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This template uses Module:UI, a script written in Lua.
Please see wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

This template is used to create an interface that looks similar to the Loom's.

See Template:Inventory slot for basic slot usage, this documentation page will cover additional or different functions.



|Banner = InputBanner,Amount
|Dye = InputDye,Amount
|Pattern = InputPattern,Amount
|Sprite = SlotSpriteName
|Output = Output,Amount

Standard usage[edit]

|Banner = White Banner
|Dye = Orange Dye
|Sprite = Fess
|Output = Orange Fess Banner


To make the slots animate, you make a list of blocks and objects you want to show, separated by semicolons.

|Banner = White Banner
|Dye = Magenta Dye
|Pattern = Banner Pattern Globe; ;
|Sprite = Globe; Fess; Lozenge
|Output = Magenta Globe Banner; Magenta Fess Banner; Magenta Lozenge Banner

See also[edit]

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