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The template is used in place of the <references /> tag.


  • {{{1}}}: amount of columns the reference list will take up.
  • {{{refs}}}: list-defined references
  • {{{group}}}: reference group


Simply put the template where you would normally put the <references /> tag, and put how many columns you want. You can also leave it blank for just 1, making it act exactly the same as the <references /> tag.


<ref>Example ref 1</ref>
<ref name=ref2>Example ref 2</ref>
<ref name=ref2/>
<ref>Example ref 3</ref>

== References ==

[1] [2] [2] [3]


  1. Example ref 1
  2. a b Example ref 2
  3. Example ref 3

<ref name=A/> <ref name="B"/> <ref name='C'/> <ref name=D></ref>
== References ==
{{reflist|2|refs=<ref name=A>Example ref 1</ref>
<ref name=B>Example ref 2</ref>
<ref name=C>Example ref 3</ref>
<ref name=D>Example ref 4</ref>

[1] [2] [3] [4]


  1. Example ref 1
  2. Example ref 2
  3. Example ref 3
  4. Example ref 4

See also

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