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This template is used, in a similar manner as {{Upcoming}}, to mark references to deprecated features, to be removed in upcoming versions. To mark a page or a sentence about upcoming features, use {{snapshot}} instead.

This template will put the page into Category:Upcoming.

Additionally, using a Bedrock Edition version will put the page into Category:Bedrock Edition upcoming tag‎, and using a Java Edition version will put the page into Category:Java Edition upcoming tag‎.


  • {{{1}}} or {{{ver}}}: Set this to a version to change the link and display the version number after "until". Displays like so: [until JE 1.14]
  • {{{2}}} or {{{ver2}}}: A second version to display. Displays like so: [until BE 1.11 & JE 1.14]
  • {{{nocat}}}: Used to avoid categorizing the page.


{{until|java 1.14}}[until JE 1.14]

{{until|Bedrock Edition 1.9}}[until BE 1.9]

{{until|java 1.14|Bedrock 1.10}}[until JE 1.14 & BE 1.10]

{{until|Bedrock Edition 1.11|java 1.14}}[until BE 1.11 & JE 1.14]

Other tag templates[edit]

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