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This template uses Module:Infobox, a script written in Lua.

This is a skeleton for infoboxes, for use in other infobox templates or standalone.


{{infobox | title = box title, defaults to page's name | imageN = Images displayed below the title. Supports animation. First image defaults to {{{title}}}.png. Set to "none" to remove. | defaultimagesize = Set the default size used by the above images. Defaults to 150px. | imageNsize = Sets the size of the corresponding image, overriding {{{defaultimagesize}}}. | invimageN = Invimages displayed under the images, using {{grid}}. Set to "----" to add a line break. First invimage defaults to {{{title}}}, set to "none" to remove. | imagearea = Completely replaces the functionality of the above 4 parameters, leaving a blank canvas below the title to put whatever | rows = all rows go here using {{infobox row}} | footer = optional centered footer that goes across both columns }} 
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