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This template is used to create a simple note stating that a feature is exclusive to one or multiple version(s).


This template takes one, two, or three parameters, from the following values:

java Java Edition
bedrock Bedrock Edition
console legacy console Legacy Console Edition
3ds new 3ds New Nintendo 3DS Edition
education Education Edition
ps4 playstation 4 PlayStation 4 Edition
earth minecraft earth Minecraft Earth

The first parameter is required, while the second and third are optional and will cause the template to display two or three editions, respectively.

There is also an optional {{{short}}} parameter which shortens the template, and a {{{as of}}} parameter which displays in the hover text (and is also useful for editors looking at a page).

The parameters {{{upcoming}}} can be set to prepend the version with the text "upcoming".

{{only|java|bedrock|upcoming=2}} will add "upcoming" to the 2nd parameter: "bedrock" – ‌[Java and upcoming Bedrock editions only]

Depending on the edition(s) indicated, this template will put the page into:


Example.{{only|java}} → Example.‌[Java Edition only]

Example.{{only|earth}} → Example.‌[Minecraft Earth only]

Example.{{only|java|education}} → Example.‌[Java and Education editions only]

Example.{{only|bedrock|console|education}} → Example.‌[BedrockLegacy Console and Education editions only]

Example.{{only|java|bedrock|console|short=1}} → Example.‌[JEBE & PS4 only]

Other tag templates[edit]

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