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Resource Packs/Native

The texture packs load time was excessively long, so they have been split into separate pages to decrease load time.

These texture packs do not require the use of a 3rd party HD patcher, although one is recommended if it adds new water, lava, portal or fire textures.

Native Resolution Resource Packs
Name Description Author Version Link Latest Compatible Release Size
Aleph Setei - Alien World


A fun and bizarre alien world texture pack! NewEvolution v1.39 Planet Minecraft 1.4.7 1.9 MB
Angry Birds by Frog2face

Angry Birds PMC Image.png

The very first Angry Birds themed texture pack to exist. Created by Frog2face and uploaded to PlanetMinecraft. Almost 2 years in the making, with credit to Rovio for their awesome iOS game by the same name, which gave the inspiration. Frog2face 1.5 Ready! Planet Minecraft 1.5.2 3.0 MB
The Asphyxious CustomPack


A spooky TexturePack for Minecraft!

Guarantee more terrifying than a herd of Bananas!!!

Need McPatcher or Optifine

Asphyxious Blackhole v.xXx Planet Minecraft


1.5.2 10.7 MB
"Better than Default"


An upgrade for the default textures adding a lot of features including Connected Textures, Random Textures, Better Glass, Custom Colors, better readable HD in-game font, Random Mobs, camouflaged Creepers, a better HD night skybox and some additional HD features/animations. _zombiehunter v 1.7 Forum 1.7.4 8.7 MB
Blueberry Swiss Roll Pack


The theme is pretty colorful and a little cartoony. You could maybe even describe it being one of those simple and clean packs but with a strong and uniform theme. Everything is drawn by hand from ground up by me except those tiny parts here and there which are still from vanilla Minecraft. liuhuparta V 0.20 Forum 1.4.7/13w02a 1.4.7 1.65 MB 13w02a 1.85 MB


A rich, warm, smooth, fantasy based RPG pack with unique designs and warm colors, designed to fit any Minecraft player's needs. peytonisgreat V 4.2 Forum 1.5.2 1.89 MB
Bias's Stump


A growing set of themed, organic textures bent on recreating aesthetic existence. The_Bias_P11 1.4.6 Forum 1.4.6 2.6 MB


A retro Texture Pack. Now works with Mods (look at the readme in the zip) and the vanilla version is seperate. Biochemic 1.5.0a Forum 1.5.2 2.2 MB


BoxCraft texturepack! Boxxy like textures, to give some interesting looks to Minecraft! Created by MillCzarr


Continued by Aahzchi




Planet Minecraft

1.6.1 292 KB
A Brave New World


Seasonal Rotating Texture Pack with Holidays! TQuin &e0 Planet Minecraft


1.4.7 42 MB


A cleaner, smoother and more vibrant pack. nobbie N/A Forum

Planet Minecraft

1.7.2 2.71 MB

Cartoonism Banner.png

Gives Minecraft a simple cartoony look. chumps52 V1.4.3 Forum 1.4.7/13w02a 1.4.7 2 MB 13w02a 3 MB
Coterie Craft


Once based off the Quandary Pack, now a unique package with the goal of becoming the new default. Cpt. Corn V4s Forum 1.5.2 6.4 MB


The Nintendo Game Boy themed pack, available in two different shades of green. Created by chibifs and Chocolatekirby, now maintained by Maligree. Maligree 1.5 Forum 1.5.2 1.4 MB


A Brazilian texture pack, enjoy it! Uma textura brasileira, aproveite! Daniel_MK v3.5 Website 1.4.7 300 kB
Forgotten Lands


Biome-oriented: you can find autumn forests and even grow a frozen park in tundra. Redesigned terrain, mobs, items, interface. XRB powered. 1.11 Website


1.5.2 2.99 MB
Galahir950's Redwood Texture Pack


A Cel-Shaded Texture Pack Galahir950 V12.3_03 Forum 1.7.2/13w43a 7 MB
Hamu Texture


HamuTexture é uma fan textura brasileira. Inovadora e diferente mais sem perder o ar natural do jogo.

eng: HamuTexture is a Brazilian fan texture. More innovative and different without losing the natural game.

Hamuray Version HamuTexture v1.7c Website 1.7 e 1.6.4 1.6 MB Apenas textura / 48.5 MB Com Sons
Isabella II


Isabella II is a reworked version of Isabella (now called Isabella Classic.) It offers the same melancholic feel but with brighter visuals, improving the experience on a wider range of monitors. Isabella II was originally created by bonemouse, but was taken over by OttosonicSrugs after version 1.5. OttosonicSrugs 1.6 Original (Forum) New (Forum) 1.6.2 3.0MB


“Minecraft is a game about crafting the world around you. What better way to craft the world than to craft the very stuff the world is made of?” This pack transforms the game into a fairy tale. Andrejolicoeur 4.7 Forum 1.5/13w02a 163kB
Kakariko Village Texture Pack


Inspired by "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". This resource pack focuses on having sharp clean Zeldaish textures and blending that into the Minecraft experience. This is a complete texture pack, replacing blocks, items, mobs and more. Sean Pyke (NTuneR) 17.3.0 Website 1.7.4 958 KB


A Celtic texture pack based on the movie The Secret of Kells. FeatherBoy v2.2 Forum 1.4.2 ~1.7 MB


MaxPack is a smooth cartoony / simple pack, which uses the style of "Rectangles and Shadows." I stuck to those basic rules and came out with a unique style that some people really like! Maxin v 2.0 Planet Minecraft 1.5.2 736 kB
Mario & NES Pack


A texture pack based on Super Mario Bros. and other NES games. updated frequently. darkychao 2.5 Planet Minecraft 1.5.2/2.0 1 MB


An MS Paint Adventures (Homestuck) texture pack, made with cooperation from the community. Warlyte v0.16 Forum 1.4.2 574 kB


Designed for use on "MineZ" servers. This resource pack tries to give the Minecraft GUI a military style head-up display. It is primarily a GUI replacement pack, but also has a small number of re-textured items. It is not currently in active development as the author is primarily focused on the "Kakariko Village Texture Pack". Sean Pyke (NTuneR) 3.0.0 Website 1.6.2 65 KB
Mythra's Cheerful Pack

CP Display.png

This texture pack was created to be fun and cheerful. Although popular with female crafters, it's designed to brighten anyone's day. Mythra13 1.0.0 Planet Minecraft 1.6.2 849 kB
Mythra's Chrono Trigger 1000AD

CT1000 Display.png

This texture pack is based on the 1995 video game Chrono Trigger. The setting for this one is a fantasy world RPG, with colorful fun textures. Mythra13 1.0.0 Planet Minecraft 1.6.2 982 kB
Mythra's Chrono Trigger 2300AD

CT2300 Display.png

This texture pack is based on the 1995 video game Chrono Trigger. The setting for this one is a bleak and dismal future, thus the color palette is dull with browns and dark tones prevalent. Mythra13 1.0.0 Planet Minecraft 1.6.2 985 kB
Mythra's Dark Realism


This texture pack is designed to be a full improvement over default textures with the added goal of giving the game a darker feel. High quality for low resolution. Mythra13 1.0.0 Planet Minecraft 1.6.2 781 kB
Mythra's New Realism

NR Display.png

This texture pack is designed to be a full improvement over default textures. Created to enhance the look of the game without increasing the resolution. Mythra13 1.0.0 Planet Minecraft 1.6.2 981 kB
Mythra's Shining Force


This texture pack is based on the 1992 Sega Genesis game Shining Force. It uses mostly bright colors and has a nostalgic feel. Mythra13 1.0.0 Planet Minecraft 1.6.2 425 kB
nobbie's Medieval Pack

Nobbies medieval intro-320.png

nobbie's Medieval Pack tries to achieve a medieval / RPG / fantasy feel with some natural grittiness to it. nobbie N/A Planet Minecraft 1.7.2 3.4 MB


A Viking themed 16x16/32x32 hybrid texture pack. Most is 16x16 but Mobs and armor are 32x32. Has a more realistic and darker look. LordTrilobite V 2.0 Forum Planet Minecraft 1.4.6 1.4 MB


This pack has several versions that makes Minecraft look like Survival_Test, Alpha 1.1.2 or Alpha 1.2.0, and makes you remember the good old Minecraft days. 2XMM2 N/A Forum 1.5
OttieCraft 16x

OttieCraft 16x Picture.png

Simple and blocky! ottiemans v1.5.3 Planet Minecraft 1.4.7 1.2 MB
Painterly Pack


“Painterly pack is a complete, native-resolution graphics package for Minecraft which attempts to improve the graphics of the game drastically, while still keeping the native texture resolution, and overall spirit and humor of the game, intact.” Official site. Allows customization of Texture Pack to over 2000 different textures. Rhodox last updated


Website 1.5 3.6 MB
FW's Texturepack


FW's Texturepack is a mix of Default, Painterly Pack and Custom Textures. FW last updated


Website 1.5.2/13w12 9,76 MB


Designed to play Minecraft as if we are in a Comic book. It's "vector based" and is available in all common resolutions from 16x to 512x. Sphax N/A Forum


1.5/13w02a 1.8 MB
Quandary Ancient Roots


A Quandary variant, going back to its roots. It leaves out some of the sweeping changes in Quandary, simply aiming to make objects more realistic and textured. Eric Haines N/A Website 1.6.4 477 kB

RGC Shadowcraft Frontpage.png

Black-white textures with few strong colours. Click link for screenshots. (alphabetized) RegsaGC ~1.3 Forum 1.3.2 600 kB


A simple Minecraft texture pack that is awesome for building and impossible to confuse the textures. Supports both Beta and Classic. RandomMac5 v10.7 Forum 1.3.2 250.1 kB
StugAce's Romecraft!


This texture pack attempts adds a new theme to Minecraft, a Ancient Rome theme to Minecraft. StugAce 9.5 Planet Minecraft 1.5 909 kB
Trippin' Craft Pack

Trippin Craft.png

A texture pack based on a psychedelia theme. This texture pack makes strong use of the grass color/foliage color files, and is a must for those in some altered state of mind. (Sober people enjoy this pack too!) Pykes V 3.0 Planet Minecraft 1.5.2 10 MB


Simple and very beautiful Exel80 & J0P v4.5 Forum 1.3.2 2.21 MB
Terraria texture pack for Minecraft


A Terraria based texture pack for Minecraft. Now updated to Minecraft 1.5! TheGTRacer97 T1.1 Forum 1.5 931 kB
The Voxel Box Official - Pangaea Creative Texture Pack


The VoxelBox's Creative texture pack is a complete Minecraft makeover full of extra blocks and containing several re-purposed blocks, most notably the ore textures. This gives creative builders access to new and different materials! An exciting collection of new and practical items for tools, and role play are included to replace the defaults. DataValue Chart The Voxel Box 6.5.2011a Wiki 1.3.2 5.1 MB
The Voxel Box Official - Space Texture Pack


The VoxelBox's Space texture pack is a complete Minecraft makeover full of new blocks for use in a space theme. This gives creative builders access to new and different materials! An exciting collection of new and practical items for tools, and role playd are included to replace the defaults. This Texture pack is similar to the one designed for the adventure map "Deep Space Turtle Chase" both made by The Voxel Box. DataValue Chart The Voxel Box 2.5.2012a Wiki 1.3.2 8.3 MB
Wayukian Pack


A smooth, high fantasy 16×16 texture pack. Wayuki v6.3 Forum 1.7.2 3.7 MB
Yushatak's Texture Pack


A pack that tries to improve realism without changing texture resolution or the feel of the game. Yushatak v2.8.2 Forum 1.3.2/12w39a 977 kB
Outdated Native Resolution Texture Packs
Name Description Author Version Link Latest Compatible Release Size
Adventure Pack By NuNch

NuNch Adventure Pack.png

A texture pack that changes simple thing to make Minecraft look better. (Has not been updated for a month, still 1.2, subject for deletion?) NuNch98 1.2,

not 1.2.5

Forum 1.2 2 MB
Berhoh's Simplicity Pack


A texture pack with not too much details, greener biomes and an overall nice looking landscape. Berhoh / SankoGaming v 9.0 Forum 1.3.2 411 kB


This Texture Pack makes GUI Clear. DrakusFett N/A Forum 1.2.3 10 kB
Craftykids Pack

Craftykids Pack.png

A texture pack by craftykids, with a mods textures version and a no-mods-textures version. craftykids V1.0 Forum Planet Minecraft 1.2.5 1.78 MB
Craftykids Pack II

Craftykids Pack II.png

A texture pack by craftykids, less simple than craftykids pack I. craftykids V1.0 Forum Planet Minecraft Customizer 1.2.5 991 kB
Dawn of Time

Dawn of Time 2.png

Dawn of Time, it's just the beginning! (Note this used to be V-Craft) VorlockMAN Pre-Release


Forum Website 1.2.5 1.2 MB
Default Vis+

No Banner

A minor edit of the default textures to make ores more visible and distinct, remove the bars on doors/hatches, clean up the glass texture, and make the animated overlay for breaking blocks more obvious. VerifiedNutcase v1.2.5 Forum 1.2.5 66.1 kB
Dion's Shreeyamacraft


A nice texture pack that changes Minecraft a little bit. Dionn r15 Forum 1.3.2 616 kB


A detailed, Default-oriented 16x16 pack ds777fighter v1.5 Forum 1.2.5 1 MB


A 16x16 pack full of oldschool delight. Third place winner of the Webhallen 16×16 Texture Contest! Eld v3.8b Website


1.2.5 505 kB
FalconPak UE


FalconPak UE is a futuristic smooth texture pack designed with simplistic pack fans in mind. This pack maintains the feel of Minecraft, even when it looks so different. Users will notice that this pack looks like it came from the future. Falconfan109 v1.1.1 Planet Minecraft 1.2.5 2.1 MB
FEZ by Edgepixel


A labor of love, a colorful, retro pixellated pack, a thoughtful emulation of the multi-awarded visual style of indie game FEZ. Edgepixel v0.8.2l Forum 1.2.5 1.4 MB


A darker and smoother pack. Gridster2 v1 Forum 1.2.5 668 kB
Good Morning Craft


A simple yet quirky alternative! Whiskers v3.4 Forum 1.5 2.3 MB
Hellenic Texture Pack

Hellenic Texture Pack3.png

A Texture Pack Based on Ancient Greece, 16px resolution EmanP V1.5 Forum 1.2.5 ¬3 MB
Infinite Dreams


This is a good shift from default textures. It may seem very block-like if shifting from realistic packs though. Infinitive V0.10 Forum 1.0.0 565 kB
JNRM3's PaternPak


Enjoy pixel-y landscapes in this fun and simple texturepack. JNRM3 v 1.2 Website 1.4.2 2.29 MB
LAR Games Texture Pack


“The LAR Games texture pack is centered around improving the look of Minecraft without taking away from the overall experience. The entire texture pack is 100% original. This is not an edit of the vanilla Minecraft textures.” LAR Games N/A Forum 1.2.3 1 MB


A smooth and desaturated pack. Features fully custom armor, easy-to-spot ores, more contrast for biome specific grass, and a few mob skins. ihihbs 12w04a Website 1.1 470 kB


A smooth, simple and effective texture pack with unique and vivid colors, brightly colored ores and a great amount of color. sisisimoore v4.0 Forum 1.2.3 227 kB
Mine CO. Adventures


The Mine CO. Adventures pack Is a native resolution (16x16) texture set with a turn of the century mining theme.Featuring custom water and lava, GUI's, armor, Tools, paintings, mobs, Biome's weather and more.Mine CO. Adventures offers some of the Highest quality 16x textures around. Sonicrumpets v 1.4.6 Forum


1.4.6 3.1 MB


min5craft is a texture pack created and being updated by jack5. It is both a themed and realistic texture pack, supporting various mods. jack5 (jack5craft) Alpha Planet Minecraft 1.2.5 ...
Minecraft Simple Colored


A very simple texture pack created by HAP3E. HAP3E V1 Planet Minecraft 1.1 964 kB
The Minestonium Texture pack


A Clean, Original Colored, 3D, Fresh look to Minecraft! Kickflip147/Eastonium147 1.1 Planet Minecraft 1.2.5 162 kB
OGZxH3CZ's Semi-HD Pack

Screenshot for MCForums.jpg

A default resolution texture pack, which has some features which look HD but are still only 16px! OGZxH3CZ v3.0 Forum 1.1 648 kB
Old Lighting Pack


This is a texture pack made for nostalgic reasons. All it does is it implements a light map that makes the lighting look like the old, white one before Beta 1.8. Since it only has a lightmap implemented in it, it will be always up to date with the latest MCPatcher version. MCKMan 2.0 Forum 1.3.2 2 kB
Patternistic Pack


Patternistic Pack! Cartoony, Patterned, and Nicely trimmed! MillCzarr V2 Forum

Planet Minecraft

1.2.5 509 kB
Pixbits Texture Pack


A texturepack made by the Pixbits inspired by the Frenden. Pixbits v0.2(official)/



Unofficial Update(1.3 sprites added)

1.3.2 414 kB
Pixeludi Pack

Pixeludi Pack poster.jpg

One of the all time favorite Minecraft 16x texture packs, winner of the official texture pack competition. Complete overhaul of the games' graphics - including all textures, items, GUI, mobs and many more. Give your Minecraft a unique, gritty fantasy feel! Mruqe last updated




1.0.0 1 MB
Quandary Reborn


A Remake of the Quandary Pack SFOH V1.32 Forum 1.2.5 841 kB


SineCraft - For a smoother, cleaner Minecraft. SineDeviance v1.1.1 Forum 1.2.3 91 kB
SkitCraft 16x16

SkitCraft 16x16.png

Smooth Texture Pack SkitScape 1.1 Forum 1.1 2.9 MB
SMP's Revival

SMPs revival.png

Based on "SMP's Realistic" SMP N/A Forum 1.4.2 362 kB


"Formerly known as Relaxedcraft, Stimsoni is the continuation project due to popular demand." MCKMan and Flopper_01 1.0 Forum 1.2.3 2 MB
Super Mario Pack


Its makes everything look like the original Super mario bros. from 1985.
It has two themes. Normal and underworld theme. You can also download a reconstructor to reconstruct the originals levels...or simply creaty your own.
Crasy_Wolfang 1.6.2 Forum 1.3.2
VGC's Texturepack


Sweet textures used on AVGC's server! The Pack is compatible with both Minecraft 1.2.5 and Minecraft 12w19a! Axerosh v2.3.1 Planet Minecraft 1.2.5 1.2 MB
Winston's X-Ray

No Banner

View your surrounding in a new way: find chests, see caves and the ores inside them, along with dungeons and strongholds. WinstonsDomain v1.2.5 Forum 1.2.5 1.7 MB
Terraria texture pack for Minecraft Halloween Edition


A Halloween edition of Terraria based texture pack for Minecraft. TheGTRacer97 T1.1 Forum 1.4.5 944 kB


A calm, dark texture pack. DTMsphere v1.7.5 Forum 1.2.5 1.9 MB


"A modification of Frenden's Cartoon Pack, this pack is based on the visual style of Animal Crossing and the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker." Xaivern v2.4 Forum 1.2.5 2.3 MB


A simplistic and stylish texture pack with several animated textures and a bright cheerful look. Zaffaro v1.5.2 A Forum 1.5.2 0.8 MB