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Template:Speedy delete

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This page has been tagged for speedy deletion.
This is because the page solely consists of vandalism, spam, hoax content, or illegal content.
If this page does not meet any of these criteria, please remove this template from the page – but do not remove it if you were the creator of this page.
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This template should be used on any pages that should be deleted as soon as possible. Specifically, it should be placed on, and only on, pages that consist solely of vandalism, spam, hoax content, or illegal content. To add this template onto a page, simply put {{speedy delete}} or {{speedy delete|reason}} at the top of it. Doing so will display the template on the page, and add the page to Category:Pending speedy deletion.



This refers to any page that consists solely of content that was deliberately created unconstructively and could not be turned into a useful/well-written article (a fuller definition on vandalism can be found on the Wikipedia article. Examples include: a gibberish page, an attack page, or a page that obviously has nothing to do with Minecraft or any Minecraft-related topics.


This refers to any page that was obviously created with the intent of advertising/spamming, and the content is not Minecraft-related. A page solely written about a car company, a page consisting solely of a link to one's personal website, and a page trying to convince readers to donate to somewhere, would all qualify here.


This refers to any page that was created solely for the purpose of misleading readers and giving them false information, which cannot be cured by reverting an edit or rewriting the page. The following examples would be regarded as hoax pages: a page saying that Minecraft 3.0 came out yesterday when it's obviously not true or a page called "giraffes" saying that they were added in Java Edition Java Edition 1.0.0. Be careful, though, as often this can be cured by simply redirecting the page or removing false information and replacing it with accurate info.

Illegal content[edit]

This most commonly refers to a page that is a copyright violation. This is usually material that is directly copied from a website – but only if the website does not allow this; for example, if it was copied from a website that was in the public domain, this wouldn't be a copyright violation, but it would still be considered plagiarism. This is another case where the page may could be rewritten to have useful content. If it is clear that the article could be meaningful, it's usually better to replace the copyright violation with different, useful content, and ask an administrator to hide any revisions that violated copyright.

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