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This template shows a percentage completed between two values in the form of a progress bar. This may be useful for showing the completion of a project.


|completed things
|total things
|width=bar width with measurement (e.g. %, px)
|type=Replaces "pages" in the text above the bar
|text=Replaces the entire text shown above the bar
|notext=Don't show the text above the bar
|style=Overall styling
|textstyle=Text styling
|barstyle=Progress bar styling
|completedstyle=Completed bar styling

The completed things, total things and percentage of completed things can be shown in the text by using these variables in the text parameter:

$1, number of completed items
$2, the number of total items
$%, percentage completed



50 of 100 pages have been completed

|style=margin: 0
|barstyle=border-color: #CCC; background-color: #F9F9F9
|completedstyle=background-color: #729FCF

|type=item pages

50 of 38 item pages have been completed

|text=Of the $2 entity pages: <big>'''$%'''</big> have been processed by project members.

Of the 60 entity pages: 20% have been processed by project members.

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