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List of recipes that use any type of Planks as an ingredient. If this was the Planks page, the first argument wouldn't be necessary.

{{crafting usage|Planks|match=end}}
Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Barrel Any Planks +
Any Wood Slab

[Java Edition only]
Bed Matching Wool +
Any Planks

Wool color must match. Planks do not need to match.
Beehive Any Planks +

Boat Matching Planks

[Java Edition only]
Boat Matching Planks +
Wooden Shovel

[Bedrock and Legacy Console editions only]
Shovel represents an oar.
Bookshelf Any Planks +

Bowl Any Planks
Cartography Table Paper +
Any Planks

Chest Any Planks

Crafting Table Any Planks

Fence Gate Stick +
Matching Planks

Fletching Table Flint +
Any Planks

Grindstone Stick +
Stone Slab +
Any Planks

Jukebox Any Planks +

Loom String +
Any Planks

Note Block Any Planks +
Redstone Dust

Oak Sign or
Spruce Sign or
Birch Sign or
Jungle Sign or
Acacia Sign or
Dark Oak Sign
Matching Planks +
Piston Any Planks +
Cobblestone +
Iron Ingot +
Redstone Dust

Shield Any Planks +
Iron Ingot

Smithing Table Iron Ingot +
Any Planks

Stick Any Planks
Tripwire Hook Iron Ingot +
Stick +
Any Planks
Wood Door Matching Planks
Wood Fence Matching Planks +
Wood Slab Matching Planks
Wood Stairs Matching Planks
Wooden Button Matching Planks

Wooden Pressure Plate Matching Planks

Wooden Trapdoor Matching Planks
Wooden Axe Any Planks +

Wooden Hoe Any Planks +

Wooden Pickaxe Any Planks +

Wooden Shovel Any Planks +

Wooden Sword Any Planks +