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Template:Sound table

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SoundSubtitleSourceDescriptionNamespaced IDTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation distance
??? ? ??? ? ?
SoundDescriptionNamespaced IDVolumePitch
?? ?? ?
?? ?

A template that automatically generates a table for sounds.


Parameter Function
sound The sound, set to "-" if none in this event.
sound2 - sound20 Additional sounds.
subtitle The subtitle, set to "-" if none in this event.
source The sound category (slider in the sounds menu).
description When the sound plays. Defaults to the subtitle, if it is provided.
id The sound event/namespaced ID (code formatting automatically added).
translationkey The subtitle key/translation key (code formatting automatically added), set to "-" if none in this event.
volume The sound volume.
pitch The sound pitch.
distance The sound attenuation distance.
foot Inserting the table end.
bedrock Inserting a table for Bedrock, which is just no subtitle, source and attenuation distance.
dungeons Inserting a table for Dungeons, which is only sounds, description and ID (header renamed to File).
nocat Stops table from inserting categories.

Predefined tables[edit]

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