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Bedrock edition mob cap[edit]

OK, I am not sure the mechanics of the Bedrock Edition mob cap are described correctly. At least for 1.16. You can repeat this yourself:

  • Start a new game in normal difficulty by going to the seed picker and picking "Ocean Monument Ahead". Get a bonus starting chest.
  • Switch to creative mode and give yourself a stack of iron and other useful things. (I was playing 100% in survival, but this is a mob-cap test experiment.)
  • Make a small shelter under your spawn point. Don't dig too deep (there's a reason, below).
  • Spend a few game days surviving on the island. Harvest wood, plant trees, make a wooden hoe, start a farm by moving dirt to the beach and plant the seeds from the bonus chest. There is plenty of kelp in the water for food.
  • Do some mining on the end of the island opposite your spawn point (there's a reason for this, below). Find some iron, make some shears, shear the sheep on the island to get wool for a bed.

After a few in-game days, you'll notice that you don't see a single hostile mob on the surface of your island. This is because, underground at sea level, very near your spawn point, is a dungeon with a skeleton spawner. In fact, you'll notice that you can't sleep in a bed in your shelter due to monsters nearby (they're right under you). I had to put my bed deep underground to sleep because I wasn't aware of that dungeon — coincidentally I had dug a winding staircase down around it that missed it completely, and I found it by accident after several game weeks had gone by. I play with the sound off. With the sound on, I would have heard the skeletons scrabbling around from inside my shelter.

There are other hostiles but they come with the ocean monument underwater nearby, which you can see from your island, especially at night. If you swim over to the next island nearer to that monument, and explore that island, the elder guardian will hit you with the mining fatigue effect. If you try to drive a boat over the monument, you'll get shot with a guardian's laser beam and get dumped out of your boat, but you'll be able to swim home safely.

You can survive indefinitely on the island harvesting kelp and managing your farm. You won't see any hostile mobs on or near your island, neither on the surface nor underwater. Passive mobs do spawn. It's almost as if you're in "Peaceful" difficulty. I found this puzzling until...

... if you make your way to that skeleton spawner, disable it with a torch, and kill all the skeletons, then all of a sudden hostile mobs start showing up on the island. Within a few minutes of killing the last skeleton I saw a creeper and three zombies appear.

Ahem. Back to the point... The point is, it seems that the presence of mobs spawned by monster spawners does affect the surface mob cap, which contradicts the description in this article. I saw no hostile mobs, just tame mobs, for some in-game weeks. Then I disabled the monster spawner and killed the skeletons there (dying many times). But now I see hostile mobs regularly. ~ Amatulic (talk) 07:04, 5 July 2020 (UTC)