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High Resolution (32px or more)

The texture packs load time was excessively long, so they have been split into separate pages to decrease load time.

High Resolution Texture Packs
Name Description Author Version Link Latest Compatible Release Size Resolution
Adriorn's Básico


A nice clean and smooth Texture pack. Adriorn N/A Forum 1.3.2 19.1 MB 128x128 (16x-64x with the customizer
Apocalyptic Adventure: FALLOUT WASTELAND


War, war never changes... Based on a survivor in Vault 10, released to rebuild the world after Nuclear Fallout. I worked on Last Days, and wanted a more 'Fallout true-to-style" HD pack. Even the recipes to craft are as true to Fallout as possible. 95% complete and functional. Halph-Price N/A Forum 1.3.2 8.39 MB 32x32 (mobs usually 64x64)
Blockland in Minecraft


Awesome Plastic Sandbox game, now in Minecraft! MillCzarr v1.0 Forum

Planet Minecraft

Blockland Forums

1.5.1 788 KB 32x32


A texture pack that creates a medieval feel to utility blocks and a natural feel to the landscape. peytonisgreat V 1.0 Forum 1.2.5 1.94 MB 32x
Bromley Massive


Something a little different from down under. eccentric_nz V1.6.5 Forum 1.2.5 64x 16.6MB 64x64
Coldtone Texture Pack


A hint of blue and cold in every block. Bidelle v1.2.5 Forum 1.2.5 4.6 MB 64x64
Dark Spectral HD Texture Pack


Minecraft 1.8.1/1.9 pre 3. A HD Pack with a realistic look and a unique GUI. ChupaDrahkir v1.5 Website 1.1 / 1.2Pre 19.0 MB 128×128


Add a bit more color to your Minecraft Experience, Use MCPatcher for some great effects like custom Stained Glass and Randomobs! thecrazydudesrd No actual version number as constantly updated! Planet Minecraft Forum 1.12.2 +/- 8MB 64x


A beautiful simplistic texture pack that reinvents all Tronic-style packs and adds more detail combined with style! DefiniteCraft V1.1.0 Forum 1.2.5 4.0 MB 32x, 64x + Seasons
Drfrozenfire's Synthetic Reality HD Photorealism

Synthetic woods.gif

An HD texture pack that uses hand-made textures to create a realistic Minecraft environment. There are 9 different wood colors/types to choose from as well as many alternates for many of the textures. Drfrozenfire V. 4.1.1 Forum 1.3.2 173.6 MB 256×256, 128×128
Dusty Textures


A 32×32 texture pack that, instead of going for realistic “high def.” images, uses a more simplistic style, reminiscent of SNES graphics. Dustyshouri V. 1.2b Forum 1.3.2 1.0 MB 32×32
Faithful 32×32


A double resolution texture pack that stays faithful to the original Minecraft textures. Vattic N/A Forum 1.5.1 1.1 MB 32×32


A successor to Doku's original pack, this pack boasts lush color, total reskins and custom mod compatibility. GameslayerX2 N/A Forum 1.2.3 701 KB 32×32


Updated version of tombones' GeruDoku Emkay443

Original: doku, Gerudo Rivera, tombones

N/A Forum 1.5.1 6.9 MB 32×32
Glimmar's Steampunk


The right texture pack to build epic sized constructions in the style of Victorian Science Fiction. Glimmar 3.7 Forum 1.4.7 17.5 MB 32×32
HD x64 Massive Realistic Pack®

HDx64Assassin Moder.png

High Definition Texture Pack made with precision! ©Assassin_Moder v4.3 (1.7.2)
v3.4 (1.5.2)

Planet Minecraft

20.73 MB
20.43 MB

Banner Default.png

Realistic Minecraft Style DerSommer v1.4 - v1 Forum 1.5.1 24.1 MB 64x64
HerrSommer Dye

Banner Dye.png

Realistic colorful Minecraft Style DerSommer v1.4 - v1 Forum 1.5.1 22 MB 64x64
Industrial Contour 4.0

IC Display 753112.jpg

Industrial Contour is a unique hand-textured series featuring blocks with industry themed textures done from scratch. Pasidon V4.0 Planet Minecraft 1.2.3 3.0 MB 32×32
JohnSmith Texture Pack


A texture pack made by JohnSmith, and it comes with a customizer. JohnSmith V.9 Forum 1.4.2 7.9 MB 32×32
JohnSmith Texture: Legacy


Community continuation of the JohnSmith Texture Pack. Includes mod support. JohnSmith Community no official version Forum 1.4.6 multiple downloads 32×32
Junk Jack Texture Pack

Junk Jack.png

A texture pack based on the iOS game of the same name. seanfletchr V1.7 Forum 1.4.5 2.6 MB 32×32
Just 4 Fun 32×32

Just 4 Fun.png

A work in progress texture pack that is made to satisfy the author, and he just decided to share it. Howzieky N/A Planet Minecraft 1.4.5 7.29 MB 32×32
KDS HD Realistic Texture Pack


This high detailed texture pack aims to push minecraft textures to the limit making the game not only look nice but as a high detailed version of the original textures of Minecraft. By KDStudios KDStudios v3.02 Forum 1.4.2 25.5 MB 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 32×32
KDS Photo Realism


“KDS Photo Realism is a new photo realistic texture pack aiming at bringing realism and beauty back into Minecraft, many months went into its creation and it is finally here. Available in 256x, 128x and 64x respectively. Also updated for 1.9 Pre Release 5” KDStudios V5 Forum 1.3.2 60.4 MB 256×256
Last Days


“A full scale, game changing, texture and sound overhaul which takes full advantage of the existing mechanics of minecraft and brings them into a post apocalyptic setting.” Dereksmith N/A Forum 1.5 2.3 MB 32×32
LB Photo Realism


A high detailed photo-realistic texture pack. This high detailed texture pack is made to let Minecraft look as realistic as possible. Compatible with bumpmapping and Wild Grass. Scuttles 8.5.4 Forum 1.5.1 41.1 MB 16×16-256×256

(planned: 512x512)



HD Pack with modern look featuring LED torch, female and male villagers, random mobs Vickal v2 Forum

Planet Minecraft

1.3.2 13 MB 32x32
LIFE - HD Texture pack

Life Banner.png

A highly-detailed HD texture pack, sourcing the textures from real photos in order to bring realism into Minecraft. StormCoreFilms Vers. 70 Forum

Planet Minecraft

1.6.1 36.3 MB 64x64, 128x128


Smooth, Detailed, Mostly-Faithful eleazzaar v1.6.2-B


5.5 MB
5 MB
Maraxos HD Texturenpack


This is a high-resolution texture pack. MaraxosLP V. 1.5.6 Forum 1.3.2 74.3 MB 16×16-256×256
Minecraft 4Kids


Experience Minecraft in a kid friendly environment. Alree N/A Forum 1.2.5 128×128: 16.1 MB 64×64: 6.3 MB 64×64, 128×128
Minecraft Enhanced

Minecraft Enhanced.jpg

A vanilla-looking realistic texture pack. Includes blocks, items and GUI. Mob textures are implemented from Misa's texture pack. cferrill1 2012-06-07 Forum 1.5.1 256×256: 41.1 MB 128×128: 19.8 MB 128×128, 256×256
Misa’s 64×64 Realistic


A 64×64 realistic texture pack made by Misa. Misa 6.0.0 Forum 1.6.2 62.5 MB 64×64
Mixcraft HD Semi - Realistic Texture Pack


Formerly a compilation pack, now an almost completely original pack. Contains two versions 16x16 and 32x32. Koolwitak 42 Forum 1.3.2 6.2 MB 32×32
Ovo's Rustic Redemption


A Hand painted texture pack that is close to the original textures so that what you see is similar to what others see with the base textures. Ovocean v3.0.2 Forum 1.4.6 4.2 MB 64×64, 32×32


Designed to play Minecraft as if we are in a Comic book. It's "vector based" and is available in all common resolutions from 16x to 512x. Sphax 0.8.0 Website 1.5.1 11.5 MB 16x16-512x512
Roboganic Pack High Definition Roboganic Texture Pack Made for a friend Jojay v0.3 Alpha Forum 1.2.5 2.8 MB 32x32
Salty 64


A detailed but simple vision of Minecraft world. flohmannjr v1.7.2 Forum

Planet Minecraft

1.7.2 2.26MB 64×64
Simply Science 64x


Simply turning Most Textures into Simple and Creative Textures. Arrran Weeviling V1.0 Full Release 0.1 User:Arrran Weeviling/Simply Science 64 12w34b 1.02 MB 64x64, 32x32, 16x16 (32 and 16 in Progress) (most blocks 16x16)
Soartex Fanver


The fine-feeling smooth, detailed & almost fully customizable continuation of the wonderful Soartex texture pack started by soar49. Now inlcudes a Pocket Edition version, tons of mod support, custom colours, connected textures for many blocks and blinking mob animations! Soartex Fanver Community! 10.10 Forum Site 1.5.2 7.2 MB 64×64


A simple, yet very detailed, nice looking texture pack KrisEike Version 1.4.1 Forum 1.5.2 366 KB 64×64
The Tibian Pack!


A texture pack inspired by the MMORPG Tibia, can be used as an RPG pack. Karliiee 1.8 Forum 1.5.2 2.6 MB 32×32
Trippin' Craft HDude

Trippin Craft 1.png

A psychedelic, and colorful texture pack unlike any other. Pykes Version 4.20 PMC 1.7.9 240 MB 128x128
VillainCraft (WIP)


Evil never looked so good BrokenEye Mk5.9 Forum 1.6.2 32×32


"vDC" not only features the coolest hand drawn textures available for MC, but also sports advanced texture features like animations, connected textures, randomobs, and advanced alpha usage!

With its unique 'horror-pop' style, fun designs, and beautifully grotesque mobs; 'vonDoomCraft' isn't just a breath of fresh air...

...It's the last terrified gasp of a child drowning in a pool of its own sweet virgin blood!

Emperor Doom vDC 3.8 Forum Planet Minecraft Facebook 1.5.1 52.8 MB 128x, 64x, 32x


An epic texturepack with over 52.000 downloads, 59 animations and blinking mobs! TheMadWolf v3.9 Forum 1.3.2 32×32


Wolfhound is a highly detailed pack with entirely hand-colored textures - there is not a single photograph or copy and paste image in this pack. Thistle v1.0 Forum 1.4.7 27.5 MB 64x