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This is a list of 8px or less texture packs. There are very few textures so far, but as time goes on, we hope more will be added.

Note: Please click on the images to gain a better view.

Low Resolution Texture Packs
Name Description Author Texture Size Version Link Latest Compatible Release Size


A low resolution texture pack for the retro-extreme pixel artist or the geek with the inferior computer! UltimateRecursion 8 px v1.6 Planet Minecraft 1.6 1,115 KB
LD Faithful/PixelPack


One of the only 8px textures that isn't just simplified — but also retextured. Stronghold257, Joe4429 8 px v1.4 Forum PlanetMinecraft 1.4 977 KB
T4S Pack


Checkered grass to suit your needs — and also cute 4px blocks! tynnoel99 4 px Planet Minecraft 1.4.7 1.24 MB


One pixel blocks! Especially useful if you're tired of HD textures. TheLarsinator 1 px Planet Minecraft 1.6.2 3.89 KB