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This template is used to create a simple note stating that a feature is exclusive to one or multiple version(s).


This template takes one, two, or three parameters, from the following values:

java Java Edition
bedrock Bedrock Edition
legacy console
Legacy Console Edition
new 3ds
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
education Education Edition
playstation 4
PlayStation 4 Edition

The first parameter is required, while the second and third are optional and will cause the template to display two or three editions, respectively.

There is also an optional {{{short}}} parameter which shortens the template, and a {{{as of}}} parameter which displays in the hover text (and is also useful for editors looking at a page).

The parameters {{{upcoming}}} and {{{upcoming2}}} can be set to prepend the version with the text "upcoming".

{{only|java|bedrock|upcoming=2}} will add "upcoming" to the 2nd parameter: "bedrock" – ‌[Java and upcoming Bedrock editions only]

Depending on the edition(s) indicated, this template will put the page into:


Example.{{only|java}} → Example.‌[Java Edition only]

Example.{{only|bedrock}} → Example.‌[Bedrock Edition only]

Example.{{only|java|education}} → Example.‌[Java and Education editions only]

Example.{{only|bedrock|console|education}} → Example.‌[BedrockLegacy Console and Education editions only]

Example.{{only|java|bedrock|console|short=1}} → Example.‌[JEBE & PS4 only]

Other tag templates[edit]

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