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This template should be used when certain necessary information is absent from the article. Please open a corresponding discussion detailing the missing information on the article's discussion page before placing the tag. This may assist in avoiding edit-warring by making a good faith attempt to achieve consensus before putting a particular piece of information in an article, especially if it's controversial information. If a consensus is reached that the information should be included, or no one contested the proposal, the information is inserted in the article and the tag is removed.


{{Missing information|1=|2=}}
  • The first parameter is used to change the word "article" with another one. A special case occurs when it is used to change it to the word "section" (used like this: {{{1=section}}}); it changes the template to a section type.
  • The second parameter is used to mark what is missing.


{{Missing information|template|articles}}
This template is missing information about articles.
Please expand the template to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.

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