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Displays range and bearing (distance in blocks and compass direction) from a starting coordinate location x1,y1 to a destination location x2,y2.

16 different compass directions are shown:

  • Cardinal directions north, east, west, south (abbreviated as N, E, W, S)
  • Intercardinal directions northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast (abbreviated as NW, NE, SW, SE)
  • Remaining compass rose directions north northwest, west northwest, north northeast, east northeast, south southwest, west southwest, south southeast, east southeast (abbreviated as NNW, WNW, NNE, ENE, SSW, WSW, SSE, ESE)






Example Result Notes
{{distdir|1201|-866|-12|98}} 1549 blocks NE Distance and direction from -12,98 to 1201,-866
{{distdir|-201|513}} 551 blocks SSW Distance and direction from 0,0 to -201,513
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