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This template displays and links to the latest version of a particular edition of Minecraft.

Version Displayed Code used
Java Edition 1.14 {{v|java}}
Java Edition upcoming {{v|java-upcoming}}
Java Edition snapshot {{v|java-snap}}
Launcher (Windows) 2.1.3674 {{v|launcher-win}}
Launcher (macOS) 2.1.3677 {{v|launcher-mac}}
Launcher (Linux) 2.1.3676 {{v|launcher-lin}}
Bedrock Edition 1.11.0 {{v|bedrock}}
Bedrock Edition upcoming 1.12.0 {{v|bedrock-upcoming}}
Bedrock Edition beta beta {{v|bedrock-beta}}
Bedrock Edition demo 1.10.0 {{v|bedrock-demo}}
Education Edition 1.9 {{v|education}}
Education Edition (Windows) 1.9.0 {{v|education-win}}
Education Edition (macOS) 1.9.1 {{v|education-mac}}
Education Edition (iOS) 1.9 {{v|education-ios}}
Education Edition upcoming {{v|education-upcoming}}
Education Edition beta {{v|education-beta}}
PlayStation 4 Edition 1.90 {{v|ps4}}
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