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Infobox command


First introduced


This template provides a uniform design for the infobox on the commands page.

Parameter Function Default value
1 The commands name Subpage name
alias Aliases for the commands.
hidden Set to 0 for visible, or 1 for hidden
2 Restrictions on who can use the command. Can be op (operator), admin (administrator), mp (multiplayer and operator), or host
3 First version that it was seen in (e.g. Alpha 1.0.17, classic 0.0.23a).
4 First development snapshot it was seen in, requires 3.
cmdblock Set to 0 for no command block, or 1 for command blocks when using MP Based on 2
upcoming Sets the command to upcoming, adding the upcoming footer.
removed Sets the version the command was removed. If set to ? or unknown, it will display an unlinked ?
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