle Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngStripped Acacia Log Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngStripped Dark Oak Log Axis Y JE1.png Stripped Oak Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngStripped Spruce Log Axis Y JE2.pngStripped Birch Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngStripped Jungle Log Axis Y JE4 BE3.pngStripped Acacia Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngStripped Dark Oak Log Axis Y JE2.png [JE only]
Stripped Oak Log Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngStripped Spruce Log Axis Y BE2.pngStripped Birch Log Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngStripped Jungle Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngStripped Acacia Log Axis Y JE1 BE1.pngStripped Dark Oak Log Axis Y BE2.png Stripped Oak Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngStripped Spruce Log Axis Y BE3.pngStripped Birch Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngStripped Jungle Log Axis Y JE4 BE3.pngStripped Acacia Log Axis Y JE2 BE2.pngStripped Dark Oak Log Axis Y BE3.png [BE only]
All Planks Oak Planks JE4 BE1.pngSpruce Planks JE1 BE1.pngBirch Planks JE1 BE1.pngJungle Planks JE1 BE1.pngAcacia Planks JE1 BE1.pngDark Oak Planks JE1 BE1.png Oak Planks JE6 BE2.pngSpruce Planks JE4 BE2.pngBirch Planks JE3 BE2.pngJungle Planks JE3 BE2.pngAcacia Planks JE3 BE2.pngDark Oak Planks JE3 BE2.png
Jack o'Lantern Jack o'Lantern JE1 BE1.png Jack o'Lantern JE3 BE2.png
Hay Bale Hay Bale Axis Y JE1 BE1.png Hay Bale Axis Y JE2 BE2.png
Block of Coal Block of Coal JE2 BE1.png Block of Coal JE3 BE2.png
Lapis Lazuli Block Lapis Lazuli Block JE2 BE2.png Lapis Lazuli Block JE3 BE3.png
Block of Iron Block of Iron JE3 BE2.png Block of Iron JE4 BE3.png
Block of Gold Block of Gold JE4 BE2.png Block of Gold JE6 BE3.png
Block of Diamond Block of Diamond JE3 BE2.png Block of Diamond JE6 BE3.png
Block of Redstone Block of Redstone JE1 BE1.png Block of Redstone JE2 BE2.png
Block of Emerald Block of Emerald JE1 BE1.png Block of Emerald JE4 BE3.png
Block of Quartz Block of Quartz Revision 1.png Block of Quartz Revision 3.png
Chiseled Quartz Block Chiseled Quartz Block Axis Y Revision 1.png Chiseled Quartz Block TextureUpdate.png
Quartz Pillar Quartz Pillar Axis Y Revision 1.png Quartz Pillar Axis Y Revision 3.png
Nether Wart Block Nether Wart Block JE1 BE1.png Nether Wart Block JE2 BE2.png [JE only]
[until JE 1.16]
Nether Wart Block JE3 BE3.png [BE only]
[upcoming: JE 1.16]
Glass Glass Revision 2.png Glass TextureUpdate.png
Glass Pane Glass Pane Revision 1.png Glass Pane TextureUpdate.png
All Stained Glass White Stained Glass Revision 1.pngOrange Stained Glass Revision 1.pngMagenta Stained Glass Revision 1.pngLight Blue Stained Glass Revision 1.pngYellow Stained Glass Revision 1.pngLime Stained Glass Revision 1.pngPink Stained Glass Revision 1.pngGray Stained Glass Revision 1.pngLight Gray Stained Glass Revision 1.pngCyan Stained Glass Revision 1.pngPurple Stained Glass Revision 1.pngBlue Stained Glass Revision 1.pngBrown Stained Glass Revision 1.pngGreen Stained Glass Revision 1.pngRed Stained Glass Revision 1.pngBlack Stained Glass Revision 1.png White Stained Glass.pngOrange Stained Glass.pngMagenta Stained Glass.pngLight Blue Stained Glass.pngYellow Stained Glass.pngLime Stained Glass.pngPink Stained Glass.pngGray Stained Glass.pngLight Gray Stained Glass.pngCyan Stained Glass.pngPurple Stained Glass.pngBlue Stained Glass.pngBrown Stained Glass.pngGreen Stained Glass.pngRed Stained Glass.pngBlack Stained Glass.png
All Stained Glass Panes White Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngOrange Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngMagenta Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngLight Blue Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngYellow Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngLime Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngPink Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngGray Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngLight Gray Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngCyan Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngPurple Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngBlue Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngBrown Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngGreen Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngRed Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane JE2 BE1.png White Stained Glass Pane.pngOrange Stained Glass Pane.pngMagenta Stained Glass Pane.pngLight Blue Stained Glass Pane.pngYellow Stained Glass Pane.pngLime Stained Glass Pane.pngPink Stained Glass Pane.pngGray Stained Glass Pane.pngLight Gray Stained Glass Pane.pngCyan Stained Glass Pane.pngPurple Stained Glass Pane.pngBlue Stained Glass Pane.pngBrown Stained Glass Pane.pngGreen Stained Glass Pane.pngRed Stained Glass Pane.pngBlack Stained Glass Pane.png
Bed White Bed Revision 2.pngOrange Bed Revision 2.pngMagenta Bed Revision 2.pngLight Blue Bed Revision 2.pngYellow Bed Revision 2.pngLime Bed Revision 2.pngPink Bed Revision 2.pngGray Bed Revision 2.pngLight Gray Bed Revision 2.pngCyan Bed Revision 2.pngPurple Bed Revision 2.pngBlue Bed Revision 2.pngBrown Bed Revision 2.pngGreen Bed Revision 2.pngRed Bed Revision 3.pngBlack Bed Revision 2.png White Bed.pngOrange Bed.pngMagenta Bed.pngLight Blue Bed.pngYellow Bed.pngLime Bed.pngPink Bed.pngGray Bed.pngLight Gray Bed.pngCyan Bed.pngPurple Bed.pngBlue Bed.pngBrown Bed.pngGreen Bed.pngRed Bed.pngBlack Bed.png
Bookshelf Bookshelf JE2 BE1.png Bookshelf JE4 BE2.png
Bricks Bricks JE4 BE2.png Bricks JE5 BE3.png
Red Nether Bricks Red Nether Bricks JE1 BE1.png Red Nether Bricks JE3 BE2.png
Smooth Stone Smooth Stone JE1 BE1.png Smooth Stone JE2 BE2.png
Slime Block Slime Block JE1.png Slime Block TextureUpdate.png
Flower Pot Flower Pot Revision 1.png Flower Pot.png
TNT TNT JE1 BE1.png TNT JE2 BE2.png
Iron Bars Iron Bars (unconnected) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (N) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (E) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (S) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (W) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (NS) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (EW) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (NE) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (ES) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (SW) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (NW) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (ESW) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (NSW) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (NEW) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (NES) Revision 2.pngIron Bars (NESW) Revision 2.png Iron Bars (unconnected).pngIron Bars (N).pngIron Bars (E).pngIron Bars (S).pngIron Bars (W).pngIron Bars (NS).pngIron Bars (EW).pngIron Bars (NE).pngIron Bars (ES).pngIron Bars (SW).pngIron Bars (NW).pngIron Bars (ESW).pngIron Bars (NSW).pngIron Bars (NEW).pngIron Bars (NES).pngIron Bars (NESW).png
Torch Torch Revision 3.png Torch.png
Redstone Torch Redstone Torch Revision 1.png Redstone Torch.png [JE only]
Redstone Torch BE.png [BE only]


Name Old texture New texture Description
Crafting Table Crafting Table JE1 BE1.png Crafting Table JE4.png [JE only]
Crafting Table JE3 BE2.png [BE only]
Ender Chest Ender Chest Revision 1.png Ender Chest.png
Brewing Stand Brewing Stand Revision 1.pngBrewing Stand (Full)old.png Brewing Stand.pngBrewing Stand (Full).png
Enchanting Table Enchanting Table JE1 BE1.png Enchanting Table JE4 BE2.png
Beacon Beacon Revision 4.png Beacon TextureUpdate.png
All Anvil stages Anvil JE2 BE1.pngChipped Anvil JE2 BE1.pngDamaged Anvil JE2 BE1.png Anvil JE3 BE2.pngChipped Anvil JE3 BE2.pngDamaged Anvil JE3 BE2.png
Cauldron Cauldron Revision 2.pngCauldron Revision 2 (slightly filled with water).pngCauldron Revision 2 (moderately filled with water).pngCauldron Revision 2 (filled with water).png Cauldron.pngCauldron (slightly filled with water).pngCauldron (moderately filled with water).pngCauldron (filled with water).png
Furnace Furnace Revision 2.pngLit Furnace Revision 2.png Furnace.pngLit Furnace.png
Item Frame Item Frame Revision 2.png Item Frame.png
Cake Cake JE1 BE1.png Cake JE2.png
Jukebox Jukebox JE1 BE1.png Jukebox JE2 BE2.png


Name Old texture New texture Description
Piston Piston Revision 1.png Piston.png [JE only]
Piston BE.png [BE only]
Sticky Piston Sticky Piston Revision 1.png Sticky Piston.png [JE only]
Sticky Piston BE.png [BE only]
Hopper Hopper (D) JE2 BE1.png Hopper (D).png
Redstone Lamp Redstone Lamp JE2 BE1.pngLit Redstone Lamp JE2 BE1.png Redstone Lamp JE3 BE2.pngLit Redstone Lamp JE3 BE2.png
Dispenser Dispenser JE2 BE1.png Dispenser.png
Dropper Dropper Revision 1.png Dropper TextureUpdate.png
Observer Observer Revision 3.png Observer TextureUpdate.png
Unpowered Redstone Repeater Redstone Repeater Revision 2.pngRedstone Repeater with delay 2 Revision 2.pngRedstone Repeater with delay 3 Revision 2.pngRedstone Repeater with delay 4 Revision 2.png Redstone Repeater.pngRedstone Repeater with delay 2.pngRedstone Repeater with delay 3.pngRedstone Repeater with delay 4.png
Powered Redstone Repeater Active Redstone Repeater Revision 2.pngActive Redstone Repeater with delay 2 Revision 2.pngActive Redstone Repeater with delay 3 Revision 2.pngActive Redstone Repeater with delay 4 Revision 2.png Active Redstone Repeater.pngActive Redstone Repeater with delay 2.pngActive Redstone Repeater with delay 3.pngActive Redstone Repeater with delay 4.png
Unpowered Redstone Comparator Redstone Comparator Revision 2.pngSubtracting Redstone Comparator Revision 2.png Redstone Comparator.pngSubtracting Redstone Comparator.png
Powered Redstone Comparator Active Redstone Comparator Revision 2.pngActive Subtracting Redstone Comparator Revision 2.png Active Redstone Comparator.pngActive Subtracting Redstone Comparator.png
Rail Rail Revision 1.png Rail (NS).png
Powered Rail Powered Rail Revision 1.pngActive Powered Rail Revision 1.png Powered Rail.pngActive Powered Rail.png
Detector Rail Detector Rail Revision 1.pngPowered Detector Rail Revision 1.png Detector Rail.pngPowered Detector Rail.png
Activator Rail Activator Rail Revision 1.pngPowered Activator Rail Revision 1.png Texture Update Activator Rail.pngTexture Update Powered Activator Rail.png
Oak Trapdoor Oak Trapdoor Revision 1.png Oak Trapdoor.png
Spruce Trapdoor Spruce Trapdoor Revision 1.png Spruce Trapdoor.png
Iron Trapdoor Iron Trapdoor Revision 1.png Iron Trapdoor.png
Iron Door Iron Door Revision 1.png Iron Door.png
All Wooden Doors Oak Door Revision 3.pngBirch Door Revision 2.pngSpruce Door Revision 1.pngJungle Door Revision 2.pngAcacia Door Revision 3.pngDark Oak Door Revision 2.png Oak Door.pngBirch Door.pngSpruce Door.pngJungle Door.pngAcacia Door.pngDark Oak Door.png
Note Block Note Block Revision 1.png Note Block.png

Creative Only[edit]

Name Old texture New texture
Impulse Command Block Impulse Command Block Revision 3.png Impulse Command Block.png
Chain Command Block Chain Command Block Revision 2.png Chain Command Block.png
Repeating Command Block Repeating Command Block Revision 2.png Repeating Command Block.png


Raw Materials[edit]

Name Old texture New texture
Coal Coal JE2 BE1.png Coal JE3 BE2.png
Charcoal Charcoal JE2 BE2.png Charcoal JE3 BE3.png
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot JE1 BE1.png Iron Ingot JE2 BE2.png
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot JE1 BE1.png Gold Ingot JE3 BE2.png
Gold Nugget Gold Nugget JE1 BE1.png Gold Nugget JE2 BE2.png
Emerald Emerald JE1 BE1.png Emerald JE3 BE3.png
Diamond Diamond JE1 BE1.png Diamond JE2 BE2.png
Gunpowder Gunpowder JE1 BE1.png Gunpowder JE2 BE2.png
Redstone Dust Redstone Dust Revision 1.png Redstone Dust.png
Glowstone Dust Glowstone Dust JE1 BE1.png Glowstone Dust JE2 BE2.png
Bone Meal Bone Meal Revision 1.png Bone Meal.png
Ink Sac Ink Sac JE1 BE1.png Ink Sac JE2 BE2.png
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Revision 1.png Lapis Lazuli.png
Prismarine Shard Prismarine Shard Revision 1.png Prismarine Shard.png
Prismarine Crystal Prismarine Crystals Revision 1.png Prismarine Crystals.png
Nether Quartz Nether Quartz Revision 1.png Nether quartz TextureUpdate.png
Flint Flint JE1 BE1.png Flint JE2 BE2.png
Feather Feather JE2 BE1.png Feather JE3 BE2.png
Leather Leather Revision 1.png Leather TextureUpdate.png
Rabbit Hide Rabbit Hide Revision 2.png Rabbit hide TextureUpdate.png
Rabbit's Foot Rabbit's Foot Revision 2.png Rabbit's Foot.png
Clay Clay JE1 BE1.png Clay JE2 BE2.png
Slimeball Slimeball Revision 1.png Slimeball TextureUpdate.png
Magma Cream Magma Cream Revision 1.png Magma Cream.png
Nether Star Nether Star JE2 BE1.png Nether star TextureUpdate.png
Bone Bone JE1 BE1.png Bone JE3 BE2.png
Ghast Tear Ghast Tear JE1 BE1.png Ghast Tear JE2 BE2.png
Ender Pearl Ender Pearl JE1 BE1.png Ender Pearl JE2 BE2.png
Shulker Shell Shulker Shell Revision 1.png Shulker Shell.png
Brick Brick Revision 1.png Brick TextureUpdate.png
Nether Brick Nether Brick Revision 1.png Nether Brick TextureUpdate.png
Phantom Membrane Phantom Membrane Revision 1.png Phantom Membrane TextureUpdate.png
String String JE1 BE1.png String JE2 BE2.png
Paper Paper Revision 1.png Paper.png
Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath JE1 BE1.png Dragon's Breath JE2 BE2.png


Name Old texture New texture
All Minecarts Minecart (Item) Revision 2.pngMinecart with Chest (Item) Revision 1.pngMinecart with Command Block (Item) Revision 1.pngMinecart with Furnace (Item) JE1.pngMinecart with Hopper (Item) Revision 1.pngMinecart with TNT (Item) Revision 1.png Minecart (Item).pngMinecart with Chest (Item).pngMinecart with Command Block (Item).pngMinecart with Furnace (Item).pngMinecart with Hopper (Item).pngMinecart with TNT (Item).png
All Boats Oak Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngSpruce Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngBirch Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngJungle Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngAcacia Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngDark Oak Boat (Item) Revision 1.png Oak Boat (Item).pngSpruce Boat (Item).pngBirch Boat (Item).pngJungle Boat (Item).pngAcacia Boat (Item).pngDark Oak Boat (Item).png
Elytra/Broken Elytra Elytra (Item) Revision 1.pngBroken Elytra (Item) Revision 1.png Elytra (Item).pngBroken elytra (Item).png


Name Old texture New texture
Apple Apple Revision 2.png Apple TextureUpdate.png
Golden Apple Golden Apple Revision 1.png Golden Apple TextureUpdate.png
Beetroot Beetroot Revision 1.png Beetroot TextureUpdate.png
Beetroot Soup Beetroot Soup Revision 1.png Beetroot soup TextureUpdate.png
Bread Bread JE2 BE2.png Bread JE3 BE3.png
Cake Cake (Item) Revision 1.png Cake TextureUpdate.png
Carrot Carrot JE2 BE1.png Carrot JE3 BE2.png
Golden Carrot Golden Carrot JE3 BE1.png Golden Carrot TextureUpdate.png
Raw Chicken Raw Chicken Revision 2.png Raw Chicken TextureUpdate.png
Cooked Chicken Cooked Chicken Revision 2.png Cooked Chicken TextureUpdate.png
Raw Beef Raw Beef Revision 2.png Raw Beef TextureUpdate.png
Steak Steak Revision 2.png Steak TextureUpdate.png
Raw Mutton Raw Mutton Revision 2.png Raw Mutton TextureUpdate.png
Cooked Mutton Cooked Mutton JE2 BE1.png Cooked Mutton TextureUpdate.png
Raw Porkchop Raw Porkchop Revision 2.png Raw Porkchop TextureUpdate.png
Cooked Porkchop Cooked Porkchop Revision 3.png Cooked Porkchop.png
Raw Rabbit Raw Rabbit Revision 2.png Raw Rabbit TextureUpdate.png
Cooked Rabbit Cooked Rabbit Revision 2.png Cooked Rabbit TextureUpdate.png
Chorus Fruit Chorus Fruit Revision 1.png Chorus Fruit.png
Cookie Cookie Revision 1.png Cookie TextureUpdate.png
Melon Slice Melon Slice Revision 1.png Melon slice TextureUpdate.png
Mushroom Stew Mushroom Stew Revision 1.png Mushroom stew TextureUpdate.png
Potato Potato Revision 1.png Potato TextureUpdate.png
Poisonous Potato Poisonous Potato Revision 1.png Poisonous Potato TextureUpdate.png
Baked Potato Baked Potato Revision 1.png Baked potato TextureUpdate.png
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie Revision 1.png Pumpkin pie TextureUpdate.png
Rabbit Stew Rabbit Stew Revision 1.png Rabbit Stew TextureUpdate.png
Rotten Flesh Rotten Flesh JE1 BE1.png Rotten flesh TextureUpdate.png
Spider Eye Spider Eye Revision 1.png Spider eye TextureUpdate.png
Cooked Cod Cooked Cod Revision 2.png Cooked Cod TextureUpdate.png
Egg Egg Revision 1.png Egg TextureUpdate.png


Name Old texture New texture
Wheat Wheat JE1 BE1.png Wheat JE2 BE2.png
Sugar Cane Sugar Cane (Item) Revision 1.png Sugar Cane (Item).png
Beetroot Seeds Beetroot Seeds JE1 BE1.png Beetroot Seeds JE2 BE2.png
Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans JE2 BE1.png Cocoa Beans JE3 BE2.png


Name Old texture New texture
All Dyes Red Dye Revision 1.pngYellow Dye Revision 1.pngGreen Dye Revision 1.pngOrange Dye Revision 1.pngLight Blue Dye Revision 1.pngMagenta Dye Revision 1.pngPink Dye Revision 1.pngLight Gray Dye Revision 1.pngLime Dye Revision 1.pngCyan Dye Revision 1.pngPurple Dye Revision 1.pngGray Dye Revision 1.png Red Dye TextureUpdate.pngYellow Dye.pngGreen Dye TextureUpdate.pngOrange Dye TextureUpdate.pngLight Blue Dye TextureUpdate.pngMagenta Dye TextureUpdate.pngPink Dye TextureUpdate.pngLight Gray Dye TextureUpdate.pngLime Dye TextureUpdate.pngCyan Dye TextureUpdate.pngPurple Dye TextureUpdate.pngGray Dye TextureUpdate.png
Dyes in Bedrock Edition Lapis Lazuli Revision 1.pngBone Meal Revision 1.pngInk Sac JE1 BE1.pngCocoa Beans JE2 BE1.png Lapis Lazuli TextureUpdate.pngBone Meal.pngInk Sac JE2 BE2.pngCocoa Beans JE3 BE2.png


Name Old texture New texture Description
All Pickaxes Wooden Pickaxe JE1 BE1.pngStone Pickaxe JE1 BE1.pngIron Pickaxe JE1 BE1.pngGolden Pickaxe JE2 BE1.pngDiamond Pickaxe JE1 BE1.png Wooden Pickaxe JE3 BE3.pngStone Pickaxe JE2 BE2.pngIron Pickaxe JE2 BE2.pngGolden Pickaxe JE4 BE3.pngDiamond Pickaxe JE3 BE3.png Wooden, golden and diamond are ‌[BE only][upcoming: JE 1.16]
All Shovels Wooden Shovel JE1 BE1.pngStone Shovel JE1 BE1.pngIron Shovel JE1 BE1.pngGolden Shovel JE2 BE1.pngDiamond Shovel JE1 BE1.png Wooden Shovel JE2 BE2.pngStone Shovel JE2 BE2.pngIron Shovel JE2 BE2.pngGolden Shovel JE3 BE2.pngDiamond Shovel JE3 BE3.png Diamond is ‌[BE only][upcoming: JE 1.16]
All Axes Wooden Axe JE1 BE1.pngStone Axe JE1 BE1.pngIron Axe JE3 BE1.pngGolden Axe JE2 BE1.pngDiamond Axe JE1 BE1.png Wooden Axe JE2 BE2.png80pxIron Axe JE4 BE2.pngGolden Axe JE3 BE2.pngDiamond Axe JE2 BE2.png Diamond is ‌[BE only][upcoming: JE 1.16]
All Hoes Wooden Hoe JE1 BE1.pngStone Hoe JE1 BE1.pngIron Hoe JE1 BE1.pngGolden Hoe JE1 BE1.pngDiamond Hoe JE1 BE1.png Wooden Hoe JE2 BE2.pngStone Hoe JE2 BE2.pngIron Hoe JE2 BE2.pngGolden Hoe JE2 BE2.pngDiamond Hoe JE2 BE2.png Wooden, stone, golden and diamond are ‌[BE only][upcoming: JE 1.16]
Shears Shears Revision 1.png Shears.png
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod Revision 1.pngCast Fishing Rod Revision 1.png Fishing Rod.pngCast Fishing Rod.png
Carrot on a Stick Carrot on a Stick Revision 1.png Carrot on a Stick.png
Flint and Steel Flint and Steel Revision 3.png Flint and Steel.png
Lead Lead Revision 1.png Lead.png
Name Tag Name Tag Revision 1.png Name Tag.png
Empty Map Empty Map JE1 BE1.png Empty Map JE2 BE2.png
Map Map (Item) JE1 BE1.png Map (Item) JE2 BE2.png [JE only]
Map (Item) BE3.png [BE only]
Explorer Maps Woodland Explorer Map JE1 BE1.pngOcean Explorer Map JE1 BE1.png Woodland Explorer Map JE2 BE2.pngOcean Explorer Map JE2 BE2.png [JE only]
Woodland Explorer Map BE3.pngOcean Explorer Map BE3.png [BE only]


Name Old texture New texture Description
All Swords Wooden Sword JE1 BE1.pngStone Sword JE1 BE1.pngIron Sword JE1 BE1.pngGolden Sword JE2 BE1.pngDiamond Sword JE1 BE1.png Wooden Sword JE2 BE2.pngStone Sword JE2 BE2.pngIron Sword JE2 BE2.pngGolden Sword JE3 BE2.pngDiamond Sword JE2 BE2.png Diamond is ‌[BE only]
[upcoming: JE 1.16]
Fire Charge Fire Charge JE1 BE1.png Fire Charge JE2 BE2.png
Snowball Snowball JE1 BE1.png Snowball JE3 BE3.png
Spectral Arrow Spectral Arrow (Item) JE1.png Spectral Arrow (Item) JE2.png


Name Old texture New texture Description
Armor items
(except diamond)
Leather Cap (Item) JE3 BE2.pngChainmail Helmet (Item) JE1 BE1.pngIron Helmet (Item) JE1 BE1.pngGolden Helmet (Item) JE1 BE1.png

Leather Tunic (Item) JE3 BE2.pngChainmail Chestplate (Item) JE1 BE1.pngIron Chestplate (Item) JE1 BE1.pngGolden Chestplate (Item) JE1 BE1.png
Leather Pants (Item) JE3 BE2.pngChainmail Leggings (Item) JE1 BE1.pngIron Leggings (Item) JE1 BE1.pngGolden Leggings (Item) JE1 BE1.png
Leather Boots (Item) JE3 BE2.pngChainmail Boots (Item) JE1 BE1.pngIron Boots (Item) JE1 BE1.pngGolden Boots (Item) JE1 BE1.png

Leather Cap (Item) JE4 BE3.pngChainmail Helmet (Item) JE2 BE2.pngIron Helmet (Item) JE2 BE2.pngGolden Helmet (Item) JE3 BE3.png

Leather Tunic (Item) JE4 BE3.pngChainmail Chestplate (Item) JE2 BE2.pngIron Chestplate (Item) JE2 BE2.pngGolden Chestplate (Item) JE3 BE3.png
Leather Pants (Item) JE4 BE3.pngChainmail Leggings (Item) JE2 BE2.pngIron Leggings (Item) JE2 BE2.pngGolden Leggings (Item) JE3 BE3.png
Leather Boots (Item) JE4 BE3.pngChainmail Boots (Item) JE2 BE2.pngIron Boots (Item) JE2 BE2.pngGolden Boots (Item) JE3 BE3.png

Diamond armor items Diamond Helmet (Item) JE1 BE1.png
Diamond Chestplate (Item) JE1 BE1.png
Diamond Leggings (Item) JE1 BE1.png
Diamond Boots (Item) JE1 BE1.png
Diamond Helmet (Item) JE2 BE2.png
Diamond Chestplate (Item) JE2 BE2.png
Diamond Leggings (Item) JE2 BE2.png
Diamond Boots (Item) JE2 BE2.png
[until JE 1.16 & BE 1.16]
Diamond Helmet (Item) JE3 BE3.png
Diamond Chestplate (Item) JE3 BE3.png
Diamond Leggings (Item) JE3 BE3.png
Diamond Boots (Item) JE3 BE3.png
[upcoming: JE 1.16 & BE 1.16]
All Horse Armor Leather Horse Armor (Item) BE1.pngIron Horse Armor (Item) Revision 1.pngGolden Horse Armor (Item) Revision 1.pngDiamond Horse Armor (Item) Revision 1.png Leather Horse Armor (Item) JE2 BE3.pngIron Horse Armor (Item).pngGolden Horse Armor (Item).pngDiamond Horse Armor (Item).png


Name Old texture New texture
Totem of Undying Totem of Undying Revision 1.png Totem of Undying TextureUpdate.png
Bottle o' Enchanting Bottle o' Enchanting JE1 BE1.png Bottle o' Enchanting TextureUpdate.png
Brewing Stand Brewing Stand (Item) Revision 1.png Brewing stand (Item) TextureUpdate.png
Cauldron Cauldron (Item) Revision 1.png Cauldron (Item) TextureUpdate.png
Hopper Hopper (Item) Revision 2.png Hopper (Item).png
Saddle Saddle Revision 1.png Saddle TextureUpdate.png
Bucket Bucket JE1 BE1.png Bucket JE2 BE2.png
Water Bucket Water Bucket JE1 BE1.png Water Bucket JE2 BE2.png
Lava Bucket Lava Bucket Revision 1.png Lava Bucket.png
Milk Bucket Milk Bucket Revision 1.png Milk Bucket.png
All Buckets of Fish Bucket of Cod Revision 1.pngBucket of Salmon Revision 1.pngBucket of Pufferfish Revision 1.pngBucket of Tropical Fish Revision 2.png Bucket of Cod.pngBucket of Salmon.pngBucket of Pufferfish.pngBucket of Tropical Fish.png


Name Old texture New texture
Book Book Revision 1.png Book TextureUpdate.png
Book and Quill Book and Quill Revision 1.png Book and Quill TextureUpdate.png
Written Book Written Book Revision 1.png Written Book.png
Enchanted Book Enchanted Book Revision 1.png Enchanted Book.png
Bowl Bowl Revision 1.png Bowl.png
End Crystal End Crystal (item) Revision 1.png End Crystal (item) TextureUpdate.png
Eye of Ender Eye of Ender JE1 BE1.png Eye of Ender JE2 BE2.png
Fermented Spider Eye Fermented Spider Eye Revision 1.png Fermented Spider Eye Revision 2.png
Firework Rocket Firework Rocket Revision 1.png Firework Rocket.png
Sugar Sugar Revision 1.png Sugar TextureUpdate.png
Glistering Melon Slice Glistering Melon Slice Revision 1.png Glistering Melon Slice TextureUpdate.png
Popped Chorus Fruit Popped Chorus Fruit Revision 1.png Popped Chorus Fruit TextureUpdate.png
Oak Sign Oak Sign Revision 1.png Oak Sign TextureUpdate.png
Painting Painting Revision 1.png Painting TextureUpdate.png
Item Frame Item Frame (Item) Revision 1.png Item Frame (Item).png
Glass Bottle Glass Bottle Revision 1.png Glass Bottle.png
Music Disc (11) Music Disc (11) Revision 1.png Music Disc (11).png


Name Old texture New texture
Potion Water Bottle Revision 1.pngPotion of Swiftness Revision 1.pngPotion of Slowness Revision 1.pngPotion of Strength Revision 1.pngPotion of Healing Revision 1.pngPotion of Harming Revision 1.pngPotion of Leaping Revision 1.pngPotion of Regeneration Revision 1.pngPotion of Fire Resistance Revision 1.pngPotion of Water Breathing Revision 1.pngPotion of Invisibility Revision 1.pngPotion of Night Vision Revision 1.pngPotion of Weakness Revision 1.pngPotion of Poison Revision 1.pngPotion of Decay Revision 1.pngPotion of Luck Revision 1.pngPotion of the Turtle Master Revision 1.pngPotion of Slow Falling Revision 1.pngUncraftable Potion Revision 1.png Water Bottle.pngPotion of Swiftness.pngPotion of Slowness.pngPotion of Strength.pngPotion of Healing.pngPotion of Harming.pngPotion of Leaping.pngPotion of Regeneration.pngPotion of Fire Resistance.pngPotion of Water Breathing.pngPotion of Invisibility.pngPotion of Night Vision.pngPotion of Weakness.pngPotion of Poison.pngPotion of Decay.pngPotion of Luck.pngPotion of the Turtle Master.pngPotion of Slow Falling.pngUncraftable Potion.png
Splash Potion Splash Water Bottle Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Swiftness Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Slowness Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Strength Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Healing Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Harming Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Leaping Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Regeneration Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Fire Resistance Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Water Breathing Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Invisibility Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Night Vision Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Weakness Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Poison Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Decay Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Luck Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of the Turtle Master Revision 1.pngSplash Potion of Slow Falling Revision 1.pngUncraftable Splash Potion Revision 1.png Splash Water Bottle.pngSplash Potion of Swiftness.pngSplash Potion of Slowness.pngSplash Potion of Strength.pngSplash Potion of Healing.pngSplash Potion of Harming.pngSplash Potion of Leaping.pngSplash Potion of Regeneration.pngSplash Potion of Fire Resistance.pngSplash Potion of Water Breathing.pngSplash Potion of Invisibility.pngSplash Potion of Night Vision.pngSplash Potion of Weakness.pngSplash Potion of Poison.pngSplash Potion of Decay.pngSplash Potion of Luck.pngSplash Potion of the Turtle Master.pngSplash Potion of Slow Falling.pngUncraftable Splash Potion.png
Lingering Potion Lingering Water Bottle Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Swiftness Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Slowness Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Strength Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Healing Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Harming Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Leaping Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Regeneration Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Fire Resistance Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Water Breathing Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Invisibility Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Night Vision Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Weakness Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Poison Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Decay Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Luck Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of the Turtle Master Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Slow Falling Revision 1.pngLingering Potion of Uncraftable Revision 1.png Lingering Water Bottle.pngLingering Potion of Swiftness.pngLingering Potion of Slowness.pngLingering Potion of Strength.pngLingering Potion of Healing.pngLingering Potion of Harming.pngLingering Potion of Leaping.pngLingering Potion of Regeneration.pngLingering Potion of Fire Resistance.pngLingering Potion of Water Breathing.pngLingering Potion of Invisibility.pngLingering Potion of Night Vision.pngLingering Potion of Weakness.pngLingering Potion of Poison.pngLingering Potion of Decay.pngLingering Potion of Luck.pngLingering Potion of the Turtle Master.pngLingering Potion of Slow Falling.pngUncraftable Lingering Potion.png

Creative Only[edit]

Name Old texture New texture
Barrier Barrier Revision 1.png Barrier.png
Structure Void Structure Void JE1.png Structure Void JE2.png
Knowledge Book Knowledge Book Revision 1.png Knowledge Book TextureUpdate.png



Name Old texture New texture
Chicken Chicken Revision 1.png Chicken.png
Cow Cow Revision 4.png Cow.png
Pig Pig Revision 2.png Pig.png
Sheep White Sheep Revision 2.png White Sheep.png
Bat Bat Revision 1.png Bat.png
Mooshroom Mooshroom Revision 2.png Mooshroom.png
Ocelot Ocelot Revision 1.png Ocelot.png
Horse White Horse old.png White Horse.png
Skeleton Horse Skeleton Horse Revision 2.png Skeleton Horse.png
Zombie Horse Zombie Horse Revision 2.png Zombie Horse Revision 3.png
Donkey Donkey Revision 4.png Donkey.png
Mule Mule Revision 3.png Mule.png
Rabbit Brown Rabbit Revision 1.png Brown Rabbit.png
Squid Squid Revision 1.png Squid.png


Name Old texture New texture Description
Iron Golem Iron Golem Revision 1.png Iron Golem.png
Llama Creamy Llama Revision 1.png Creamy Llama.png
Polar Bear Polar Bear Revision 1.png Polar Bear.png
Snow Golem Snow Golem Revision 1.png Snow Golem.png
Wolf Wolf Revision 1.png Wolf.png
Zombie Pigman Zombie Pigman Revision 3.png Zombie Pigman.png [until JE 1.16 & BE 1.16]


Name Old texture New texture Description
Zombie Zombie Revision 1.png Zombie.png
Husk Husk Revision 1.png Husk.png
Skeleton Skeleton Revision 5.png Skeleton.png
Stray Stray Revision 1.png Stray.png
Spider Spider JE3 BE2.png Spider JE4 BE3.png
Cave Spider Cave Spider Revision 1.png Cave Spider.png
Witch Witch Revision 2.png Witch.png
Slime Slime JE3 BE1.png Slime JE4 BE2.png
Magma Cube Magma Cube Revision 1.png Magma Cube.png
Wither Skeleton Wither Skeleton Revision 3.png Wither Skeleton.png
Ghast Ghast Revision 1.png Ghast.png
Blaze Blaze Revision 1.png Blaze.png
Guardian Guardian Revision 1.png Guardian.png
Elder Guardian Elder Guardian Revision 1.png Elder Guardian.png
Evoker Evoker Revision 1.png Evoker.png
Vindicator Vindicator JE1 BE1.png Vindicator JE3.png [JE only]
Vindicator JE2 BE2.png [BE only]
Illusioner Illusioner Revision 1.png Illusioner.png
Vex Vex Revision 1.png Vex.png
Evoker Fangs Evoker Fangs Revision 1.png Evoker Fangs.png
Wither Wither Revision 1.png Wither.png


Name Old texture New texture
Boat Oak Boat JE2 BE1.pngSpruce Boat JE1 BE1.pngBirch Boat JE1 BE1.pngJungle Boat JE1 BE1.pngAcacia Boat JE1 BE1.pngDark Oak Boat JE1 BE1.png Oak Boat JE4 BE2.pngSpruce Boat JE3 BE2.pngBirch Boat JE3 BE2.pngJungle Boat JE3 BE2.pngAcacia Boat JE3 BE2.pngDark Oak Boat JE3 BE2.png
All Minecart Minecart Revision 1.pngMinecart with Chest Revision 3.pngMinecart with Furnace Revision 2.pngMinecart with Hopper Revision 1.pngMinecart with TNT Revision 1.pngMinecart with Command Block Revision 2.pngMinecart with Repeating Command Block Revision 1.pngMinecart with Spawner Revision 1.png Minecart.pngMinecart with Chest.pngMinecart with Furnace.pngMinecart with Hopper.pngMinecart with TNT.pngMinecart with Command Block.pngMinecart with Repeating Command Block.pngMinecart with Spawner.png
Elytra Elytra Revision 1.png Elytra.png


Name Old texture New texture Description
All Armor Armor leather (Entity) before TextureUpdate.pngArmor chainmail (Entity).pngArmor iron (Entity).pngArmor golden (Entity).pngArmor diamond (Entity).png Armor leather (Entity).pngArmor chainmail (Entity) TextureUpdate.pngArmor iron (Entity) TextureUpdate.pngArmor golden (Entity) TextureUpdate.pngArmor diamond (Entity) TextureUpdate.png
Shield Shield Revision 1.png Shield.png
Armor Stand Armor Stand JE1.png Armor Stand JE3.png
End Crystal End Crystal Revision 1.png End Crystal.png
Dragon Fireball Dragon Fireball JE1 BE1.png Dragon Fireball JE2.png [JE only]
Dragon Fireball BE2.png [BE only]



Name Old texture New texture
Absorption Absorption Revision 2.png Absorption.png
Blindness Blindness Revision 1.png Blindness.png
Fire Resistance Fire Resistance Revision 1.png Fire Resistance.png
Glowing Glowing Revision 1.png Glowing.png
Haste Haste Revision 1.png Haste.png
Health Boost Health Boost Revision 2.png Health Boost.png
Hunger Hunger Revision 1.png Hunger.png
Invisibility Invisibility Revision 1.png Invisibility.png
Jump Boost Jump Boost Revision 1.png Jump Boost.png
Levitation Levitation Revision 1.png Levitation.png
Luck Luck Revision 1.png Luck.png
Mining Fatigue Mining Fatigue Revision 1.png Mining Fatigue.png
Nausea Nausea Revision 1.png Nausea.png
Night Vision Night Vision Revision 1.png Night Vision.png
Poison Poison Revision 1.png Poison.png
Regeneration Regeneration Revision 1.png Regeneration.png
Resistance Resistance Revision 1.png Resistance.png
Slowness Slowness Revision 1.png Slowness.png
Speed Speed Revision 1.png Speed.png
Strength Strength Revision 1.png Strength.png
Bad Luck Bad Luck Revision 1.png Bad Luck.png
Water Breathing Water Breathing Revision 1.png Water Breathing.png
Weakness Weakness Revision 1.png Weakness.png
Wither Wither (effect) Revision 1.png Wither (effect).png


Video made by slicedlime:


Java Edition
1.1418w43aChanged all textures.
18w43bFixed a few textures.
18w44aChanged the textures of sand, stone, andesite, enchanting table (part of obsidian), diorite, obsidian, cactus, and wheat.
18w47aChanged the textures of all logs, planks, gold and diamond blocks, glowstone, nether bricks, and red sand and sandstone, as well as other blocks.
Minor changes to regular, mossy, cracked and chiseled stone bricks; and wheat crops.
18w47bChanged the textures of impulse and repeating command blocks, spruce door and trapdoor, raw and cooked cod, and the tuxedo cat.
Changed the top textures of normal and stripped logs.
18w50aChanged the textures of bed, bedrock, cobblestone, emerald block, end stone, grass, mossy cobblestone, nether quartz ore, quartz pillar, red nether bricks, red sandstone, sandstone, and spruce planks.
Changed the obsidian side and bottom textures of enchanting table, and the top texture of stripped jungle log.
Changed the textures of baked potato, fermented spider eye, all horse armor, potato, poisonous potato, and rabbit stew.
19w08aChanged the textures of emerald block, diamond ore, diorite, grass block, snowy grass block, podzol, mycelium, oak door, stained glass, and stained glass panes.
Changed the textures of gold armor, horse armor, cake, emerald, phantom membrane, and snowball.
Changed the textures of iron golems, skeleton horses, and zombie horses.
Changed the icons of Luck and Bad Luck effects.
19w13bChanged the texture of normal quartz block, stairs and slabs included.
1.14.1Pre-Release 1Changed the textures of crafting table, iron ore, and leather and iron horse armor.
1.1519w46aChanged the texture of dragon fireball.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1620w06aChanged the texture of nether wart block.
20w09aChanged the textures of diamond axe, diamond boots, diamond helmet, diamond hoe, diamond leggings, diamond pickaxe, diamond shovel, diamond sword, golden hoe, golden pickaxe, wooden hoe, wooden pickaxe and purpur pillar.
Bedrock Edition
1.8.0December 13, 2018Released beta resource pack with the new textures.
1.10.0beta Texture Update textures are now the default.
1.11.0beta several textures.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.90The Texture Update textures are now the default.
Old textures are available in the built-in "Classic Textures" texture pack.
1.91Changed several textures.


  • On April 1, 2018, the Texture Update was "released" on Java Edition as a April Fools' joke and the new 8-bit default version of textures were released for Java Edition. The new textures were available in versions of 1.12.x and versions from 17w43a to 18w11a. It was announced that all editions of Minecraft would get these new textures. The new textures were actually the original textures using 8-bit color, leading to a drastic reduction in detail.[7]
    • The textures were reverted to the way they were before on April 2, 2018.[8] These textures cannot be re-activated by setting the device's date to April 1, 2018.
  • The Texture Update Beta Pack gallery on the Minecraft Marketplace uses screenshots from the Java Edition.