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Respawning Mechanics

If the player dies in another dimension after using a respawn anchor, do they respawn in the nether or overoworld? 21:22, 19 March 2020 (UTC)


He/she respawns in the Nether next to the Respawn Anchor unless the player has used a bed in the Overworld. SanFranciscoFrog (talk) 02:31, 30 September 2020 (UTC)

What it means to "use with" a glowstone block

In the Usage: Info sections, there is mention of using a respawn anchor with glowstone block. However, it's not clear what "use" means, or how to use these blocks.

Quote: > When used with a glowstone block, the texture of the block changes, and it starts emitting a light level of two. Up to four glowstone blocks can be used to charge the anchor, the charge of which is indicated with a dial on the side of the block. Each additional piece of glowstone after the first increases the light level by four. 01:29, 27 March 2020 (UTC)

"Using with an item" is to interact with the block holding the item in the hand. In this case, the player needs to right-click the respawn anchor while holding a glowstone block. This is general information and doesn't need to be stated in every article. Lê Duy Quang (Make some words | Contributions) at 1h32:52 – 6 | 27/3/2020 (UTC)

Unclear Obtaining and Usage Sections


The Obtaining section says nothing about where Respawn Anchors can be found. I don't know yet. SanFranciscoFrog (talk) 03:23, 30 September 2020 (UTC)

They don't spawn naturally as far as I know, they are obtainable only by crafting. Once set down, they can be broken to retrieve them. ~ Amatulic (talk) 19:03, 30 September 2020 (UTC)


The Usage section was very unclear. I am adding an improved explanation of Charging, in particular. Whoever reads this, please compare the edited version to the prior version, then comment here. Thanks, SanFranciscoFrog (talk) 03:23, 30 September 2020 (UTC)

Looks OK to me. I reworded a heading, that's all. ~ Amatulic (talk) 19:07, 30 September 2020 (UTC)