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This template is used to show a data value in decimal, hexadecimal and binary. Values are input as a decimal value, and {{dec-hex}} and {{dec-bin}} will automatically convert it.


{{dv|69}} generates:
 dec: 69 hex: 45 bin: 1000101

{{dv|69|noHex=1}} generates:
 dec: 69 bin: 1000101

{{dv|69|optional label}} generates:

optional label
 dec: 69 hex: 45 bin: 1000101

{{dv|69:5}} or {{dv|69|p=5}} generates:
 dec: 695 hex: 455 bin: 10001015

{{dv|69|list=1}} generates:

  •  dec: 69
  •  hex: 45
  •  bin: 1000101