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This template allows putting information about the foreign names of article subjects and their respective meanings in that languages into an article. Note that this template in official Minecraft features is only for listing names that have appeared in official localizations (or at least confirmed ones) in other languages. In that way it can be used in any way for non-supported articles such as mods. Running the English name through Google Translate or making your own translated name is not acceptable. Also, it is advisable to provide a source.


The language's abbreviation and '-M' (for Meaning) are parameters for this template. For Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Hebrew, an additional abbreviation + '-R' (for Romanized) can be used.

Official languages[edit]

Official languages are languages which are in the game without any modification (like resource packs, mods...).

Official Languages ID ID-M ID-R
Czech cs_cz cs_cz-m ---
Danish da_dk da_dk-m ---
German de_de de_de-m ---
British English en_gb en_gb-m ---
Spanish es_es es_es-m ---
Finnish fi_fi fi_fi-m ---
French fr_fr fr_fr-m ---
Irish ga_ie ga_ie-m ---
Hebrew he_il he_il-m he_il-r
Hungarian hu_hu hu_hu-m ---
Italian it_it it_it-m ---
Japanese ja_jp ja_jp-m ja_jp-r
Korean ko_kr ko_kr-m ko_kr-r
Latin la_va la_va-m ---
Dutch nl_nl nl_nl-m ---
Norwegian no_no no_no-m ---
Polish pl_pl pl_pl-m ---
Portuguese pt_pt pt_pt-m ---
Romanian ro_ro ro_ro-m ---
Russian ru_ru ru_ru-m ru_ru-r
Swedish sv_se sv_se-m ---
Chinese (Simplified) zh_cn zh_cn-m zh_cn-r
Chinese (Traditional) zh_tw zh_tw-m zh_tw-r
LOLCAT lol_us lol_us-m ---
British English (upside down) en_ud en_ud-m ---
Lojban jbo_en jbo_en-m ---
Ido io io-m ---

Unofficial languages[edit]

Unofficial languages are languages which have been added via modifications (resource packs, mods...). These languages are oftenly used in resource packs or mods articles.

Unofficial Languages ID ID-M ID-R
French LOLCAT lol_fr lol_fr-m ---


{{foreign names|ID|ID-M|ID-R}}


{{foreign names|fr_fr=Poisson-globe|fr_fr-m=Sphere fish}}


Language Name Meaning
French Poisson-globe Sphere fish
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