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Things for a great home section[edit]

This section needs to be formatted like the other two. The long paragraph is very confusing, I have trouble translating it into clearer words. CommanderZapp (talk)

I have reworded it, but now I need more things in the mini sections. If I did a bad job, please re add in the current format. CommanderZapp (talk)

Possible merge with Contruction Aesthetics?[edit]

This article needs a few pictures IMO. It also might be helpful to crosslink it to the Furniture tutorial. Finally, there's a WIP article on construction aesthetics in my own user space. User:Simons_Mith/Construction_Aesthetics

Might it be worth merging the two? Or, given that mine is written in more general terms, perhaps it should absorb what's been written here as a couple of new sections? I'm not going to do it myself just yet - I'd like to get some feedback first. Besides, I think my own article still needs a bit of work, which is why it's still lurking in my user space.-- 22:16, 28 July 2013 (UTC)